Arrived! The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash – License To Thrill – Poster

Carlos, Alder Trash Bro, ick danke dir! That rocks! The long wait was worth it! I could not wait, finally the Poster to „The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash – License To Thrill“ the Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance in den Händen zu halten und heute ist es nun endlich soweit! Hurray! Hat doch das Meisterwerk per Snail-Mail fast ne Woche gebraucht von Köln in die Switzerland :-The

Nun ist das Teil endlich da und ick freu mich wie blöde! A hammer of Götzilla! Hallelujah! Now let's see, that I have the wrinkles of the postal collapsing nor ever find out, dann wird das Teil gerahmt und ins Wohnungzimmer gehängt! yeah! Masked demons, let’s raining blood!

Tip Twenty Ten: The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash – License To Thrill

GTWALove Friends of the Crypt, the year 2009 slowly but surely coming to an end and to Twenty Ten is coming. What we could expect in the new year? will ask themselves some. Much. But certainly the absolute symbiosis of Trash Wrestling and energetic rock'n'roll. The heroes of the insane Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance, short G.T.W.A. will go back to a Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash travel next year. „License To Thrill“ ie the 2010 Tour Championship.

The battles involve much more than ordinary wrestling shows: Here is the propensity for exaggerated stories in a delightfully trashy presentation to matching Live-Music in the foreground. Wildgewordene Superheroes-Wrestler enter the ring and gas in this old but great Lucha Libre style. Besides fascinating costumes of course there also pyrotechnics and plenty of Rock'n'Roll. You see, that is not a normal Wrestling show and not a normal Rock'n'Roll Concert! A atembraubende stage performance as on a KISS & Alice Cooper Show, with the wit of a Nacho Libre and the brutality of MTV Celebrity Deathmatch! The Rock’n’Roll Wrestling Bash!

In? Does not that sound promising? And it does not sound like the only way, it also looks absolutely so love from friends of cultivated Trash. But the words long and short of it, behold itself! What a joy! That’s Armageddon! Let's break the bones and the blood running gallons!

Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash 2009 Teaser

Yes dear friends, you were just witnessed the GTWA rock'n'roll wrestling. To the accompaniment of the best rock, from punk to Metal, ie „Kill Bill“ meets „From Dusk till Down“. And all live! Live, love, friends! Something you have to have experienced! the Warhorses the „Trash Wrestling League G.T.W.A.“ lead a class spectacle by. It helps the „Wrestling Bash Orchestra“, which the finest of the stage Rock'n'Roll Composition, that are best adapted to the fighting, the spectacle of the wrestlers to the necessary drama and an extraordinary dynamic.

Now who's got the taste, is followed by two more HD footage with excerpts from the fighting „Boris the Butcher vs. Peggy Poo“ and „El Mariachi vs. The Warlock“. Next on gibts 14.02.2010 a report on „The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash“ by Arte „Tracks“. Do not miss! At the moment there tickets for Knust / Hamburg, SO36 / Berlin and Gloria Theater / Cologne Online Ticketshop! Soon to follow more dates, According to unconfirmed rumors, could also Switzerland be honored with the show… yeah! Since we strongly hope that this condition is very! :)

UPDATE: Sorry Folks, the report on Arte is on 14.01.2010 and not until February. Please note correct date and not miss! :)

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