Album Review: The Mission – The Brightest Light

After „The Mission“ 2011 ihr 25 celebrated anniversary, legen sie jetzt mit einem neuen Album nach. The cult musician sign in with „The Brightest light“ back and this appears whopping 27 Years after the release of their debut album. Unterschiedliche Musikergenerationen sind seither gekommen und gegangen, „The Mission“ there always more. Each, with „The Brightest Light“ expect a return to the familiar sound, will be surprised. Dies ist das Album einer Band, has a lot of fun and a newfound camaraderie maintains and the result is not less than the presumably strongest rock album of her life.

The Mission - The Brightest Light

Anyone interested in the previous years, is certainly in Internet sufficient material. „The Mission“ have since 1986 published numerous albums with a short interruption and, Concerts. More than four million copies of their previous twelve albums, the associated singles plus compilations and live discs sold the tape to date. 2011 fand man, After several internal disputes, resolutions, Semi solos by singer Wayne Hussey, the anniversary tour 2011 the original band together and celebrated the 25th anniversary with a sold-out European tour. Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler and drummer Mike Kelly noticed, that they sound as fresh as stylistically back to their early days and wanted to capture this exciting sound on disc. Hussey as the main songwriter of the group withdrew for several months, to compose new pieces. at the 1. April then met the entire band with producer David M. Allen (The Cure, Depeche Mode, Human League) and began working in various studios, sometimes even high up in the Brazilian mountains or near the English city of Bath.

The Mission

Now it's finished: „The Brightest Light“, The new album. Rocking, it should be. As a composer and singer Hussey has delivered a performance, which inevitably catapulted him in the list of best British musicians. The new songs with grandiose melodies and lyrics over the devil, about pathos and heartbreak and written with his inimitable sense of humor are certainly among the most compelling, he has ever written. In addition, his voice has never been so Ehrlich sounded like today. With people in his environment, he trusts, he's obviously matured into a musician, in his skin feels comfortable. explained Hussey: „This is my rock album, My wife calls it my ‚Testosterone works'. It tightens the muscles and demonstrated sheer pride! I wanted the sound, we produce live, catch as much as possible and I think, us that this is the first time really succeeded.“

The Mission - Black Cat Bone

Slink, So Simon Hinkler, may, after almost 20 Leave designate outside the music business every right again as a guitar god his generation years, his playing on the album is expressive and lyrical at the same time. For the first time Slink has stepped out and Hussey's shadow with his guitar playing has found his own true voice. Just listen and enjoy the title „From The Oyster Comes The Pearl“. The well-traveled and experienced bassist Craig Adams after many years found his spiritual home next to his old pals Hussey and Hinkler. Hussey again: „He has been 30 Years my friend, although at first everyone thought, that it does not go well with us long. This is probably the most successful Addo's musical contribution to The Mission album. He was surprised at most positive manner. amazing, so that it always succeeds.“

The Mission

And then there are „young“ Mike Kelly - young therefore, two decades less because he has under his belt than his bandmates. A fact, to which he always happily reminds the other. Young, because he the album brings energy and fresh air and the groove keeps running, both physical and spiritual way. Young, because he is holding up the flag of rock'n'roll excesses, are known and celebrated for The Mission. Young, but with a wise soul Geordie. Young, because he is. Once Hussey: „It is hard for me, to assess the new album, because as with any artist you always find his latest work best. Only time can show, whether I'm right or not. We will see it. But one thing I still want to hold: We had while recording an incredible amount of fun and I think, that you can feel it, when you hear the disc. We are adult, mature, wiser and now know better than ever the true strengths of The Mission. And I think, that we are very aware of just these strengths.“

The Mission

Each, expects a return to the familiar sound, will be surprised. Dies ist das Album einer Band, has the enormous fun and a newfound camaraderie maintains, to capture a timeless and classic in the truest sense of the word rock album with the help of modern studio techniques. It is rooted in the present, without coyly concealing the past. The Mission would never shy, to ask their influences on open display, but just to her newest album sounds unmistakably The Mission. Probably not, according to The Mission, as most have known. This band has never looked so good, fresh and truly sounded. Not a typical Gothic rock sound, simply honest dirty rock sound, with a raspy singing Wayne Hussey! I think it's very brave, some Missionaries are finally feel pushed certainly before the head. On the other hand, the boys have nothing to lose, making the honest, what they like. And their fantastic cover version of Neil Young's „Like A Hurricane“ is indeed all true fans eh mission well known!


  1. Black Cat Bone
  2. Everything But The Squeal
  3. Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place
  4. drag
  5. Born Under A Good Sign
  6. The Girl In A Rug Furskin
  7. When The Trap clicks Shut Behind Us
  8. Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now
  9. Just Another Pawn In Your Game
  10. From The Oyster Comes The Pearl
  11. Swan Song
  12. Litany For The Faithful
Album Review: The Mission - The Brightest Light
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