DBD: A-L-I-E-N – The Maximum the Hormone

Maximum the Hormoneist eine japanische Hardcore-/Nu-Metal-Band mit vier Mitgliedern. It differs in its sound from many other Japanese bands and the following Video is hard to put into words. It starts with Asian Grind, Violent Dancing and shouting and then… ja dann… As I said, hard to put into words, a look at the clip at the top itself and / or read the interesting Lyrics. Must go well on the search for the albums of the band… :)

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マキシマム ザ ホルモン "え・い・り・あ・ん"

The government shows us what.
Her figure leads us up the garden path.
You think to yourself fabrications from.
Danger Enterprise

Praise, Criticism and beliefs
be mixed to achieve the truth.
Now complains together, Japan.
Is nihilism has returned?

Antinomie, a spiral of contradictions ...
We fall into a dilemma, the depression spreads.
We gather us for alms, while elsewhere
a group of suit carriers for wealth and profit giert.

Haarspalterei, they are slaves to their self-interest.
And the yen gradually disappears, despite futile efforts.
We cherish suspicion and discord,
are angry, but see only passively to.

Ego? Freedom? lolol [Anm.: w is the jap. Chatäquivalent zu lol]
Stinking Kotze announces disaster.
“Why don’t you…?"Egoism!
Help me!! I still genesis!
Throw it away!! I still genesis!
Take it off!! I still genesis!

The elections in the second millennium approaching!
Selects the elect!

The voters will judge
with care and sensitivity.
Straight towards the future.
Believe in the power of Jedi ...
Believe in the power of Jedi ...
Believe in the power! An diese ARA!

I Schnall's! I Schnall's! I Schnall's, ihr Pisser!
See you there! See you there! See you there! I write to you 'ne mail!
Russell, Russell! Russell, Russell! Shut the fuck up, Idiot!
Intentionally, intentionally, intentionally you nervst!
Get on the chopper! Fetti!

Brother, rescue,
Brother, let’s go.
Your brother, WE
Your brother, YOU

Liar dependence,
you should freeze.
Next season.
The rhythm of life.

We booing from you!
You feel insulted!
Wir buhen! You from!
STOP! Conspiracy!

We booing from you!
You feel insulted!
Wir buhen! You from!
Stops! Conspiracy!

Who is friend?
Who is the enemy?
My lifestyle, I do not let forbid me.
We are looking for the meaning of each day.

Alien, Alien.
It feels, as if you end up in a movie, not true?
Alien, Alien.
You are not your enemies forever.


(via To Da Max)