Album Review: The Jury and the Saints – The Jury and the Saints

Monster Skirt Aotearoa awaits us with the New Zealand punk rockers „The Jury and the Saints„. The upcoming release „The Jury and the Saints“ following the 2010 released debut album „Daydreams“ and the 2011 EP publications „Revival“. After the EP "Freedom Fighter" (2013) and the teaser single „FOCUS“ (2014) is the time now ripe for the first official studio album by the New Zealander. What is difficult for others in this genre, create „The Jury and the Saints“ and characterize an album with their own sound, the remains away fat hanging from the mainstream in the ear.

The Jury and the Saints - The Jury and the Saints

The band consisting of Jesse Smith (Guitar, Vocals), Ivan Beets (bass), Marty Crown (drums) and Rowan Crowe (Guitar) is already at the beginning of their career to soar, because their 2012er Single „Revival“ went straight to number 1 in the New Zealand single one Charts, the eponymous EP was ranked 4. How could „The Jury and the Saints“ make the support for Paramore on their 2010s tour of New Zealand and tour were also engaged in the following year for which Australia. „As a band, we have our ideas always captured quickly, the driving force of a song or a live show to be the initial creative spark - so on this album“, bassist Ivan Beets the approach to the recording.

The Jury and the Saints "Freedom Fighter" Lyric Video

„We fully focused on the material and tries hineinzustecken so much energy and personality as possible. Instead of discussing long decisions have been taken from the gut. It was not about to make a technical Album us, it came to our live energy to bring on board. We want Music make people moved and animated to sing. Music connects the, because they Ehrlich is.“ so Beets further. So you can the first song „Start Moving“ understand the album also equal to an invitation, if you have to be prompted for, to move around and not already going to the beat.

The Jury and the Saints - Band

The punk rock of New Zealanders tears immediately with the headbanging and tramp legs can only after gradually, after the last note of the 12. The song is silenced. Appropriately, the last track is also called „Make Our Mark“. This did the gentlemen with this musical work also. Especially in this genre, it is incredibly difficult to stay out in the piercing ear. But who creates a disk, which can compete as individual in alternatives, need be as worry. On the same plate, it can „The Jury and the Saints“ simply tidy crash. A feast for the ears for punk rock fans!

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FOCUS Music Video HD 720p


  1. Start Moving
  2. Fever
  3. FOCUS
  4. MONDAY Morning
  5. Freedom Fighter
  6. Knocking On The Devils Door
  7. City Lights
  8. Bust The Radio
  9. Last Time
  10. Brand New
  11. Last Mistake
  12. Make Our Mark
Album Review: The Jury and the Saints - The Jury and the Saints
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