Album Review: The Jokers – Rock & Roll Is Alive

Friends, I like and even before the first sound of the second Jokers penetrate this cover plate to the ear, has the visual impression of the cover already aroused some expectations! This muscular Doctor in Mad Max-Style, of the emerges from a grave between the grave stones of Jimi Hendrix and Bon Scott, somehow become the meat of Iron Maiden Eddie remembered and easily pass as the Marvel hero would. Must again learn about the Music from „The Jokers“ be said? Hell yeah! Der bluesige Hardrock ist tatsächlich genau zwischen dem Gitarrengott Hendrix und dem hart rockenden Blues von AC/DC angesiedelt. Not too soft, not too heavy. With the music of „The Jokers“ quarrels not be long, but immediately comes entirely on the taste. Your polynuclear Rock'n'Roll goes directly into the abdomen and legs, has groove and blues and shines with great melodies and powerful riffs.

The Jokers - Rock & Roll Is Alive

The Jokers are the brothers Paul and Simon Hurst (Guitar and Bass), Chris Poole (Drums) and singer and frontman Parry Wane. Their debut album „The Big Rock and Roll Show“ appeared 2009 and reached within a few months amazing sales figures. The disc was in July 2009 by the British magazine „Powerplay“ voted album of the month and was generally praised for its great quality. It was followed by countless shows in dingy clubs and dubious taverns, who had only one goal for the four musicians: The Jokers to make known and to grow artistically. „We are a hard-toiling band, the plays as much as possible, and thereby constantly learns“, says Paul Hurst. „With us is everything ehrlich and authentic, Our goal is: be successful and make people happy.“

The Jokers

Will be happy the fans of this fabulous band certainly with the latest Silberling „Rock 'n' Roll Is Alive“. With this name, the album has indeed not get a particularly original name, but with authentic, classical and brawny rock music demands that no one. No wonder, that these hot and hungry boy Band from Liverpool brings everything, what constitutes honest and authentic rock music: In a country like England, in the long tradition of legendary groups like The Who, Free, Mott The Hoople, The Faces and Led Zeppelin speaks for itself, is annotated 2013 the breeding ground for promising young formations remain almost ideal. The band has worked with producer Andy Macpherson (Eric Clapton, The Who, Barclay James Harvest, The Buzzcocks) a really dirty piece of rock and roll Nailed.

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The Jokers 'Rock and Roll Is Alive' The Junction, Cambridge, UK

Convince the eleven numbers of the new disc. Songs like the wonderfully grooving opener „Silver City“, based on the refined arpeggio guitar „Radio“, What kind of ZZ Top, a pinch and a dash Kiss Heaven's Basement includes the conscious and oriented in Free „Find My Way Home“ are important cornerstones of the album. „Of course, we could continue to develop as a band and composers through the many concerts“, would be Paul Hurst, „at our debut we were financially and artistically still clearly limited, this time with Andy, we had a producer, who believed in us and said,: ‚Do not worry about the cost, you only pay as much as you can afford it. '“ Have spread over nearly two years „The Jokers“ five with producer Andy Macpherson at „Rock’n’Roll Is Alive“ worked. „Today, we are stylistically unique than four years ago“, Hurst describes the audible differences between the 2009 debut album and the current, „the songs are still rocking, self-contained and direct the sound. You can feel, that today we are even prouder of our songs and really love every single note on Rock'n'Roll Is Alive.“ And that's what you hear on the disc also!

The Jokers

The disc appears on the 30. August 2013 on Steamhammer / SPV and all rock music fans will delight. Hurst: „We have in the past 24 Monaten spürbar weiterentwickelt und legen jetzt ein Album vor, das seinen Titel zu Recht trägt. Rock'n'Roll is a way of life, es bedeutet Freiheit, Toleranz und Selbstverwirklichung. All this reflects our new album perfectly.“ I am also of this opinion! The four piece band is the prime example, how to transport classic rock music in the present, neither the illustrious past of the genre nor deny modernity and topicality can miss. Her second album „Rock’n’Roll Is Alive“ is a celebration for all fans of classic rock music and is deeply rooted in the 1970s and of course there is the sound, what „The Jokers“ play, also by countless other bands, but as long as the music is fun, I do not care – Fun and makes the wheel undoubtedly!

The Jokers

  1. Silver City 3:45
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Is Alive 2:58
  3. Radio 4:00
  4. Blood Of Ox 0:36
  5. Night Driver 3:12
  6. Let It Rock 3:15
  7. Find My Way Home 4:14
  8. Sky Line 0:35
  9. N.Y.C. 4:30
  10. Bring Your Love Back To Me 3:56
  11. Dr. Rockhead 2:28
Album Review: The Jokers - Rock & Roll Is Alive
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