Album Review: Vicious - Traces of the Past

The band „Vicious circle“ drive from Vienna since the year 2008 mainly on Austrian territory mischief and released three albums on their own. The band should to with of joint appearances „Megaherz“ or „Sleet“ be known. With „Traces of the past“ Laying the heavy rockers in their 2009 self-distributed, released debut album on new. In itself, also a good idea, by man hier almost „jungfräulich“ can approach a band, has existed for some time. 2009 came the album on the market and was now, of course, long out of print. About the label NRT Records the disc is now again on the market and if the disk with the newly launched album „Lust frustration“ compares, you realize very quickly, that „Traces of the past“ significantly metallic than the successor.

Vicious - Traces of the Past

Sometime in 2008 founded the of „Sunterra“ known Friedl contactor a new band called „Vicious circle„. 2009 then appeared in the self-distribution of this first opus, which as mentioned is now reissued. The album of dark rockers provides a concentrated mix of New German Hardness, Heavy rock and Metal and laid the foundation for all that, what should make up the band in the coming years. The shekel comprises a total of 10 Songs plus bonus material, like a radio version and a remix with hard beats. „Traces of the past“ writing does not highlights, However, consistently brings a decent performance with it. Here one has completely dispensed with elaborate flourishes and it seems, as if someone had removed the very text-heavy base, the hard rock songs to build some rhythmic and melodic partly why. The German lyrics are mostly social criticism and partly true to life in the middle and so show the Wiener clearly sometimes feel without becoming tacky.

Vicious band

The first song of the album „Torn“ seems to me just as, as already offered the title. The feeling behind it is easy to transport and with Ronny Platzer, have „Vicious circle“ the rock singer par excellence at the micro. His singing is in the joints and marrow. Even the guitar solos of Friedl contactor tear the listener and the song will be beaten by the rich Drums formally into the brain. „Life“ is equally quiet and does not require an introduction, therefore,, because here the band pressed immediately on the gas. The song has convinced by a horny refrain of sing-along character. The keyboard used can appear throughout the dark and the song has a certain groove and hammering beats. The song „Lost“ comes to the top over a little weaker and will not ignite initially quite. Somehow, the number seems unfinished. Does not matter but, because the chorus, the band starts again and in the middle, will again correctly pressed on the gas. always more, I need to with the band „Oomph!“ or „Rammstein“ think. This does not mean, that „Vicious circle“ are a cheap copy of these sizes, „Vicious circle“ While having much in common with these bands, However, their identity is their essential.

Vicious circle - Jealousy (High Quality)

Der Track „Jealousy“ In my view, the best number on this album. Musically, all the work was done. a song, as it should be. Melodies, Riffs and implementation simply fit together great and also the text tells a story, as it actually happens to many people. With „Captured“ we get a decent heavy groove and the chorus is simply strong. The hook on the other hand looks a bit spasmodic, but introduces the wide-legged chorus and it can also „Captured“ escape, but lags in comparison to „Jealousy“ a little behind her. With „A life long“ it continues beinhart and „Lost Game“ exudes a certain flair, but is a little too long built on the same reef. The sound is a little long-winded and can not score quite as regards the arrangements, However, in view of the text already. The obligatory ballad is available with „In the face“, here is physical violence against children, Wars and misery denounces. This is not an embarrassing way, but it is simply expressed the truth. The shallow side of the track deviates from the middle of the song the usual heaviness and becomes a power ballad with catchy.

Vicious Logo

With „Death certificate“ give „Vicious circle“ back on the gas and that with a continuous energy in the joints and marrow. Once again, the Lyrics really good and make everything easy credible over. The song „past“ describes the end of a relationship between two people. This song is a heavy number of the finest and also the text there is nothing to complain about. The track rocks and is a good exit from the first work of the Vienna Combo. The bonus tracks „Jealousy“ as Radio Edit is a slightly abridged version of the above title and Dance Remix „A life long“ can we even stand so and certainly more for clubs. „Traces of the past“ simply takes in the ass, not achieve even if all the songs here the same high standard, one can speak of a rousing album, because at least every other number draws the attention back to him. Sometimes packs a text, sometimes a reef. „Vicious circle“ are 2009 far less retracted when the next plate. Clear that also means a less pronounced identity, But the band's trademark is indeed mainly the vocals and the powerful on his mark.

Vicious circle - Life

„Traces of the past“ In my view, the best album of the band. Here they wanted to simply Music make, which has a certain artistic quality and that is also managed. Flourish has saves and also to many experiments in style needs to fear no one here. Topics, as the questioning of his own destiny and the hopelessness of the situation, swing felt through the entire album. Each song in itself make it, to transport the respective feeling, but the songs seem despite the incoming choruses and lyrics - or perhaps because, a little too uniform. I would have liked a bit more variety in song structure, although I must admit, that quite hangs something. „Vicious circle“ provide with „Traces of the past“ a solid German-speaking disk from, both for Metal fans, Deutschrock Fans, Heavy fans in general and fans of the New German Hardness is recommended. Especially friends of bands like „Rammstein“, „Megaherz“, „Oomph!“ and in some sense also „Icebreaker“ will have their joy. The few weak moments are forgivable and even traditional metal fans should check out the guys listen calmly times!

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  1. Torn
  2. Life
  3. Lost
  4. Jealousy
  5. Captured
  6. A life long
  7. Lost Game
  8. In the face
  9. Death certificate
  10. past
  11. Jealousy (Radio Edit)
  12. A life long (Dance Remix)

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Vicious circle

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Vicious circle - Damn (Music Video)

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