DBD: The Pale King – Testament

Today there for you from the Testament Video zum Track „The Pale King“. The hi-tech clip comes from their latest album „Brotherhood Of The Snake“…

Testament - "The Pale King" (Official Music Video)

DBD: Stronghold – Testament

To promote the new album „Brotherhood Of The Snake“ have testament to their track „Stronghold“ a 360 ° -Visualizer spendiert. The album is released on 28. October…

Testament - "Stronghold" (360 VISUALIZER)

DBD: Brotherhood Of The Snake – Testament

Here the theme song from the upcoming album „Brotherhood Of The Snake“ in a chic Lyric clip. The twelfth studio album by the Thrasher will appear on 28. October…

Testament - "Brotherhood Of The Snake" (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Members of Slipknot, Grave, Slayer and Motörhead as hazardous „Metal Allegiance“ yesterday on stage in West Hollywood

Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Andreas Kisser (Grave), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), John Tempesta (white Zombie, The Cult) and Mikkey Dee (Motorhead) yesterday as the All-Star-Metal-Band „Metal Allegiance“ in honor of Lemmy occurred. This band consists of a rotating cast of musicians, Yesterday Night were also members of Megadeth and testament on stage at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. See here the video recordings of the concert.

Metal Allegiance

„Metal Allegiance“ self-titled debut album was on 18. September 2015 released. Partner the project, Mark Menghi mentioned that besides the self-creative minds like David Ellefson in an interview, Mike Portnoy and Alex Skolnick are responsible for Sonwriting. This diverse range of artists, Press the sound their own personal stamp on musical. Menghi further explained the songwriting process:

Ace Of Spades - Metal Allegiance with Corey Taylor - Tribute to Lemmy

We wrote the majority of the Lyrics for the record. In particular, Dave Ellefson and I co-wrote a lot of the lyrics to the record. We based it off our personal experiences in life, some of the fucking crap we went through. For example, With ‚Can’t Kill The Devil‘, he had two lines for that song: ‚Can’t kill the Devil, the Devil never dies.‘ And when he said that to me, I was, like, ‚Just stop right there,‘ and an hour later, I came back with all the lyrics for the song. And I basically told a tale, I told a story about the Devil. We all have a Devil in our life. I told a story about my Devil and combined it with his.

Seek And Destroy by Metal Allegiance - Tribute to Lemmy

DBD: Gift Of Pain – Metal Allegiance

Metal Allegiance“ select their Video zum Track „Gift Of Pain“ before, wherein „Lamb Of God“-Frontman Randy Blythe guest vocals micro took. The song is on the self-titled debut album Metal Allegiance, which is published recently. That Randy on album of all-star troupe David Ellefson (Megadeth), Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Mark Menghi able to participate, pleased him very much: „It is an honor for me, that they selected me. ‚Gift Of Pain‘ is a killer! Hear him LOUD!“

Metal Allegiance - Gift Of Pain (Official Music Video)

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

In popular Metal-Scales of Switzerland, the Z7 in Pratteln, went out of their end of May 2015 the thrash metal veterans Exodus and will honor. Although they are respected in the scene as well as METALLICA, Megadeth, Slayer and ANTHRAX, they never allowed to experience the great success and although founded by Kirk Hammett and drummer Tom Hunting of Exodus for many as the true inventor of the metal subgenres apply, the in the Bay Area on US West Coast began early 80s and took soon became a worldwide success. „Exodus“ were co-founded by Kirk Hammett, then after the expulsion of a certain Dave Mustaine (who famously founded Megedeth) went to Metallica. A few years later joined Steve Souza from Testament (which at that time still called Legacy) to Exodus, his successor was a certain Chuck Billy. And Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has become a permanent member of Slayer and occurs there in the big footsteps of 2013 late Jeff Hannemann. So all in all this evening a big class reunion and the two pioneers of Thrash Metal were the Z7 tremble to its foundations!

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

Old-school thrash enthusiasts came this evening entirely at their expense. At the cloakroom many fans could quite my, Previous Year 1986 to have been displaced. Die Melodic-Metal-Band „Lotrify“ Baden had already played earlier than announced and unfortunately so have a number of visitors, including the author of these lines, missed the concert. After a pause conversion it became harder and a lot to 20:15 Clock took amidst great rejoicing Exodus drummer John Hunting behind his kit Place and off we went! This unfortunately without longtime guitarist Gary Holt, the case for commitments „Slayer“ collars of Lum „Heathen“ was replaced. The significantly aged and consumed acting Steve Souza, who returned to the band about a year ago, opened with „Black 13“ from the current album „Blood In, Blood Out“ the evening. The five men are really loud, but neither the sound nor the light sets the band at the beginning in the spotlight. Dull is the sound and the light is hardly perceptible. But most fans could be of not irritate and celebrated a metal party, but still neat air had upwards. Even with the Thrash crackers „Iconoclasm“ and „Children of a Worthless God“ Sitting riffs spot precision and the band acts effort, even Souza, the melodious language tries, further fueling the mood, but somehow the spark does not jump over.

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

At „Salt In The Wound“ mentioned proud, that Kirk Hammett has recorded with a solo, the groovy „Blacklist“ from their 2004 comeback album „Tempo Of The Damned“ seemed the ice finally to break the almost filled Z7. The engineer had also turned to some regulators and the band was now fortunately, albeit somewhat late, really warm and pressed towards the end with „Body Harvest“ again right on the accelerator. The audience thanked it for a good hour thrash party with passionate applause. A nice mix of all creative works, what the audience with „Circle Pits“ and „Wall of Death“ owed. The time with the most senior and influential representatives of Thrash Metal was hard and just flew. The conversion pause verspach Grosses for the concert of Testament. One saw a metallic stage with a huge banner, Strobe lights and two illuminated Testament-Skulls in the background. All this made from the outset for matching nuclear sphere. The lights went out, Sirens rang out, Red Spotlights scurried down the hall and gradually entered Gene Hoglan (drums), Steve George (bass), Alex Skolnick (guitars), Eric Peterson (guitars) and to top it all Chuck Billy (Vocals) under frenetic cheering the stage.

Testament - Live - Z7 Pratteln (ch)

The band was from the outset as fully, already the happy-relaxed facial expressions of the musicians spoke an entirely different language than in Exodus and the sound was mixed well and went fully to the Twelve. Chuck Billy had like always its micro-Tomahawk in his hand and a really big smile on his face. Throughout the presentation on he held on to his idiosyncratic micro-holder and displays its euphoric imitation of guitar playing, that Chuck is in his element. The other musicians are Billy to none, Long-term band member and main songwriter Eric Peterson shreds his signature Dean-Z guitar looking at the hip, while his colleague Alex Skolnick stretched his almost classic flavor and with ESP often relaxed gesture in the air, snap his fingers over the strings. But the coolest Sau of the evening was undoubtedly bassist Steve DiGiorgio with its almost eccentrically shaped, bundlosen Thor-Bass, with whom he brandishing as a gun and on which he relentlessly herumhämmerte. His poses are not the coolest and the, because he would have needed, to compensate for lack of skill. On the contrary, here are with DiGiorgio, Drummer Gene Hoglan, Skolnick and Peterson some of today's best metal musicians together on stage. And it shows!

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

The chemistry of the band members and the interaction right and the five men who clearly enjoy their performance or – what the audience really drags. After a few minutes at „Rise Up“ roared the fans missed the chorus and the sound level meter on the wall showed partially 100 Decibels. So must it be with a good metal-Concert! Testament had for „Dark Roots of Earth Tour II“ announced, Material from their first three albums „The Legacy“ (1987), „The New Order“ (1988) and „Practice what you preach“ (1989) to play. Unfortunately, there were due to the short time then not many tracks and so the set list was similar to that of the live album „Dark Roots Of Thrash“. Many thrash metal highlights from the early days of the band, there was next to some pearls from the new album yet to celebrate. The title song of „The New Order“ and „Practice what you preach“ celebrated the quintet as well as the atmospheric, but no less hard „Trial by Fire“. the approximately 85-minute set was rounded off with another thrash songs like „First Strike Is Deadly“ or „Souls of Black“ from the album of the same.

Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake

Also Testament offered a great mix from all eras of the band. The performance on stage was unlike Exodus gigantic and noted its enthusiasm each. The time was much too quickly and the evening will have left each time a lasting impression. Both bands understood it finally, succeeded her fans and professional to entertain with a good show. The gestures and poses looked at real Testament and less experienced, the power came not only by the volume, but above all by the credible and energetic fun at the appearance of Billy, Peterson, DiGiorgio and Co into existence. When thrash elemental force of San Francisco had been at the beginning of the impression, that the men wanted to bring their set as swiftly as possible, so you could devote Backstage others. Still convinced Exodus with ultra hard and yet groovy midtempo Thrash with irrem pace and brutal riffs. Also „New old“-Shouter „Scepter“ Souza has again excellently integrated into the band.

Testament - Live - Z7 Pratteln (ch)

Setlist Exodus:

  1. black 13
  2. Blood In, Blood Out
  3. Iconoclasm
  4. Children of a Worthless God
  5. Body Harvest
  6. Blacklist
  7. Bonded by Blood
  8. Strike of the Beast
  9. The Toxic Waltz

Setlist Testament:

  1. Rise Up
  2. Native Blood
  3. More Than Meets The Eye
  4. The Preacher
  5. First Strike Is Deadly
  6. Souls of Black
  7. Eerie Inhabitants
  8. The New Order
  9. Trial by Fire
  10. Into the Pit
  11. Practice what you preach
  12. Encore:

  13. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
  14. 3 Days in Darkness
  15. Disciples of the Watch
Dark Roots of Trash: Testament and Exodus leave the Z7 quake
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DBD: Rise Up – Testament

Testament to present an appetizer from their on 11. Next October Live-DVD/Doppel-CD „Dark Roots Of Thrash“. The video clip for the song „Rise Up“ and the DVD, on which 19 Are live tracks, were those of February in Huntington, Added New York. Below there for you also Lyrics… Rise Up… Was! Rise Up… Was!

Testament - Rise Up (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

When I say rise up
When I say I was
That Means The time is now
To even up the score

The leader speaks
His plan has failed before
Enlisted soldiers
Awaiting orders

It’s time for justice
Just like before
Our troops protect and serve
Are they ever coming home?

So much regret
Another was killed by
Such a Tragedy
Their enlisted soldiers obey orders

When I say rise up
You say was
When I say rise up
You say was

Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!

The smell of death
Reeks through the air
The stench of Burning Bodies
Bloodshed everywhere

Scattered remains
And bullet shells
Send in the dogs of war
Unleash the hounds of hell

It’s time to rise up
It’s time to rise for war
It’s time to rise up
Black is death and red is war

yeah, I said rise up
And you said war
All for one and one for all
The perfect world war

All of the rest
Will fail just like before
Such a tragedy
The fallen soldiers, they followed orders

When I say rise up
You say was
When I say rise up
You say was

Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!
Rise Up… Was!

Jeff Hanne Mans Tod – Reactions from the scene

The message of Jeff Hanne Mans Tod spread like wildfire and overshadowed the Metal-Gemeinde. Erste Reaktionen von Slash, METALLICA, Robb Flynn, ANTHRAX, Megadeth, Testament and many more you can read here.

Jeff Hanne Mans Tod

Musicians and Friends Show dismay. Here are the first expressions of sympathy some well-known bands:

„Tragic & shocking news about Jeff Hanneman. He is going to missed by so many. what a sad day for metal. RIP man.“

„We send our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family, Friends, and fans of Jeff Hanneman. Our hearts go out to his brothers in Slayer. Tonight one less star will be shining and sadly, the stage got just a little bit darker. Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013.“
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

„We are extremely saddened by the news of Jeff Hanneman’s passing. Our deepest condolences to his family, Friends, fans and the entire Slayer camp and their road crew. We would not be the band we are today without him and SLAYER. Rest in peace, Jeff!“

„My condolences to SLAYER and the Jeff Hanneman family today.“
David Ellefson (Megadeth)

„R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman, brother in thrash.“

„Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hanneman family and SLAYER. R.I.P. our friend“

„Jeff Hanneman — I’m at a loss for words. Thanks for always laughing at my dumb jokes, thanks for your generosity in donating a bunch of signed SLAYER stuff to Help me with my neck surgery costs, thanks for making my bandmate so happy. I’m so sad to hear you’re gone! RIP buddy. (And for anyone inclined please stop by the NASHVILLE Pussy page and send Ruyter some love. Her heart is no doubt broken to pieces.)“
Karen Cuda (ex-Nashville Pussy)

RIP Jeff Hanneman. Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at…

„R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman“

„We are so devasted to hear about the passing of Jeff Hanneman. One of the greatest have passed on and please, stop for a moment and pay your respect to this fantastic man. This is a Tragedy.“
In Flames

„Changing the world through music isn’t easy… Mission accomplished. Glad to be a part of all we did together through the years. RIP Jeff Hanneman.“
Dan Spitz (Former Anthrax)

Wow….I’m in shock…RIP Jeff Hanneman….Wow….
Mike Portnoy

Wow… I just heard some really sad news . R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman
Robert Caggiano (Volbeat, Former Anthrax)

Anvil send their condolences to the SLAYER and the Jeff Hanneman family. R.I.P.“

Totally shocked by Jeff Hanneman’s death. Terrible loss for the metal community. Condolences to his family and Slayer.
3 Inches Of Blood

„Rest in peace, Jeff Hanneman. You will surely be missed.“

„We’re saddened by the death of SLAYER guitarist, Jeff Hanneman. Our prayers and best wishes to SLAYER and Jeff’s family.“
Papa Roach

Und last but not least hat sich Robb Flynn Reported by Machine Head to word with a long farewell letter, which he in his published blogt can:

“Still can’t believe that Jeff Hanneman from Slayer is dead, things like that just don’t happen. Thrashers don’t die??!! WTF!!??

I’m not going to sit here and say how him and I were best buds or something, we definitely weren’t, I’d barely call us acquaintances, I did 8 tours and over 120 shows with the Dude and honestly, I never really got to “know him”. I was always Closer with Kerry. Jeff was super quiet, really kept to himself, would get rowdy when he was drunk, but was a bit aloof, and seemed annoyed at the people partying around him despite the fact that he himself would be getting hammered.

I can remember some good hangs with him though. The first was in Basel, Switzerland back in November, 1994 when Machine Head was main support to Slayer on the Divine Intervention tour. It was one of those shows were something so random happens it just never leaves you, in this case, the show was Sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes and every kid entering the show got 2 free packs of smokes. I’ve never seen so much smoke in a venue in my life. I remember walking onstage and yelling at our roadie / everything-guy Mike Scum, “DUDE, turn off the fuckin’ smoke machine”, he said “YOOOOO, it’s not the smoke machine bro, it’s the cigarettes!” It was damn near impossible to Breath onstage. After the show we were hanging backstage and Jeff walked back, we started bitching about the Crazy cigarette show, and he invited me back to the dressing room to grab a beer, we sat down and chatted for a while, and then I went all Slayer-nerd on him and started grilling him on what songs he wrote.

me: “Who wrote Angel Of Death?”
Jeff: “I did”
me: “Lyrics too?”
Jeff: “Yep”
me: “Reign In Blood?”
Jeff: “Me”
me: “Dead Skin Mask?”
Jeff: “Yep”
me: “South Of Heaven?”
Jeff: “Me”
me: “Black Magic?”
Jeff: “You know it”
me: “Hell Awaits?”
Jeff: “Yep”

Jeff Hanneman: RIP
On and on it went, that man wrote both the music and lyrics to a large goddamn portion of my favorite Slayer songs. He was a huge influence on my songwriting growing up in particular with arrangements and the bold use of key changes. The one thing Slayer band always had over so many other bands is they were all over the guitar neck when it came to key changes. Leads would be in some of the most random keys ever, but somehow it made it all that much more frantic, and when the chorus kicked back in, Boom! CRUSHING! Set up perfectly. He was one of the few metal heads I met who never really got into Pantera, he told me he “liked some stuff”, but thought they we’re “too bluesy at times”, and that he “liked more evil notes or sad riffs”

Another good memory was sharing a tour bus on the August 2001 Korean / Japan / Australia tour, it was all fly-dates and hotels, we were sharing crew, tour manager and manager, so we all rode on the bus together to and from the airport to the hotel every day. Sometimes the rides were an hour or two, so you’d just all BS and hang. One time a kid in Australia bum-rushed the bus while we were all sitting in it, hammered after partying one night. He was desperate for autographs and came on the bus screaming (what else?) "SLAAAAAAAAAYYYYYEEEEERRRR!!!” He then saw me and went all, “Oh shit, Robb Flynn, mate I fuckin’ LOVE Machine Head, but it’s fuckin’ SLAAAAAAAYYYYYYYEEEERRRRR” I looked the fucker right in the eye and slurred, “Oh just FUCK RIGHT OFF!!” Hannamen fell out dying, he laughed for 10 minutes straight, cracked him up, that slightly feminine high pitched giggle that he always did.

Dude backed me when Kerry King and I were beefin all that time long ago, he would come up to me at festivals and would talk, just be normal. He even backed me in Decibel magazine when they asked him about the beef, saying “Robb is a good dude”, and that “Kerry was like the girlfriend of the band, always beefin’ with someone”. I got a good laugh outta that.

The last memory I’ll share is from the American leg of the Divine Intervention tour in March 1995. It was Slayer, Biohazard supporting, and Machine Head opening. We were playing the International Ballroom in Atlanta Georgia. He had been sitting out some of the new songs from “Divine”, which was odd to me. We were hanging out in their dressing room before the show, just him and I, and I mustered up the nerve to ask him what the deal with it was. At first he joked that he just “didn’t feel like learning them, didn’t like ‘em, Kerry wrote them”, he was chuckling, and then he stopped. He looked down and got serious. He said he’d been having a lot of pain in his wrists, his hands and wrists were going numb all the time, and would go numb during those songs Because they were really fast, then he started to cry. It was a startling confession. I offered some awkward feel-good comment, but he just continued to cry, and I decided to sit there in the silence with him for a minute. He gave me a hug, and said “Whoa!”, and laughed walked out toward the stage, turned back and said “thanks dude”.

It was an intense moment, one of those rare, intense Moments you have with someone, let Alone with someone from another band.

It made me really respect the dude.

That’s the Jeff I’m gonna remember.

To Kerry, Tom, Dave, Paul, Rick Sales Mgmt and Jeff’s family, my sincere condolences.

R.I.P brother.”

Day 23: Zombie Santa – Advent Calendar from the Crypt

Christmas is the season of horror. By the time again philosophized at festivals Aunt Trudi with Uncle Hans about God and the world and from all eatables and massfatefull Besäufnis times is so beautiful bad again, one wishes, in a better place to be. So why not toughen ever, for the, what lies ahead in the holy days on a?

For this reason,, Love Friends of Night Crypt, wollen wir zum Weihnachtlichen horror contribute with a small Christmas stockings and present you every day a special treat for Christmas. Open a window each day on your Advent Calendar from the Crypt.

Love children, Tomorrow is the day: Christmas! Therefore something here Zombie Santa to set the mood! :)

Day 22: Testament-Silent Night Cover – Advent Calendar from the Crypt

Christmas is the season of horror. By the time again philosophized at festivals Aunt Trudi with Uncle Hans about God and the world and from all eatables and massfatefull Besäufnis times is so beautiful bad again, one wishes, in a better place to be. So why not toughen ever, for the, what lies ahead in the holy days on a?

For this reason,, Love Friends of Night Crypt, wollen wir zum Weihnachtlichen horror contribute with a small Christmas stockings and present you every day a special treat for Christmas. Open a window each day on your Advent Calendar from the Crypt.

Today the legendary thrash there Metal Band „Testament“ with the lead singer Chuck Billy in Stiller Night. Along with Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), Jon Donais (Shadows Fall), Chris Wyse (The Cult), John Tempesta (Exodus, Testament and White Zombie) and Geoff Tate (Queensryche) was 2008 die Metal Compilation „A Very Metal Xmas and A Headbanging New Year“ rausgegeben.

Testament - Metal Silent Night
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