Who gets butt high, lives longer

That life is finite, Knowledge We all. But how much time remains for me? Das lässt sich laut brasilianischen Forschern mithilfe einer einfachen Fitness-Übung herausfinden, Write it in „European Journal of Cardiology“. Das Team um Claudio Gil Araujo von der Universität Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro hat eine einfache Übung entwickelt, die einen ungefähren Hinweis auf die einem noch verbleibende Lebensdauer geben kann.

Ursprünglich war der sogenannte Sitting-Rising-Test entwickelt worden, to test the mobility of athletes. However, according to the researchers, he is also, to make weighty statements. In their study,, at approximately 2000 Subjects between 50 and 81 Had taken years, showed, that those, who made it in ten tries three times maximum, sit up unaided, eine fünfmal höhere Wahrscheinlichkeit aufwiesen, in den nächsten sechs Jahren zu sterben als die Probanden mit mehr als acht erfolgreichen Versuchen. The idea had come Araujo, als er seinen Patienten erklären wollte, dass sie sich auch im Alter fit halten müssen.

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Quiz: Serial Killer oder Hipster?

Friends, In this französischen Quiz is a simple question asked: Serial Killer oder Hipster? Anhand eines gezeigten Bildes muss man einschätzen, ob es sich dabei um einen Serienmörder oder einen Hipster handelt und sind wir doch mal Ehrlich, alle Hipster sind Serienmörder! Zumindest sehen alle wie Serienmörder aus und leider muss man bei diesem Quiz bei einer falschen Einschätzung always start all over again…

Serial Killer oder Hipster?

In which movies these cars come from?

Movie, as „The Fast and the Furious“ drehen nahezu völlig um Autos und andere Filme warten mit einer dermassen markanten Karre auf, which differs from all other, dass wir diese vermutlich unter Tausenden wiedererkennen würden. Friends, cast a look at the following 77 Rolling stock, a Poster von Scott Park und rätselt, What movie comes from the respective vehicle. Solltet ihr nicht mehr weiter Knowledge oder checken wollen, whether your results agree, findet ihr nach dem Poster die Auflösung.

In which movies these cars come from?

Are you a Human? Take The Human Test!

After the „Human Test“ Ze Frank has seen from YouTuber, sollte man seine wahre Identität gefunden haben und Knowledge, if mn is human. But do not Fear, wenn die Ergebnisse nicht ganz so schlüssig sind, simply equal to the 2. Prüfung durchziehen

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Take The Human Test (Volume 1)
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The Human Test (Volume 2)

Are you still punk rock?

„No Future!“ that was yesterday, A lot has happened since then. Hast du dich verändert? Are you really still punk rock? Recently, the best band in the world, their latest single „Is that still punk rock?“ veröffentlicht und im Rahmen dieser einen Test online gestellt, welcher prüft, whether you have the makings of a full-blooded punk rocker. Mit diesem Punkrock-Persönlichkeits-Test kann man sich sein Punkrock-Diplom erwerben und wie könnte es anders sein, draven ist Punkrock! But something of! Namely!

Will you now also such a diploma? Nothing easier than that, auf der Test-Seite der Ärzte könnt ihr 10 more or less difficult questions to answer, which you then certify, dass euer Herz für den Punk schlägt. Are its test, you look forward to a fully compatible punk rock diploma, mit dem ihr euch dann brüsten könnt. Capice? So off you go and quickly 10 Questions answered und wir freuen uns über eure Kommentare, whether and how you have passed…

And to round off, resp als perfekter Ausklang dieses kleinen Beitrags gibt es nun die besagte Single oder genauer das Video the question, that moves the world:

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The doctors - Is that still punk rock? (Performance)

anarch-o-mat – I'm an anarchist?

Friends, did you not already always ever asked, whether you are an anarchist, perhaps? With the anarch-o-mat one now has the unique opportunity to find this out, and below you can find my result to, where I learned so really nothing new and no, I close my rights to any group. Has always been so and will remain so… übrigens wäre Anarchismus diesen Test nach der dritten Frage abzubrechen ;)

Rasierer mit Olympia-Feeling – Braun Series 3 350CC

from 27. July to 12. August, held in London in the Summer Olympics. Ob Sprinter, Cyclists or swimmers: Who at the Olympic Games in London 2012 want to be fast on the road, relies on possible free of hair, characterized because the resistance drops. Everyone wants to give his best in the competition and win a medal possible. The company Braun nimmt das zum Anlass, already a sporty special edition of its „Series 3 350CC“-To launch shaver. This includes not only a suitably athletic packaging, but also a case made of genuine leather.

Shaving can be a daily ritual or a daily nuisance for a man, does decide this is usually the razor, used. As a convinced Nassrasierer I have the Braun Series 3 350CC tested and here is my review. The shaver is extremely handy and really quiet. The shaving is very gently and thoroughly. Skin irritation, I did not have to suffer in the course of the past few weeks. So I'm with the handling and comfort of this shaver ever satisfied. What I particularly important in a razor is, one hand is consistently good shaving and also the battery charging time, I often forget the device for charging einzusteckern.

Both agreed the Braun Series 3 350CC absolut. Mit dem Triple Action Free Float System, So a system, can capture more hairs in a Rasierzug inside of the shaving head in the independently operating the shaver three blades, falls the shaving time is much shorter than suspected, because there are far fewer trains needed to shave. The charging behavior of the Braun Series 3 350CC is further considered to be more than a positive, because in order 45 to shave minutes continuously, needs of the Braun Series 3 350CC only one hour of charging.

The shaver is via LEDs information on the charge status, the next cleaning and even when to change the best shaving system. And if you are on Travel is, where not logically be the cleaning station here has, The shaver can be cleaned under running water. In the Braun Series 3 350CC integrated trimmer also turned out to be positive, remove this is ideal to cut to sideburns or as stopping hair. Only in the chin area, the trimmer of the Braun Series 3 350show CC weaknesses.

The cleaning system seems at first glance a bit bulky and high-priced cartridges. The cleaning takes place automatically in the device, hardly the razor is inserted into the holder and pressed the button on the top, is the total cleaning without any intervention. The shaving head is rinsed, it runs sporadically razor. Everything is controlled by the cleaning kit. Since the stubble can be easily knocked out of shaving, I limit the cleaning operations on the necessary charging cycles, so that keeps the consumption of cleaning fluid in limits. Unless the warning light for the cleaning operation lights. At the front of the shaver has three light diodes, the state of charge in the normal use, a loading control and even the necessity of cleaning the apparatus show. A cleaning process takes approximately along with the drying of the head 4 Hours.


  • Ergonomische Form
  • Integrated Cleaning function
  • Cleaning cartridges are easily changed
  • Shaving head can be easily replaced
  • Carefully matched charging function
  • Great shave
  • Extensive accessories
  • Integrated land trimmer


  • Trimmer is in the chin- weaken and neck
  • Cleaning process may leave remnants of the liquid on the shaving head

Conclusion: Due to its ingenious shape and features, the Braun Series 3 350CC points personally with me. This Shavers both ease of cleaning, its excellent results as well as the short charging time. Of course, the Brown defeated Series 3 350CC not all the weaknesses of the razor-genres, but he comes very close to the optimum. Anyone looking for a good and truly quiet shaver, which is easy to clean inside and when required 5 Minutes can be charged, should be closer to the Braun Series 3 employ. Otherwise, I just noticed, that the Braun Series 3 350CC may have some trouble with a three-day beard in the chin and neck regions. At these points, then you have two to three times are nachrasiert, I felt as though this little negative, since this problem is widespread in the razor-genre far.

For every hair the right length – Braun CruZer Beard & Head

One was taken straight to the point, the Braun CruZer Beard & Head to what. Bart- and clippers, separately and combined, network dependent and battery powered, both cheap and from the mid-price range I've tried plenty during my now nearly two and a half decades of beard growth. I was really very satisfied so far with not only ones. Others have a sufficient sphere, cut but unclean or have an essay, of not properly engaged and sliding back at the slightest pressure and first mills a swath into the mat. The unit of Brown, however, is well made and with value and the essays lock securely into the selected cutting length, can, however, by a slight lateral pressure of the thumb and forefinger and adjust easily replace. The shave the beard is perfectly, the head hair it can particularly happen when very fine hair, that one or the other before the approaching blade cover goes and straightens again until, when the danger is over. But the second, later than the third attempt is then also the last quitter powerless.

But one question I had anticipated permits, why such a device may not simply Bart- and clippers hot, but New Denglisch „beard & head cruZer“? Probably the native speaker at the sight of this designation automatically sträubts Bart- and head hair, which then facilitates the subsequent procedure at least.

So far I have in my ca. 5 Years 3 x new cheap hair trimmer bought. After a short time they were always Defect, something is broken or ripped horribly by the hair. Not so the Braun Cruzer Beard & Head. The Cruzer was charged relatively quickly and functional. A flashing light indicates, whether it is still loaded or was if fully charged. I immediately started to shave and had to find, that the device works very precisely and is also surprisingly quiet! Other equipment such as lawn mowers sound partially, not as the Braun Cruzer. Since the case is not made of plastic, but hard rubber, Remember the hair initially sticking something on the device. This is a bit strange, but you can easily wash off after use. Similarly, you can open the blade up, both to wash under tap water, and of course to clean with the brush supplied. After repeated use, you should clean the blades with the supplied light oil, that is, these devices yes standard and usual.

With clips from 1 to 20 mm all possible lengths are adjusted almost infinitely. The essays are fixed tightly and not slip. The cutting quality is excellent, beard you can so quickly and thoroughly, to trim right under your nose, stand without the hair remained. The trimmer is also providing clean work on sideburns and agencies, requiring a Feintunig, and embarks without contortions- and extend. For each device, two articles are supplied, with which you can adjust various cutting lengths. One article is meant to be used for the beard, the other for the hair on the head. The supplied power cord is very long stretchy cord, What is also quite beneficial. but beware friends: When washing the blade should take the device from the power better. The unit as a whole is good and comfortable to hold. The battery capacity I have not checked with the stopwatch, however, corresponds approximately to the manufacturer's instructions. CruZer, Charger, Essays and Other accessories fit a little tight, but completely in the included travel bag.

The battery lasts after a full charge really very long and impressed me most, that the device has really Power, is very thorough, and will remain very very quiet! Overall a very good for processing and Technology, also a very good for shaving the beard and a good for short hair. The price / performance ratio will also receive a good and regular use, the cost should be amortized by saved haircuts after a few months. The included travel bag also like good. Here, everything can be stowed away neatly and is on Travel always on hand and wrapped up quickly.

the Braun Cruzer Beard & Head is a very convincing, handier and quieter trimmer with trimmer function. The workmanship is high quality. The styling is very withdrawn and color bit playful. He scores especially by the very precise trimming and styling problematic Bart games. The hair trimmer cuts the hair quickly, wherein the usual problem of the remaining hair remains in the cutting essays also forms in which Brown no exception. This problem can be solved but by the fast and easy cleaning. I have joy in my nines CruZer Brown Bear & Head and would give him not again! Only I would have instead of NiMH- desired lithium-ion batteries. Then, the apparatus would be probably become considerably more expensive. Beard styling can actually be fun, if the result is in accordance with. With this trimmer can not do a lot wrong. Real Beard shaper – Not for Kids.

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The contents of the package was not saved. It's everything you need available:

  • Hair Clippers + Essays for different hair lengths
  • small bottle of oil to lubricate the cutting mechanism
  • Brush for cleaning the hair cutter
  • small beautiful, black, simple bag fits into the all
  • illustrated instructions


  • Use of the trimmer is easy and self-explanatory
  • Battery lasts long. After about. 40 min operation is not yet the battery is empty
  • Cleanable with water. Making cleaning fast
  • Normal hair can be removed very easily and quickly
  • Thinner hairs are not so good away
  • Beard trim and contour cut works by the additional function very well


  • Battery charge lasts long enough
  • Delivery
  • Clean very quickly and easily
  • Additional function for facial shaving
  • good cutting results in thick and normal hair


  • Cutting result insufficient for thin hair

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