Who gets butt high, lives longer

That life is finite, Knowledge We all. But how much time remains for me? This can be found out using a simple fitness exercise, according to Brazilian researchers, Write it in „European Journal of Cardiology“. The team led by Claudio Gil Araujo of the University Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro has developed a simple exercise, that still can give life remaining an approximate indication of the one.

Originally, the so-called sitting Rising test had been developed, to test the mobility of athletes. However, according to the researchers, he is also, to make weighty statements. In their study,, at approximately 2000 Subjects between 50 and 81 Had taken years, showed, that those, who made it in ten tries three times maximum, sit up unaided, a five times higher probability of having, to die in the next six years as the subjects with more than eight successful tests. The idea had come Araujo, when he wanted to explain his patients, that they need to keep fit even in old age.

The exercise that predicts your Death

Quiz: Serial Killer oder Hipster?

Friends, In this French Quiz is a simple question asked: Serial Killer oder Hipster? Based on an image shown must assess, whether it is to be a serial killer or a hipster and we have some games Ehrlich, all hipsters are serial killers! At least all look like serial killers and unfortunately you have in this quiz in an incorrect assessment always start all over again…

Serial Killer oder Hipster?

In which movies these cars come from?

Movie, as „The Fast and the Furious“ drehen nahezu völlig um Autos und andere Filme warten mit einer dermassen markanten Karre auf, which differs from all other, dass wir diese vermutlich unter Tausenden wiedererkennen würden. Friends, cast a look at the following 77 Rolling stock, a Poster von Scott Park und rätselt, What movie comes from the respective vehicle. Solltet ihr nicht mehr weiter Knowledge oder checken wollen, whether your results agree, findet ihr nach dem Poster die Auflösung.

In which movies these cars come from?

Are you a Human? Take The Human Test!

After the „Human Test“ Ze Frank has seen from YouTuber, sollte man seine wahre Identität gefunden haben und Knowledge, if mn is human. But do not Fear, wenn die Ergebnisse nicht ganz so schlüssig sind, simply equal to the 2. Prüfung durchziehen

Take The Human Test (Volume 1)
The Human Test (Volume 2)

Are you still punk rock?

„No Future!“ that was yesterday, A lot has happened since then. Have you changed you? Are you really still punk rock? Recently, the best band in the world, their latest single „Is that still punk rock?“ veröffentlicht und im Rahmen dieser einen Test online gestellt, welcher prüft, whether you have the makings of a full-blooded punk rocker. Mit diesem Punkrock-Persönlichkeits-Test kann man sich sein Punkrock-Diplom erwerben und wie könnte es anders sein, draven ist Punkrock! But something of! Namely!

Will you now also such a diploma? Nothing easier than that, auf der Test-Seite der Ärzte könnt ihr 10 more or less difficult questions to answer, which you then certify, dass euer Herz für den Punk schlägt. Are its test, you look forward to a fully compatible punk rock diploma, mit dem ihr euch dann brüsten könnt. Capice? So off you go and quickly 10 Questions answered und wir freuen uns über eure Kommentare, whether and how you have passed…

And to round off, resp als perfekter Ausklang dieses kleinen Beitrags gibt es nun die besagte Single oder genauer das Video the question, that moves the world:

The doctors - Is that still punk rock? (Performance)
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