DBD: No Love Lost – Terror

Die Hardcore-Formation Terror has the new song „No Love Lost“ their coming EP „The Walls Will Fall“ released. EP is the 28. April on the shelves and include five new songs terror…

Terror "No Love Lost"

Stay away, I don’t want it
You’re a weak motherfucker and it’s pissing me off
Stay away, and don’t doubt it
Keep running in circles with that meaningless talk
My last nerve has been crossed, the final nail driven to the wall
Just stay away and keep that shit from me
The Burning bridges, that’s all I ever saw

Stranglehold got a grip on my mind
you can’t Change, the final nail decides

No Love Lost
Every ounce of respect that I have
It runs out this time – You lost

Just stay away
You’re fucking poison
A thousand deaths for every last one of your lies

Stranglehold got a grip on my mind
You can’t change, the final nail decides
I just want you off my back

No Love Lost
Every ounce of respect that I have
It runs out this time – You lost
just want you off my back

The walls you build
The bridge you break
I’m not sorry
Trapped in a maze
Falling faster
Still it’s getting Closer
Live in the conflict that you bring
Falling faster
Still you’re getting lower
Swim in the chaos that you love

For NDG YES: Switzerland as a prison

Reacting to today's adoption of the Intelligence Agencies Act I just have to make Friedrich Dürrenmatt in here. „Every prisoner proves his freedom, by being simultaneously guards.“ Here the legendary speech for the Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize to Vaclav Havel on 22.11.1990 and the words Dürrenmatt are current than ever…

Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Switzerland as a prison

Mir is something big at heart. I have held long enough the flap.

With these words Tarek Mohamad begins, the obvious itself Muslim, its contribution to facebook and speaks in the message to his fellow Muslims many of the soul. He appeals to migrants: „Listen to, making criminal matters! Listen to, the Women considered here as sluts! Listen to, wanting people to impose the faith! Lives Islam itself peacefully.“ and „I do not want to take Europe! I want in PEACE with my Turkish, German, Kurdish and Jewish brothers and sisters live! Our countries are contaminated by bombs, violence and War! We come here, my having to make a gangster on! Trafficking, Prostitution, Drug trafficking and the spread of our partially medieval traditions! […] Islam is a peaceful and tolerant Religion! He tolerated every living being on this earth! I Love the people here in this country, my friends no matter where they come from and am grateful to God that I will be given a life of prosperity and security here! And! I am grateful! I adore not Saddam Hussein of thousands of Kurds killed has, destroyed no Assad of his people en masse and no Gaddafi who has his people can starve!“

Before his appeal on Facebook in response to the shooting rampage in Munich Mohamad was unknown. That has now changed abruptly. Mohamad does not write, what country he comes. He compares his countrymen with the Chinese. „I've never heard anything negative from those!“ From his compatriots already: „In each city, they now have Clans, mafia-like structures and the puffs in her hand! Is this true Islam, I ask you?“ Long enough had been silent. „What's on, if one is silent, shows Würzburg, and now Munich. Tomorrow can be your friends and family the dead.“ Mohamad speaks many people from the heart: „I would like to, that Muslims, Germans and other nations against the bastards of Salafists, IS fighters, Amok runners and Nazis hand in hand (…) Stand up“.

Not in my Name

War Child Batman

„Fantasy is often the only way, to escape reality.“ Here probably the most beautiful and at the same time saddest – and therefore effective – Advertising for the war children's charity War Child

Warchild Batman

DBD: No Time for Fools – Terror

Today I for under the „Death Bell of the Day“ the music video of Terror, one of the most popular Boston hardcore bands out there. Brutal as always

The Twenty Fifth Hour • TERROR • No Time for Fools • Official Music Video

Alone through Iran: 1144 miles of trust – TRAILER

A woman holds up alone 700 Kilometers through Iran. It is with great Fear traveled to Iran, to confront their own demons and what they expected, was the hospitality of people. One can certainly convince otherwise, that Iran is not a terrorist stronghold and people want to simply lead a peaceful life on site…

Alone through Iran – 1144 miles of trust‘ is a documentary film about Kristina Paltén, a lone Swedish woman who wanted to challange her own and other’s prejudiecs against islam by running across Iran to meet people along the way.

Alone through Iran - 1144 miles of trust TRAILER

One World Trade Center: 11 Years Reconstruction Time Lapse

From October 2004 till May 2015 was built on the Ground Zero a new building, that initially was known as Freedom Tower. EarthCam has the following Video released, in the hundreds of thousands of high-resolution images of the past 11 selected years by hand and assembled into a time-lapse video of the genesis of the now known as One World Trade Center building…

Official 11 Year Time-Lapse Movie of One World Trade Center

Who is fighting against whom actually in Syria? – A „simplified“ representation

What is happening in Syria, has summarized Rico Grimm. I've given up after a few minutes and Entwirrungsversuchen'm back with my old assessment of the Syria war:

I did not have a clue, what exactly happened there, how interactive the power games of the actors are or how to solve this huge mess. Finally, there is probably another deputy-War, as then in Afghanistan or Vietnam. It's just depressing and the most obvious solution is also the most naive: There are no winners! simple but the Sets Weapons low. All. And for always.

Who is fighting against whom actually in Syria? - Eine "vereinfachte" representation

Petition against death penalty for Iranian Metal Band „Confess“

Nikan „siyanur“ Khosravi and Arash „Chemical“ Ilkhani are passionate members of „Confess“, an Iranian Metal Band. from 10. November 2015 until 5. February 2016 the two were held in solitary confinement, because they are accused, „satanische“ Music to play, to criticize the system in their texts, interviews with „prohibited“ to have conducted illegal radio stations and to maintain a record company. Now they were on bail prison Leave, but the two musicians threaten between six months and six years in prison – and they should be condemned for blasphemy, threatens even the death penalty. with Petition to the UN is now aroused international interest and the conviction be prevented. Who the boys from „Confess“ aims to support, can do at this point.

Heavy-Metal is not a Crime

TV-Tipp des Tages: #MyEscape

The WDR shows to today 22:55 Watch a documentary, based in part on the film material, have recorded during their odysseys with their smartphones the Escaped. the TRAILER alone is touching, the document itself could be impressive, especially as it is likely to take a look at the theme parks of refugees, should have so far seen only very few people.

For many refugees, the mobile phone is an indispensable means of organizing their escape. At the same time they transported with memories of the left behind and some document thus escape stations.

In social networks circulate countless clips, not tell about it from the flight to Germany, not from a safe distance, but from the immediate vicinity. The documentary #myescape has collected such escape stories: the (Handy-)Videos of the refugees tell of their home, of her farewell, the various stages of flight, arrival in Germany, and finally the first impressions here. The refugees comment their footage in-depth interviews. The result is an impressive picture at close, of people, their home Leave need and be on your way - in search of security.

#MyEscape / My escape - TRAILER

Syria: Homs 2016

The following photos from this year show the Syrian Homs from the perspective of a drone. The recordings are from Russiaworks, where sometimes even corporate videos produced for Russian state TV channels. Even with this Knowledge But, these images are shocking…

ARVE Error:
thats all folks! - Video not available

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