Album Review: Terminal Prospect – Redefine Existence

Terminal Prospect - Redefine ExistenceOn 5 April, the Swedish thrashers Terminal Prospect their second album „Redefine Existence“ Uber Gravity Entertainment released. The band describes their Music humble beginnings as a „Superior Swedish Thrash“ and are proud to bring their latest work to the market: The album deals with topics Terminal Prospect themselves are a concern and the musicians personally engaged.

Terminal Prospect was founded in 2005 founded by Kristian Norelius and Jussi Niiranen with the idea of ​​the classic Thrash Metal to combine with Melodic Death Metal. but the idea will gradually take shape, as Ex- DOGMA drummer and producer Sebastian Rojas in 2006 a portion of the tape is. With the debut „Absence of light“ proved the four guys that quite musical competence for a „By march“ exist. Massive and brutal process Terminal Prospect in their music and in their texts the failure of humanity and the effects of centuries of overexploitation of the environment and people together.

This terminal Prospect seem a thoroughly „willing to learn“ And also a force to be, imposed in spite of their self-appointed assignment no stylistic limits. The band proves itself on its latest album namely complex and can not only abundant Thrash different backgrounds and generations (Of „Forbidden“ Uber „Trivium“ to „Nevermore“) sowie Melodic Death Metal (Of „At the Gates“ about the early „In Flames“) offer, but also plenty of catchy passages and harmonies of Maiden School. This set a contrast, not only with the severity of the material, but also to the sometimes rather harsh, komplexen Parts, which thereby still better advantage, especially the men really understand it well, to make their compositions catchy. Heavy, Melodic thrash metal riffing combined with classical rhythms and harmonies. The following statement to „Redefine Existence“ the band itself:

This album is the soundtrack of the different states of mind: Anger, hate, Frustration, power and strength.The thoughts of this album are simple and directly to the point: It’s just the band playing. We developed our sources of inspiration as we as a band considered the power of life. The Lyrics are written in different situations of our lives. „Redefine Existence“ means that when you ask yourself to retry everything, clean up yourself from the frustrations – then in the end you are much stronger than before.

Terminal Prospect

Many songs already plowing after a short start-up time a direct path to memory. As some getting used to, however, proves to be the organ of Kristian Norelius, whose voice while white neat to convey aggression and fits maliciously comes across in some passages, in the long term but rather leaves the impression, he would have to fight against the elemental force of his colleagues. Of course, the voice is especially in the more straightforward thrash presented- Area to the merciless oppressive instrumental lecture, in the long run but arises due to the pitch and Krakelns but a certain saturation, as well as the strong Hall helps at the high and always same non Krächzgesang.

Unfortunately comes „Redefine Existence“ complete without a hit and therefore if you can get used to the singing, which is now truly become a highlight and yet very sawn on the nerves of reinforced enjoyment, is the Ablum a solid but highlight poor and rather trivial work, requires strong due to the vocals nerves and it collects a point deduction.

  1. The Exodus
  2. Chains Of Guilt
  3. The Edge Of Confusion
  4. A Memory To Keep
  5. Price Of The Age
  6. Unfortunately Not
  7. Resurrection
  8. Unleash The Fury
  9. Aggressive Obsession
  10. Redefine Existence
  11. Liquid Mind
Terminal Prospect-Redefine Existence-The Official video- Feat. Ignacio Torres
Album Review: Terminal Prospect - Redefine Existence
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