Tenacious D writes an ode to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

In the style of Westeros found the Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass and Co. of actor Jack Black under the name Valyrian Steel, also valyrischer Stahl, together to with an instrumental song that probably most famous Bastard of TV- and literary history, Jon Snow from „The Song of Ice and Fire“ a.k.a. „Game of Thrones“ to honor. The song originated from an event HBO, decided at the fans of the series about, who should sit on the Iron Throne in her opinion. As clear winner here went Jon Snow and the fan favorite and the Lady Bear Island Lyanna Mormont forth, which are now the Iron Throne must share. Musically Valyrian Steel alongside electric guitars throughout medieval flutes and use items from the „Game of Thrones“-Introsound. The ideal accompaniment so, Jon If ever climb the Iron Throne…

Valyrian Steel (Tenacious D) - Ode to Snow - (Game of Thrones)

DBD: Rize of the Fenix – Tenacious D

After the complete Albumstream Here the Video to „Rize of the Fenix“…

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When the pick of destiny was released it was the bomb
And all the critics said that the deed was done
The sun had set and the chapter had closed
But one thing no one thought about
Was he d wound rise again
Just like the phoenix

We’ll rise again
That’s right the phoenix will rise again
Cause the fiery heart of the champion
Can not be quenched
By a failure or an embarrassment, NO WAY, No

And the critics all agreed it was a stinky pile of cheese
But that does not mean that our hearts are not strong
Just like the phoenix
We’ll rise again
Just like the phoenix
We’ll rise again

Rolling thunder, when will it end?
Rolling thunder, There’s a Monster on the bed
There’s a monster on the bed
Rolling thunder, when will it stop
Rolling thunder, will it take us to the top?
will it take us to the top?

BUT what if it’s true
That tenacious d has died, what will we do?
And what I’ll we do
About all the fans that have the d Tattoo?

They’ll have them removed
They’ll have to laser off the d tattoos
They’ll have to laser off the d tattoos

Hold it cage, what’s that on the horizon?
It’s a big old fireball of hope
We can still make it to the top cage
All we need is our friendship
And I’ll stick to it if ness
And one hit, just one, One, One, hit
One hit
Yeah we’re hoping this is it
One hit
Top 10 hit
Top 40 hit
Top awesome hit
I don; t care how we get there
We’ll sell the mule
And you can get a d tenacious tattoo

Albumstream: Rize of the Fenix – Tenacious D.

As the reader will certainly know the Crypt, appears on 15. More „Rize of the Fenix“, the third studio album by Tenacious D. The guys already have the album complete with Soundcloud uploaded, auf das wir unsere Gehörgänge damit fluten können