Sherp ATV: Easy ride on water and high obstacles

In some parts of Russia, the weather conditions are harsh and many lakes and rivers are accordingly permanently iced. With a vehicle called Sherp ATV it should still be a problem, to cross waters, which are covered by a layer of ice - even if it is still so thin. Thanks to its fairly low weight of 1,300 kilograms and its huge tires it is not under the water. The Sherp ATV is equipped with a four-cylinder engine, Although the only 44 PS applies, the vehicle on the open road but up to 45 km / h speed. In the water there are at least six kilometers per hour. He also goes smoothly over 70 Centimeter high obstacles. The standard version costs just 58.000 Euro, for an extra charge are extra stronger spotlight, a generator, a trailer, or an additional tank available.

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Sherpa / Sherpa / ATV Alexei Garagashyan

Pending thundercloud as speaker, including. Lightning visualization

Richard Clarkson Studio has done together with Crealev a strong piece of technology and design: „Making Weather“ is a prototype for a Bluetooth speaker, who knows how to amaze. The small cloud hovering a few centimeters above the connected timber base and responsive thanks to built-in LED lights even during ongoing Music matching the beat with small flashes of light. More information on the development of „Making Weather“ there read here and when it comes to me shall the part like to be further developed to market maturity…

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Making Weather

Rainbow Hunt: Rain Simulator for the browser

Lie in bed and listen to the rain, the perfect Einschlafszenario. For romantics now you get the rain simulator „Rainbow Hunt“ for the sunny days. And in both image and sound. Simply great and the part is available as an app available soon. take away rain…

Rainbow Hunt

Keepalive: A stone, makes the fire to WLAN

In Lower Saxony Neuenkirchen has Aram Bartholl packed a stone in the forest, becomes the Wi-Fi hotspot, if you light a fire on one side. Through the resulting heat bounces inside the „Findlings“ a generator to, which supplies the current for the router. Brilliant Ideas, But now no need for Pornhub and / or Netflix in the forest, because the hotspot exclusively granted access to Survival Guides… ;)

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Arc Bicycle: Bicycle steel from the 3D printer

The possibilities, provides 3D printing, seem limitless. A team students of TU Delft has now brought a fully functional bicycle from the 3D printer. is The special thing, the frame of the Bikes is made of stainless steel. Thus, the team wanted to prove, that this material is suitable for use in the 3D printer. As a Making-Of-Video shows, breaking the bike in no way under the weight of people together. On the contrary, it does not even have problems with cobblestones in downtown. Here, the bike weighs less than 20 Kilogram. Technical assistance received by the students MX3D, a startup based in Amsterdam, specializing in multi-axis 3D printing. Therefore, the company has developed robotic arms, that function as printer. So they can just middle of the room Print and need no other equipment.

3D printing has exploded in popularity in the last decade but for those wanting to print medium to large scale objects, there are still significant limitations in the technology, ” explains team member Harry Anderson – industrial design student at RMIT university, Melbourne. “This method of 3d printing makes it possible to produce medium to large scale metal objects with almost total form freedom.

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Arc Bicycle | 3D-Printing stainless steel

This suitcase rolls after its owner

In NUA Robotics have developed a case with motor, of its owner afterwards travels. So a part at an airport could provide quite spassige reactions…

…avoids obstacles on its own, and connects to a smartphone app to give its owner updates along the way. The battery can be recharged by manually pulling the suitcase, and it also features USB ports for charging mobile devices.

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This Robotic Suitcase Follows its Owner Around | Mashable

Facial expressions readjusted in real time

Wow, Think of the possibilities of this „Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment“. I will never again a Video-trust teleconference, once they have entered the mainstream. Those who would like to try yourself to something, can the FaceSwap Live-Download app and experiment a bit…

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Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment

Signal Jammer Tanks

These three tanks of Julian Oliver disrupt the signals of GSM, WiFi and GPS, and therefore have the significant name like „No Network“ (GSM), „No Internet“ (WiFi), „No Point“ (GPS) and are at the Château d'Yverdon in Switzerland

Signal Jammer Tanks (GSM)
Signal Jammer Tanks (WiFi)
Signal Jammer Tanks (GPS)

Ink mapping gives tattoos to life

The artist-Dou Oskar & Gaspar from Portugal, awaken tattoos literally to life. They use Video-Mapping technology is with which projected a tattoo on a person and brought to life by custom animation. The project is called „Ink Mapping“ and was during a Tattoo-Convention in Lissabon 2015 presented to a wider audience.

We wanted to continue exploring the human body and we’re big fans of tattoos,"Said Guillaume Alatak, project manager for Oskar & Gaspar. “It’s an expensive experience. It took about one year to find people to help fund the concept and finally a few months ago we found someone.

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Ink Mapping: Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar

Equil Smartmarker: The pin for real-time streams in meetings

The perfect solution for meetings, where one does not have to be physically present, provides the Equil Smartmarker, of course, in conjunction with the app „Equil Note“ works. A digital pen, of or improve team collaboration. to facilitate. For graphs, Diagrams, and sketches do not have to be written off or photographed. The pen stores all the data and it can e.g.. Tell in real time to any other person. Even if they are just not there. The receiver can not only read along, be but interactive. The transmission to the different devices via Bluetooth. And because ideas and thoughts sometimes can turn out big, the pin on an area up to 5 x 1,5 record and store all meters. How it all works exactly, will you in the following Video shown. However, the smart pen also has a premium price. For the complete package you pay $ 699.95…

We designed the Equil Smartmarker to be small and light so you can take it with you. It’s your essential whiteboarding companion whether you’re out in the field or bouncing around your workplace.

Equil Smartmarker: The pin for real-time streams in meetings
Equil Smartmarker: The pin for real-time streams in meetings
Equil Smartmarker: The pin for real-time streams in meetings
Equil Smartmarker: The pin for real-time streams in meetings

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Introducing Equil Smartmarker

This Internet in a television report of 1994

In the following TV report of ago 20 Years is talk of online-Shopping, Video-On-Demand and bandwidth problems. Centers predicts the mark, or? From the half of the video, it then goes to more Policy, Infrastructure and short-term „information super highway“ strategies, but at the beginning of the video is bursting only so before true statements. From 03:35 is still just Youtube / Netflix / Prime / Watch Ever etc brought fantasizes.

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GyroGlove: Roundabout in the glove helps combat blur

A London medical student developed on a purely mechanical level and with a big impact on a glove, stabilizing the shaky hands of Parkinson's patients.

GyroGlove: Roundabout in the glove helps combat blur

While studying Faii got Ong, then 24 Years old, the task to take care of a 103-year-old Parkinson's patient. During the joint Eating he got a picture of it, how drastic were the limitations of the woman through her illness. Constant tremors and circular shaking their hands made her eating a soup with the soup spoon practically impossible. Today Ong 26 Years old and has not to be impressed by it, that such patients can not be helped.

He has teamed up with a few classmates together and a glove called GyroGlove developed, purely on the stabilizing effect of a gyroscope, which is mounted on the back of the hand, Stirring and trembling hand up to 90 percent reduced. The physical principle behind this is the conservation of angular momentum. As a Children-Roundabout, wants to always maintain its upright axis of rotation, intends to maintain the position in space and the glove. The stabilizing force increases proportionally with the pressure applied to the gyroscope motor of destabilization. The more violent a patient shivers involuntarily or shakes, the greater effect the stabilizing counterforce of the glove.

Creepy Animatronic Baby

This animatronic baby was from Millennium FX built team and the following Video From top, the marvelous complexity of Robot-Babies skinless. Looks troubling from genuine…

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Animatronic Baby by Millennium FX

Pneumatic vane

Alexis Noriega has built these wings, resulting from using pneumatics- blank and fold. Will they for Victoria's Secret show? :)

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The Crooked Feather pneumatic articulating wings
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