Project Yorick: Amazon's Alexa as Talking Skull

What's spooky, than to be announce the weather by an artificial intelligence with tinny female voice? properly! Yourself to let the weather by an artificial intelligence Speak with tinny female voice through a speaking skull. The creator of this wonderful creature, Mike McGurin, has even found a manual for reverse engineering into the net: The Yorick Project. And who wants to recreate the chic part, Please report in the comments, I'll buy you the part from! :)

I like to decorate for Halloween, including various talking skeletons that I’ve set up over the years. For Christmas 2015, my wife gave me a great 3 axis talking skull with moving eyes so I could upgrade one of the skeletons from just a moving jaw skull. Then a friend suggested that there had to be other applications for the rest of the year. This got me thinking, and when I saw the Alexa Billy Bass I knew what I had to do, and the Yorick project was born. I’m pretty happy with the result:

Project Yorick

FoldiMate Family: Machine folds the laundry together

Finally! I'm waiting for a long time and that could be the next big gamble when it comes to household appliances:

Apparently we spend 750 days of our life doing laundry and about 50% of that just on folding laundry. The idea of being able to cut that half down to almost nothing is certainly very appealing. That is the pitch of the FoldiMate, a new laundry folding machine. You clip individual shirts, it looks like it is about 10 to 15, onto the FoldiMate and it pulls the shirts then into the machine, dewrinkles them with steam, and folds them. All in all this looks promising, yet you have to be aware that only certain clothing silhouettes work with the machine and it does not wash or iron them, but simple “dewrinkle” them. You can pre-order the FoldiMate now for $700-$850, with the official release coming some time in 2017. Is it really worth the price? (via Highsnob)

FoldiMate Family™ : Robotic Laundry Folding Machine

Trocadero Fixie: The bicycle with the movable frame

Alban Haloche, Alexis Honoré and Johan Le Bon have with Trocadero-Fixie reinvented the wheel: A hinge in the frame ensures completely new maneuvers, extremely small turning circles and very strange looking cornering. According to her own one to the in 10 Minutes have learned and the hinge can be the normal cycle notice again. The whole now looks not elegant follows, but that was not the goal…


This robot builds houses

the Robot Hadrian X was developed in Australia and can reinforce the walls of houses. The robot needs for a house around two days and should work much präzisser, would as a man capable of. He places 1000 Bricks per hour…

Fastbrick Robotics: Hadrian 105 Time lapse

Hyundai Exoskelett

Hyundai has developed an exoskeleton, which gives the carrier Robo-forces. In order for this blast is catchy, have the South Koreans themselves their development - modesty - having Marvel comic hero Iron Man compared. damage, that Hyundai's high-tech suit can let fly anyone or other superhuman superpowers supplies. Of course, the construction should not be used to also, billionaire businessmen in Night becoming too superheroes, but according to the automobile manufacturers in the fields of industry, find medical and military use. Because, among other things, the strength of the legs and arms is amplified, the exoskeleton for many people could be a replacement for the wheelchair. for example…

Hyundai Exoskelett
Hyundai Exoskelett
Hyundai Exoskelett
Hyundai Exoskelett
Hyundai Exoskelett

How solar cells work

How is electricity from light, you know roughly perhaps, but you can explain in detail? If not, looks you this Video the TED-Ed Session and after five minutes Statement by Richard Komp you know it. Maybe. Unless, you get to see her at least a couple of nice illustrations of Globizco ...

The Earth intercepts a lot of solar power: 173,000 terawatts. that’s 10,000 times more power than the planet’s population uses. So is it possible that one day the world could be completely reliant on solar energy? Richard Komp examines how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy.

How do solar panels work? - Richard Komp

Aipoly lets blind people „see“

Aipoly is a free app for iPhone, the visually impaired helps, identify everyday objects quickly. All a user needs to do, is to judge his smartphone on the object and the app says, what she sees through the camera and outputs it with text or the language of the system. Airpoly works in 7 different languages ​​and after winning the Innovation Award at CES 2017 work the developers already Aipoly Eyewear…

This app lets blind people "See"

i.Con: Smartes Kondom trackt Performance beim Sex 👌👈

In British Condoms can be for around 70 Euro intelligent rubber „i.Con Smart Condom“ reserve. This part is actually more of a cock ring with Accelerometer, which measures how much calories are burned during sex, average speed and total number of bumps, Skin temperature and different positions (beta). The data is sent to an app and can be shared. Tail compared on a global scale with gamifiziertem Boomshakalaka. Ich möchte meine Ergebnisse dann aber bitte auch auf facebook teilen können. Ansonsten lohnt sich der ganze Aufwand doch gar nicht;)

what is i.Con? Is it an actual condom? Is it reusable?

No, i.Con is not an actual condom; it’s a ring that will sit over a condom at the base, which you can use over and over again. It is extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight, you won’t even know it’s there ensuring maximum Pleasure and, peace of mind that you can choose any condom you wish to use in conjunction with the i.Con.

So what are the main features i.Con will record?

i.Con will record:

– Calories burnt during sexual intercourse
– Speed of thrusts
– Total number of thrusts
– Frequency of sessions
– Total duration of sessions
– Average velocity of thrusts
– Girth measurement
– Different positions used (currently BETA testing – will have more info in a release coming soon)
– Average skin temperature

How does it work?

Utilizing a Nano-chip and sensors, i.Con will measure and remember a number of different variables during your sessions. Once your session is completed, you will then be able to use the i.Con app to download your recent data which is paired to the device using Bluetooth technology. Once you have downloaded your data, the i.Con will automatically clear its memory making way for your next session. It’s extremely simple to use.

What does i.Con do with its data? Can I use it anonymously?

Absolutely! All data will be kept anonymous but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world. You will be able to anonymously access stats that you can compare with i.Con users worldwide.

Crazy inventor builds a 200W Laser Bazooka

This Monster-Laser Bazooka was broken from scrap metal and a pile „Hybrid“ „built DLP projectors and running with a stack of lithium polymer batteries. The power consumption is almost one kilowatt, representing approximately the, what needs a microwave and running…

My Homebuilt 200W LASER BAZOOKA!!!!!

Dot: SmartWatch for the blind

the Dot Smartwatch received messages from your smartphone, allows easy navigation, has an alarm clock, is Fitness Tracker and displays the time. Thanks to mechanical Braille screen there with Dot now a smartwatch for the blind.

Wearables are known, for Grossßteil Content Display. Now want a smartwatch for the blind, the South Korean company Dot revolutionize the market. As the first PM combines the „Dot“ the world's most famous Braille with functions of a conventional watch: News, check tweets or text messages, Control via touch sensors or Bluetooth 4.1. A special feature of the watch is the tutorial for Braille, it the visually impaired, who can not read, allows, to learn the writing independently. According to statistics of the company have so far only 5 Percent of the blind able, to read Braille. Enormous costs for equipment, who can use the font and a very small number of available texts are added complication.

The outer shape is reminiscent of a Fitness Tracker, while the display is drawn relatively long, to map as much information can. As must be operated with the battery no lighting or an energy-intensive display, is the battery life of ten hours is relatively high. Mind you, making it the representation of texts meant, not the replacement date in passive mode. These are the manufacturers do not market. The speed, in which the pins protrude beyond the surface and disappear, can be set. Dot can also play e-books and lends itself so as relatively favorable reader. The watch is available with iOS- as well as with Android-Devices compatible - to enjoy the full scope of functions, is a link to a mobile device requires. The SmartWatch is 300 US dollar costs - in comparison to other devices, the at 2000 are US Dollars, is the comparatively low. When the clock reaches the market, is still unclear, later this year preorders to be adopted

Beautiful moments of Dot watch beta-test

Firearms automatically detect artificial intelligence

Friends, soon it's time! The final step in an OCP approved ED-209-compatible future: „Automatic Handgun Detection Alarm in Videos Using Deep Learning“ (PDF)…

Current surveillance and control systems still require human supervision and intervention. This work presents a novel automatic handgun detection system in videos appropriate for both, surveillance and control purposes. We reformulate this detection problem into the problem of minimizing false positives and solve it by building the key training data-set guided by the results of a deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) classifier, then assessing the best classification model under two approaches, the sliding window approach and region proposal approach.

The most promising results are obtained by Faster R-CNN based model trained on our new database. The best detector show a high potential even in low quality youtube videos and provides satisfactory results as automatic alarm system. Among 30 scenes, it successfully activates the alarm after five successive true positives in less than 0.2 Seconds, In 27 scenes. We also define a new metric, Alarm Activation per Interval (bullying), to assess the performance of a detection model as an automatic detection system in videos.

And in case something should go wrong:

RoboCop (1987) - the glitch scene HD

Selfly: The smart phone case with built drone

The Selfiestick has had its day! This handy drone makes airy self-portraits and fits in your pocket. Selfly consists of two components, the space-saving plugged into each other. One part is the drone itself, a Quadcopter, which is equipped with rotors and fold a camera. The second part is the basis, in which the smartphone is plugged. To launch the drone, works you deal this, start the app and go. the Kickstarter project „SELFLY Camera“ has already introduced more than enough, so Selfly already this summer will be available.

The drone technology has developed rapidly in recent years. The remote-controlled flying Robot have become affordable and it makes a Heidenspass, them through the air control. Without intervention Selfly remains in the air and shoot thanks to advanced technology stabilization smooth moving images. The drone can be controlled in different ways: Per virtual controller in the app and by tilting the smartphone, provided it has a built gyroscope function. Moreover, it should also be possible, Selfly commands „photo based initiative control“ give to. Here, the image section is corrected and the drone is flying according to the instructions. So it should be possible, with your fingers to zoom out and the drone flies back a piece.

Together Plugged measures Selfly 131 x 66 mm and is 9 mm dick. Including the inserted smart phone has the selfie drone about phablet-size. The following smartphone models are supported yet: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 more, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 more, Galaxy S6 Edge, galaxy 7, galaxy 7 Edge and Nexus 6. The integrated camera has 8 Megapixel and makes videos with 1080p @ 30fps. The movies can be streamed live. the Kickstarter campaign runs until the beginning of March, has its objective but already more than doubled. The price of the Selfly can preorder currently, is 99$. The developers point out, however,, that Selfly, with regard to the video stabilization, can not compete with high-end drones. Moreover Selfly has the same problem as other drones this generation: The duration of a battery is fairly limited. Five minutes manages the small sports car in the air, the larger, high-priced models come on after all 25 Minutes flying time. An extra power bank for Selfly has already announced, the ten battery charges can carry with them.


Glory Hole: How discharges water from a reservoir

The Lake Berryessa in Northern California Napa County has a special drainage system. he fills up excessively, the excess water will disappear in a huge overflow, the „Morning Glory Spillway“ ie, by the residents but „Glory Hole“ is called. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of an XXL version of the expiry, as we know it from the bathtub. That the Lake Berryessa is overfull, comes in drought-stricken California very rare. The last time it was nearly a decade ago the case. Since then lay the 21 Meter wide overflow in the dry. A record amount of rain, that has fallen since the beginning of, has now changed. the 60 Meter was deep shaft 1997 become a 41-year-old local resident undoing. She swam too close to the Morning Glory Spillway zoom and fell in his wake. They should, according to eyewitnesses still around 20 have kept minutes at the edge of the funnel, before being dragged down and drowned.

Overflowing Glory Hole Spillway at Lake Berryessa Drone Report - Lake Berryessa News 2-18-17
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