Gadget Earth

James Bareham of „The Verge“ parodied with his „Gadget Earth“ an ingenious way the animal documentary series „Planet Earth“ the BBC. The focus is the craziest gadgets and Robot the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world's largest trade shows for consumer electronics. More information can be found With this link

From the mating habits of drones to the evolution of rollies and the epic journey of a lost robot, prepare to see gadgets as never before.

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Gadget Earth

Hedberg: How to build a bionic hand from an old coffee machine

Evan Booth likes to build things out of other things, the seemingly useless lying around. So he has here actually from an old Coffee-Machines built a bionic hand. My enthusiasm is here really hard to put into words. It is completely mistaken, but needed just too good 200 Hours. total cool.

Build details:
• One single Keurig used (K350/300 2.0 Brewer)
• The only non-Keurig materials are adhesives and the 12v external power supply
• Used basic tools—rotary, heat gun, common hand tools, etc.
• No plans…just a general idea of how things should be constructed
• Build time: 199 hours, 56 Minutes, and 36 Seconds (read: hands on things)

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Hedberg — The Bionic Hand Made from One Keurig Coffee Maker

The fathers of Pixelmonster

Beautiful documentation about the important history of the British video game industry between 1979 and 1996….

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Fathers of Pixelmonster England computer game pioneers

How transformed normal cars snowmobiles

How transformed normal cars snowmobiles

Track-N-Go“ transforming ordinary cars with all-wheel drive in snowmobiles. It allows the company AD Biovin conventional truck or SUV just over and through the Snow to drive as Snomobiles. According to the information of the company take to install the crawler only 15 Minutes. Only one drives in the forward caterpillar, then in this for the rear wheels, secures all with chains and tensioners on the vehicle and away you go. For driving the vehicle wheels and directing care should therefore be possible…

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Track N Go on Jeep wrangler and Grand Cherokee

Fully functional Mech Robot Method V2

According to the manufacturer Hankook Mirae Technology Method V2 is the first of its kind and runs on two legs. a Video shows the first steps of the Mech-robot, looks like a Hollywood Mech, but actually works.

In science fiction movies and video games Mechs include long the standard repertoire. Now the tech fiction is overtaken by reality. The South Korean company Hankook Robotics Mirae Technology has a four-meter great Mech-Robot built, the already very strong on the models of matrix, Avatar recalls and Co.. According to Hankook Mirae Method V2 is the world's first manned robots, which walks on two legs. The arms of the Mechs are controlled from the cockpit. Inside are two smaller control arms, which transmit the movements of the pilot on the large robot arms. While Method V2 takes his first steps and dances something on the spot, but he is unmanned – apparently the stable movement of a half ton truck is thus still a challenge. So the manufacturer demonstrates at least, that his robot can also be controlled remotely. The design of Method V2 comes from Vitaly Bulgarov, which with its Mech designs for films such as Transformers and RoboCop has made a name. He also provided the video, which documents the first attempt at walking the Mechs.

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"METHOD-1" manned robot project by "Korea Future Technology" (week)Korea Future Technology & Vitaly Bulgarov - 3

Huge bridge-laying machine

This colossus sets in China bridge steel parts on pillars. Die SLJ900/32 Bridge Girder Erection Mega Machine ist 92 Meters long, weighs 580 Tonnes and looks, as you would all make not much…

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Bridge girder erection Machine: SLJ900

Water power: How to charge his cell phone with a plastic bottle

Youtube user Thomas Kim shows us in the following Video, how to ensure even in the harsh wilderness for, that the battery of his phone is always charged. Just a water wheel from parts of plastic bottles to build and convert the kinetic water energy into electricity. Although we still need some cables to it and is not very easy to install – maybe you buy you would rather simply as a small, Transportable Solar-Panel…

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Plastic bottle water wheel generator experiment

Spectacular 360 ° Video of SpaceX landing

Here is a 360 Degree Video the first successful landing of a SpaceX rocket on a floating landing platform. Thus, a rocket landed in the Atlantic feel…

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360 view | First Stage Landing on Droneship

How Sweets- function and beverage vending machines

sweets- and vending machines offer their goods mostly at exorbitant prices, and of course, the content is also anything but fresh. But late at night, the parts but often savior in dire need. But how do these things actually? How white the Machine, that were really threw only one coin instead of two? And then also the right ones? In almost all of these questions are the following Video Ant­wort:

This ma­chi­ne can de­ci­pher coins with pin­point ac­cu­ra­cy. light sen­sors mea­su­re the size while elec­tro­ma­gnets de­tect the Metal type of the coin.

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How Do Vending Machines Detect Fake Coins?

Virtual Koi carp pond

Am Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU 2016 Festival in Tokyo, visitors can feel fish plant like the middle of a giant koi. teamLab has a facility built, in you walk through shallow water and thus affects some projected color pattern. The digital fish swim around their own feet in a colorful style and thanks to the mirror coating surrounding the installation everything seems gigantic big. to 31. August can you trudge themselves in virtual koi pond around, should you ever be close.

The work is rendered in real time by a Computer program, it is neither a pre-recorded animation nor on loop. The interaction Between the viewer and the installation causes continuous Change in the artwork. Previous visual states can never be replicated, and will never reoccur.

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Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - infinity

How to cook Thanksgiving dinner with a drone

For American and Canadian Thanksgiving „Thanksgiving“ is traditionally cooked a lot and good and the TV chefs over themselves with sensational dishes and Step-by-Step Instructions for cooking Noobs and -Fortgeschrittene. The latest cooking trend is from the company altar Robotics presented, the dishes can be cooked by means of a drone. The Quadrocopter intelligently used acts as a multifunctional kitchen tool, peels with its rotors (or. beats) He potato peel the (from), stirred with applied whisk sauces and flies the meat pots, Grills or Frittierbottichen…

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Plastic Bottle Village

To give meaning to the plastic trash madness Robert Bezeau has developed a method to Bocas del Toro in Panama, from empty plastic bottles to build houses. His goal is a village, consisting of such houses built. He argues, that in this way built homes could do without air conditioning, and would be more resistant to earthquakes than conventionally built homes there. I myself am just not sure, how this approach could thus change the plastic waste madness sustainable. Perhaps he shifts the problem to only a few decades, but at least not end the for installed bottles first in the sea. Over one million bottles Bezeau has been collected for his project – and first prospective, the wish to receive a house in this village, There are probably already…

After collecting more than a million plastic bottles, Robert Bezeau made an unconventional decision — to build an entire village out of plastic bottles. One study has found that there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050, so essentially anything else is preferable, no matter how out of the ordinary. For this one we traveled to the island of Bocas Del Toro in Panama to meet the young couple about to move into their first plastic bottle home.

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Plastic Bottle Village

Netflix Vista: Contact lenses, the movies and series streaming

To the series „Black Mirror“, It's about frightening future scenarios, which can be attributed to the ever progressive development of technology and communication, to apply, Netflix has made a small clip on the net. „advertised“ are in fact the contact lenses Netflix Vista, with which to the extensive program of the streaming service always can then look, if you want it, because the image is in fact transferred to the lenses. The first sounds to distant future music, is on the other side but not far-fetched, when products like Google Glass look. Netflix is ​​the clip succeeded definitely, all those on „Black Mirror“ to draw attention, who do not know the series so far…

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Introducing Netflix Vista | Black Mirror [hd] | Netflix

PhotoScan: Simply scan photos with the Google app

Who has not, since one Browsed in the old stuff and finds a photo of 20 Years and thinks: „Load Fast times on Instagram“. So smartphone out and photograph. Shit, is too dark or too light or blurred or comes to the depth of the original single non-ran. It really is just a photo from Photo. This thought Google probably, and now has an app developed, with which not only take pictures with a smartphone photos, let it scan properly. A brilliant idea, I think, especially since even images from a scanner sometimes also not so beautiful, as the originals.

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Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos

Not only looks in this video here easy from, but it is also. magnificent thing!

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Nat & Lo: PhotoScan Sneak Peek

Gibts way free in the App Store or Google Play:

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