iPhone und Android Apps: Open Innovation mit Swisscom Labs

I like my Android Phone. And I like the different Apps, which there are now about to have thousands in the Market. By chance, I was now on Swisscom Labs the attention, so I looked around on the website times. Finally, I try always again like some new Apps then there seems Swisscom Labs but so much for iPhone and to offer Android. A Swiss website for technology Affine with possibility as „Early Adopter“ Und Services Apps to test and share experiences. A platform for users and developers, by direct contact to increase the value and quality of products.

In order to participate you have to be a Swisscom customer, because it is about the dialogue between innovation friendly users and Swisscom and to those among the users themselves. The online platform Swisscom Labs provides space for developers and users, who want to stay ahead. The website is created pleasing slim, clearly arranged and simply held. Thus looks quite good and has lots of information about technology, Telecommunications, the world of smartphones and the Internet. Also there are Apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, other smartphones and much more. One learns of new products Swisscom and its Partner, which are often located in beta. With this service, developers have a chance, to present their work and to stick and make public the discussion. If you are looking Apps you want to place or a product, can easily do this by mail. Swisscom Labs is more than a marketing tool for startups and students and with this Web 2.0 Approach quite attractive.

When browsing the site you realize, that it is powered with a lot of enthusiasm and effort. With competitions, Actions (as „Ask the CEO“) and various events, the community building ahead. But more about this later, now we face, the question arises: What exists because Swisscom Labs? A good question, because in addition to News, a forum and a community are mentioned as well as many interesting Apps necessary. In all of this I would like after the jump to elaborate…

I want everything, give me everything➤