Giant Panda up Snowman

Or cuddle panda with snowman? as well as always, this panda from the zoo in Toronto has obviously having fun with the snowman in his enclosure…

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda vs. Snowman

Kids Covern „Gangsta’s Paradise“

These sweet mini gangster surpass the original in terms of coolness course to lengths! :)

Power and the money, money and the power…

Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) | FREE DAD VIDEOS

If a lion, a tiger and a bear are best friends

Balu Shir Khan and Leo are the coolest gear in Atlanta. How much can enjoy a such a story. Just beautiful!

Once kept as illegal pets, bear Baloo, tiger Shere Khan, and lion Leo share a brotherly bond despite how unbelievable it might seem. The trio cuddles and plays in their new home in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Bear, Lion and Tiger Form an Inseparable Trio

Nine Otter and a butterfly

An otter family is completely fascinated by a butterfly. It seems, as would also be the butterfly of the otters fascinated and now to make a game of it…

Otters Find A Butterfly

Azuki, the sweetest Hedgehog Japan

Awwwwww! The little hedgehog Azuki from Japan, ist der wohl netteste Igel überhaupt! Er mag Äpfel, Massagen und heisse Bäder…. :)

Meet Azuki, The Cutest Hedgehog From Japan

Rossia pacifica: Bobtail squid with Glubschaugen

On a dive trip, the Department of EVNautilus this comical bobtail squid, Also Rossia pacifica stated, Discovered, remember his eyes moving eyes. So motionless as the goggle-eyed journeyman overall because he might think is dead… ;)

The team spotted this Stubby Squid off the coast of California at a depth of 900 meters (2,950 feet). The stubby squid (Rossia pacifica) looks like a cross Between an octopus and squid, but is more closely related to cuttlefish. This species spends life on the seafloor, activating a sticky mucus jacket and burrowing into the sediment to camouflage, leaving their eyes poking out to spot prey like shrimp and small fish. Rossia pacifica is found in the Northern Pacific from Japan to Southern California up to 300m, but in addition to our sighting, researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (mbari) have spotted them at depths of 1,300 m (4,260 ft).

Googly-eyed Stubby Squid | Nautilus Live

Gorilla Dame strikes kittens

Gorilladame Koko, which is supervised by the Foundation The Gorilla, had at their last birthday unusual wishers. A couple of kittens came to visit. Fascinating to see, how gentle the Gorilla lady treats the cats.

Koko got her birthday wish this July 4th — not only did one kitten come to visit, but a Whole litter. Koko fell in love with one, and The Other fell in love with her. Koko has adopted these two kittens into her family, and it has energized her world.

Not only have Koko’s maternal and play instincts kicked in, but she is signing more to her caregivers and generating new content everyday that can be used by The Gorilla Foundation to create empathy fro great apes. This can have significant benefits to both endangered free-living great apes and those in captive environments, by encouraging the development of 2-way communication with their caregivers (which Koko has had since she was a baby).

Meet Koko's New Kittens

Baby Stinktiere

Maybe not the best, aber bestimmt das süsseste Kostüm ever! Awwwwwww…

Lil' Stinkers (Piper and Grayson)

Mama Wiesel leaves behind no Young

In the following Video ist Familie Wiesel unterwegs und muss dabei über eine Mauer. Actually not a thing, das macht Familie Wiesel öfter mal. But somehow comes PANIC on, was durchaus am filmenden Fluggerät liegen könnte. Mama Wiesel merkt, that one of the kids did not make it. Also kommt sie zurück, um den Sprössling persönlich abzuholen. And as it does. Sweet. Übrigens bin ich nicht ganz sicher, ob es sich hierbei tatsächlich um Wiesel handelt, or there are ferrets? All the same, für mich sind es Wiesel ;)

One of these videos, where you have to wait until the end.

Ferret Babies Follow Mom

Cat in the ball pit

Sowas könnte ich mir ja den ganzen Tag anschauen

Boomer In...THE BALL PIT
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