Justice League Dark – TRAILER

Often animated films are actually much better than the real movies much more complex produced. the „Justice League Dark“ includes in the more recent comics of course John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna and Deadman. A pretty cool team, which dealt with the magical and supernatural threats, are the regular Justice League even treat aliens and other misshapen beings verkloppt. The film is set sometime next year, but a bit more accurate is not yet known, probably in the first quarter…

Justice League Dark - Official Trailer

TV-Tipp des Tages: Swamp Thing – The Swamp Thing

Two years before director Wes Craven with „A Nightmare On Elm Street“ an undisputed legend in the horror genre let come to life, He realized the comic book adaptation „Swamp Thing„. Based on a major Comic von Len Wein und Illustrator Bernie Wrightson erzählt er die Geschichte eines mutierten Wissenschaftlers, dessen Genialität er sich selbst zum Opfer fällt. Nachdem ein machthaberischer Millionär sein Labor stürmen lässt, nimmt der Wissenschaftler die Substanz gezwungenermassen selbst ein und wächst zu einem Wesen halb Pflanze, half animal. The transmitter „The first“ or also known as ARD, brings today from Friday 00:30 Clock this absolute cult film.

Cravens Monsterfilm wurde in den 80er Jahren ein grosser Erfolg für DC Comics, presumably it was, that the audience plant with the Monster, dessen Menschlichkeit und Gutmütigkeit trotz Kontamination nie Lost went, were able to identify. as well as always, Wes Craven is „Swamp Thing“ beileibe kein grosser Wurf gelungen und ist allenfalls ein mühsam inszenierter B-movie, whose history is abundant unimaginative, but I Love this movie! The atmosphere, welche in den Sümpfen North Carolinas aufkommt, is simply amazing, the voltage on the other hand not. Craven directed the monster movie as a mix of action and energy-less love story, are at the horror elements None – it need not even. The main problem is, that the film is far too seriously, and the template is not quite fair, unfortunately. But we can already see the action scenes and Pyroarbeiten given the very low budget, the B-movie charm is always preserved and some laughs, the film also has on his side. Here the plot:

Alec Holland (Ray Wise), a young scientist, entwickelt ein aus tierischer und pflanzlicher Materie kombiniertes Präparat. Die Zutaten dazu holt er aus den Sümpfen North Carolinas. Das Präparat soll Lebewesen ermöglichen, to exist under extreme conditions. Als der Millionär Arcane (Louis Jordan) from the Invention heard, will er die Forschung für seine Machtpläne ausnutzen. The government employees Alice (Adrienne Barbeau), soll Alec zurückholen. than Boy arrives woman, penetrate Arcane and his people into the laboratory. Dabei wird Alec mit dem Präparat kontaminiert und flüchtet in den Sumpf. He turns into a monster, half animal, half plant, das aber immer noch menschlich fühlt. Between him and Arcanes gang, Alice has in her power, it comes to the bitter struggle.

"Swamp Thing" (1982) Theatrical Trailer

Swamp Thing – The animated series

Viele Gäste der Gruft werden sich wie ich gerne an frühere Zeiten erinnern, when one is satisfied by a boozy Night nachhause kommen könnte, out the sun rose and the telly the children's program with animated films such as the Gargoyles, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man and other heroes of the Comic Welten anlief und man sich noch gemütlich aufs Sofa fläzen konnte. Oh well, gone are those days…

But I am now on Youtube 5 Follow the animated series to „Swamp Thing“ pushed, I tell you what is happening on Saturday morning, after starting, do not want to withhold. Und ich brauche wohl kaum zu erwähnen, dass mir das Intro der Serie doch recht gut gefällt, although the song „Wild Thing“ einiges mehr an Potenzial hätte. All the same! It’s great! Enjoy!




In, acquired a taste for? after the jump gibts the remaining 4 Episodes.

I want everything, Give me everything➤

Swamp Thing Portrait

Next Wolverine and various other comic heroes, Swamp Thing accompanied me through my youth. hach, I got this figure, which originated in horror-Has comics from the 70's and was created by writer Len Wein and illustrator Bernie Wrightson, beloved! At Fans of Horror I am now come across this magnificent portrait. Everything’s a dream when you’re Alone….

Swamp Thing

Hehehe, because the poor helpers but proficient frightened :))

Hidden camera - Swamp Thing

Greenpeace Swamp Thing

And here's the best advert ever Greenpeace! With the Swamp Thing!

Greenpeace Presents Swamp Thing