Album Review: Supersuckers – Get The Hell

The „greatest rock'n'roll band in the world“ released their ninth studio album and returns so angry to each other's punk rock roots! The Supersuckers present itself as a perfectly oiled rock and roll machine at its best and one thing is certain: The thirteen new songs will soon be one of the great classics of the Supersuckers band history. Because „Get The Hell“ is a single concentrated sound waves-Attack, consisting of rude riffs, harmonious hooks and thick rock and roll with even thicker balls. It is the domain of rock and Eddie Spaghetti and Co. rock straddled by a powerful catchy album. Supersuckers and her new album „Get The Hell“ you gotta love, because otherwise you do not like rock'n'roll!

Supersuckers - Get The Hell

The disc was recorded in Willie Nelson's famous Arlyn Studio in Austin, Texas and the mixing took Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia and the sound wizard Andy Carpenter. This album shows a band, which is located at the height of her creative – with anthemic choruses and absolutely headbangingtauglichen chord progressions. After a short intro is the straighte Rocker „Get The Hell“ the general line of approach clearly lays. The band utilizes every ounce of their years of experience and offer a comprehensive cross-section of the history of American rock music. The band follows a simple formula and combined rocking riffs, catchy melodies and catchy choruses with a touch of punk and hits with each song into the Black.

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The Supersuckers "Get The Hell" (Available in HD)

The other songs on "“Get The Hell“ tell stories of romantic excesses („High Tonight“), Excesses of biblical magnitude („Gluttonous“), malicious obsession („Something About You“) as well as the suffering of a complete loser („Fuck Up“). And since the Supersuckers are never too good, sometimes a – completely unexpected – To play cover song, they demonstrate their musical class, by the Tracks „Rock On“ by Gary Glitter and „Never Let Me Down Again“ Turn duly Depeche Mode through the mincer. Since her 1992 released debut were the Supersuckers almost incessantly on tour, and have been the stage with such illustrious colleagues such as Social Distortion, Bad Religion, the Ramones, Motörhead, Flogging Molly, den Butthole Surfers, Reverend Horton Heat, den New York Dolls, the Dwarves, White Zombie or Nashville Pussy divided.

Supersuckers Band

Who is looking for an uncomplicated rock'n'roll full operation, the powerful easy fun, and as with the main issues Women, Alcohol and party employs, must access here. So simple and straightforward it can go – egal ob beim Social Distortion lastigen „Pushin’ Thru“ oder dem trockenen Boogie Groove von „Leg‘ Bad“. Since hisses pure rock'n'roll through the ear canals and clings in. Eddie Spaghetti must have long ago become anyone's friend more - and I doubt, that this was ever the case. The Supersuckers are still explicitly even after a quarter of a century and start a poetic offensive between bold-casual innuendo, dark flashing sunglasses, Middle finger with brass knuckles and illegal substance, which has washed himself, but it is so dirty, that people under 21 Years and above 23 Clock should refrain from consuming. In addition to the above „Pushin‘ Thru“ impress on „Get The Hell“ the most catchy „Something About You“ and „High Tonight“. The coolness of this disc dripping ice cold from each groove and continuously seen in the mind's eye any tattooed types under the sun on the dusty edge of the desert. There not even require the harmonica, as in „Fuck Up“ is used.

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Released in January 2014 erscheinene „Get The Hell“ is the first studio album after a five year break publication. Overall 13 Tracks in gut 35 Minutes, that says a lot about, where the cadence is, that it is short - are numbers - but violent. There is no place for Weichspülerei and Ballad Tight Hampel. Since you can let the women left at home Men. And ordered preventive miss a Taxi, at the sound go both beer and whiskey freely and soft neck down. The instrumentation is classic, Two Guitars, Bass, Drums and lots of well polyphonic singing. I personally like the dirt course on the history, whining guitar riffs, classic distortion effects, all songs seem so, as if they were written exclusively for live performance. Vinyl CD oder to almost Nebenprodukt. The Supersuckers are not just a band, they are a rock and roll institution and call themselves legitimately „The Greatest Rock n Roll Band In The World“.


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  1. Intro
  2. Get The Hell
  3. Something About You
  4. Fuck Up
  5. High Tonight
  6. Pushin‘ Thru
  7. Never Let Me Down Again
  8. Gluttonous
  9. Disaster Bastard
  10. Leg‘ Bad
  11. That's What You Get For Thinkin‘
  12. Shut Your Face
  13. Rock On
Album Review: Supersuckers - Get The Hell
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