DBD: Flammifer – Summoning

Here a great fan Video the song „Flammifer“ Of „Summoning“, einer österreichische Metal-Band. The sound is not quite mine, but the video shows us all great landscape images, which goes perfectly with the sound. Below there's also equal to the Lyrics with this…

Summoning - Flammifer (w/Lyrics)

Beneath the moon and under star
He wandered far from northern strands,
Bewildered on enchanted ways
Beyond the days of mortal lands.

Through Evernight he back was borne
On black and roaring waves that ran
O’er leagues unlit and foundered shores
That drownded before the days began.

His sword of steel was valiant,
Of adamant his helmet tall,
An eagle-plume upon his crest,
Upon his breast an emerald.