Album Review: Suborned – From Space

In thrash we trust! And „Suborned“ represent Thrash Metal from the Switzerland. With their debut EP „Hazardous Substances“ they were 2011 for the first time in the public eye and on 21. November this year, their first full length album released „From Space“. The troupe is led by a lady named Lucie Werlen, Raymond Weibel on bass, Valentin Mössinger the guitar and Stefan Häberli pounding on the skins. The sound can easily toward „Destruction“, „Overkill“ or „Legion of the Damned“ are classified, but „Suborned“ not simply copy plump, but large numbers of their own ideas and arrangements into their sound.

Suborned – From Space

Suborned“ were 2010 launched and quickly took it off after a few successful local live shows in „Little Creek Studio“ (u.a. „Destruction“, „Fear My Thoughts“, „Pro-Pain“) back, the debut EP „Hazardous Substances“ einzuspielen, which was met with a very positive in the scene. In this first step further success in the live sector and so was the band followed by domestic and foreign stages with bands like „Destruction“, „Municipal Waste“ or „Father“ share. Following started 2013 preparations for their first full-length album „From Space“, which reproduces the „Little Creek Studio“ was recorded. After the departure of their former drummer Remo, the plate was recorded by multiple Swiss drum champion Alain Ackermann.

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Suborned - Sexolence

With „From Space“ pop Us „Suborned“ an album with a lot of potential around the ears. The boy Band dedicated to the Thrash Metal, Innovative much to do here than expected certainly, but the shamrock to frontwoman Lucie makes a lot of pressure and can concentrate fully on his craftsmanship and quite leave. The breaks are set by a well-discordant rhythm section perfectly in scene and the riffs have a totally international level. The vocals of Lucie positive impression and are vocally somewhere in the area of ​​Overkill's Bobby and Destruction's lubricating located. Nice aggressive, nevertheless set the overall sound relevant and well staged. Musically the four mistyped Thrash Metal of the old school and lay with „Hit It“ also equal to tidy los. The riffs sound pleasantly mangy and the production is in line with the musical direction. Unforgiven is raced forward, guitar technically adequate shredded by Valentin Mössinger.

Suborned – Band

The subsequent title track „From Space“ continues this way continued constant and complements the sound with a typical speed metal riffs of the 80s. Strong entry and the bullet par excellence! Initiated with a brilliant lead guitar, a melody, which is a few times downright celebrated in song, this song turns automatically to the highlight of the album. In the Tracks „Sexolence“ and „My Steps“ are even none other than Master lubricating personal honor. First song is called absolutely great and sounds even mature properly, while appearing even virtuosic passages make. What a composition! With „Under the Yoke“ have suborned equal even a fat Thrasher on the album, with which we feel may make any genre lovers tasty this long iron. You also hear the midtempo stomper „Bitch“ with glorious chorus gossenartigem. Dirty and disreputable - Human Lucie, as you can?! At „My Step“ missing some ideas. These seem „Suborned“ to be unfortunately assumed towards the end something.

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Suborned - From Space

The bottom line is this album unique speed and „Full in the face“, but something in between the foot is sometimes taken off the gas and worked with Slo-Mo riffs. „Suborned“ have with „From Space“ down a dance floor can. The mix of nice musical ideas and intransigence can convince fully, Bonds at Overkill, Destruction and every now and then Slayer the Swiss are relevant and fall absolutely not detracted. In comparison with the EP has strongly filed to the catchy qualities of the songs and, for example, „Bitch“ and „Under The Yoke“ two real live grenades in the repertoire. Otherwise, the song structures are fortunately still no way unimaginative, but peppered with lots of details. Unfortunately, the song can not always keep up with the strong Instrumental Group. In the chorus, this aspect may not be noticeable due to the use of transitional Shouts, but in the verses is to clearly notice. Especially in „Simply Darwin“ and „My Step“ falls to, that shouter Lucie must make an effort enormously to keep up with the rest can and sometimes something starts her breath.

Suborned – Band

Conclusion to „From Space“: Fabulous storm - the aliens have landed! The course is set, the concept fits and homework are also done. With a little more variety and a solid live performance should in the future much more from „Suborned“ to be listening. An interesting disc, which also leaves room for improvement, For example, if you work on vocals, is still some in there! Producer V.O. Powder (perhaps many of Poltergeist or GurD known) has forged an appropriate sound in his Little Creek Studios, the leaves for Thrash ratios absolutely no wishes. Thrasher, the band should definitely check check. Who Thrash Metal in the blood, is decent trashing the turnip here.

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  1. Hit It
  2. From Space
  3. Sexolence
  4. Bitch
  5. Under The Yoke
  6. Hazardous Substance
  7. Simply Darwin
  8. Demon
  9. My Step
Album Review: Suborned – From Space
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