DBD: Rape Whistle – Stuck Mojo

Here, the music video for the track „Rape Whistle“ from the current Stuck Mojo album „Here Come The Infidels“…

RAPE WHISTLE by Stuck Mojo

DBD: Charles Bronson – Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo pack below for you to Lyric clip for their song „Charles Bronson“ from, to you ever on their upcoming album „Here Come The Infidels“ make hot, from the 24. June is in stores…

Stuck Mojo - Charles Bronson

DBD: The Business Of Hate – Stuck Mojo

„Stuck Mojo“ let the lyric clip „The Business Of Hate“ a foretaste of their upcoming record „Here Come The Infidels“ on humanity los. The disc appears on the 24. June…

Stuck Mojo - The Business Of Hate

DBD: Verbal Combat – Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo have a Lyric-Video the song „Verbal Combat“ released. The accompanying album „Here Come The Infidels“ is on 24. June in the trade. Guitarist Rich Ward to:

Pledge Music suits us perfectly. This time we bring out not only a new album, as it did since the early days of the music industry Bands. We offer you directly. Pledge Music has become our virtual Merch Stand, where her CD, the limited LP in red vinyl and a T-Shirt you can get directly from us, just like on one of our shows. And unlike traditional distributors in retail, allows us Pledge Music also signed CDs, Records and Poster offer, in addition to other unique goodies, directly from our Pledge shop.

Stuck Mojo - Verbal Combat