Today Metallica gig at the Global Citizen Festival in live stream

Today is Saturday, the 24. come September Metallica the Global Citizen Festival and via worldwide YouTube streamed live. The festival takes place on the large lawn of Central Park in New York. Besides Metallica plays only on hard rock relevant Acts Eddie Vedder. The goal of the Global Citizen Festival is, the tops of Policy to make and economy of their responsibilities with regard to the development of the world aware of and to recall the objectives of the UN, which last year adopted…

Today Metallica gig at the Global Citizen Festival in live stream

TV-Tipp des Tages: Iron Maiden Wacken show from Arte and streaming LIVE

Since February Iron Maiden tours already with their „Book Of Souls World Tour“ through history. Overall, they played a 72 Concerts in 36 Countries and on six continents to more than 1,5 million fans. Tonight, the Thursday 4. August ab 21:30 PM is the complete Head Linger show Wacken Open Air 2016 broadcast live on Arte Concert. The Concert Wacken Open Air Tour will conclude their. The link to the Livestream is available here

TV-Tipp des Tages: Iron Maiden Wacken show from Arte and streaming LIVE

Wacken - The Movie: Watch for free at Arte Stream

Wacken - The Movie

"Wacken - The Movie" directed by Nobert Heitker is large Festival Theatre, if for themselves Festivals, Beer, Heavy Metal and Blockbuster can inspire. But whom this Festival world and in particular the Wacken Open Air hitherto were alien, has the opportunity to experience Wacken through this film. And for the Wacken fans of film is probably a must. Besides the many stories around the festival, there are performances by and interviews with Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Deep Purple, Henry Rollins, Motörhead Rammstein to hear and see…

I want everything, give me everything➤

Motörhead: Funeral service for Lemmy now streaming live

Lemmy Kilmisters death tore a huge gap in the music world. Now Lemmy should take up his final journey. Fans around the world can now by Livestream on the Motörhead-Youtube-Channel (or below) attend the funeral. The funeral takes place in the Rainbow Bar in Los Angeles, where Lemmy was known to be a regular guest, to take one or the other to be nightcap. As the funeral takes place in small groups and one world does not want to exclude the fans, was the decision to a live broadcast. The Rainbow Bar has released the following statement to the celebrations:

Blow WE TO!
"No matter where always you are, PLEASE find yourself together and see the ceremony with the other Motörheadbangern and friends together to. Go into your favorite bar, your favorite club, it safe, that there's a Internet-are connecting, and cast us to. Or just load your friends and celebrate Lemmy's life live at home. Wherever, however, let us all over the world come together on Saturday, the 9. celebrate January and let the life of our dear friend and irreplaceable icon.

We drink to you, Lemmy!


The complete record of the commemoration of Lemmy can be found here

Stream-Tipp: Dark Star – HR Gigers Welt

Today celebrated „Dark Star – HR Gigers Welt“ on Swiss television on the show „Sternstunden Culture“ seine Free-TV Premiere. The documentation is a very personal insight into the life of the famous Swiss artist and fans definitely a must-see. Those who missed the film in the cinema, This can in the next 30 Make up for days and this is free of charge Stream. This works for legal reasons but only in the Switzerland. Readers from Germany, Austria and the rest of the world would have to lock the countries via VPN service deal, to the Doc also be able to view…

Puppy Bowl – Die Live Webcam des Tages

Puppy Bowl – Die Live Webcam des Tages

Meanwhile tonight virtually throughout the United States only NFL Football on TV is, Animal Planet offers a real alternative: Puppy Bowl – Puppies, the toy balls chase. So if you can not be bothered to Super Bowl, can look at the violence- testosterone and free version please. The whole thing will be broadcast live and in parallel to the Super Bowl matchups. Already, there are already the booth space to admire the puppies live.

Night of the Living Dead, in color

I am just about the colorized version of „Night of the Living Dead“ and this as a complete Movie und Online Stream, stumbled. Has not yet seen wers, is even a diversified Original…

Video Thumbnail
Night of the Living Dead Trailer 1968 (in color)

Pandora use again in Switzerland, Hulu more

I hardly believe it! How sad I was, as my favorite online radio station had to make the doors to Europe densely, because companies that allegedly infringes the service against American Copyright. Oh great, and the grotto slow portal does not do exactly the same thing and still a lot of extensive? But no matter now…. :)

How do I in Winfuture could read, gibts now a solution for all the misery, without that you have to agonize over every day by new proxy and slow connections. Simply Software Hotspot Shield the company AnchorFree on the PC, install and set up so that this U.S. company a VPN. Thus, we then call the web pages, the IP address from the States and are missing on the opponent as closures Hulu and give my „Favorite“ Pandora known. Says at least Winfuture… By the way, can be found on Hulu series like Heroes as well as many episodes of Simpsons. Also complete feature films such as „The Girl Next Door“, „Dude, Where’s My Car?“, „28 Days later“ and many others :cool:

That gut, they say because, Try making wise, thus beamed down the part time, to the plate and popped started. And lo and behold, not long rumkonfigurieren or whatever, no, Browser window on it and stares at me ne IP from America. The start times already great :)

So cheerful, Next to my favorite. Here, first, the loading bar – for a moment, is my Patience put to the test – it loads and loads and, well, been better, as equal to the Note with the unauthorized access. After about. 1 Minute it is far… Pandora shines on me in old freshness!!! Yippee yai yeah Mother fuckers! I do not believe it yes! And I had not even log, surprised that part was immediately my friend and since then I've just a little, how deep is probably the part of the system must dig, denn Cookies usw. I have now deleted tens of times. Well, seis drum. After repeated visits by the way is the charging time pleasantly fast. Celebrations are! :cheering:

Few drawbacks were mentioned allerdingens, Hotspot Shield has been developed, to help protect personal data in transit, but complete security is achieved not so. So you trust in this case its entire network traffic to the manufacturer of the tools. Is therefore recommended, Hotspot Shield for only selected websites (with e.g.. Access Restrictions) use. In addition, more bandwidth is required. By encryption and a detour via the U.S. server is everything loaded noticeably slower. Streaming high-definition content but with a fast DSL line still problem ;)

So and now let's see, as long as that access is possible. Probably will not go too long. But as long as is all a lot of fun with Pandora, Hulu and Co desired. Yippee yai yeah Mother fuckers! By the way, could this (or other) VPN tunnel Olympics help from the censorship, but I'm saying nothing more already… :)

Captain Harlock aka Albator

Well, long has it been, than there were in France or the Channel A2, I ca. 1978 spellbound every sequence of Albator (The French had to once again use their own names Creation) followed. More, what I loved this cartoon.

By chance I have now to some consequences Stage6, the Video-Portal Divx to really good, appealing quality, found. The films may by Streaming comfortable or as Download be brought to the PC.

The series begins 1978 so, Harlock that takes the young Harry with his spaceship Arcadia. After the earth was destroyed, wanders around the captain in space, in search of a new, beautiful planet, on the peace at last be found. On this long journey, Harlock has to exist with some of his crew adventure.

At first glance, the series might look a bit dated, But the charm of Captain Harlock can escape difficult and someone the rest of the crew also grows on you. Some consequences are very sad and melancholic. The characters of this anime may not be for everyone, as some supporting characters look stupid Just above. Nevertheless, there are at figures like Harlock, Emeraldas and Lydia nothing wrong.

Captain Harlock is in my view an interesting and beautiful series, mit viel Action, Humor and emotion. Hey, that was a hero of my childhood, the same in today's TV searches and when I watch these episodes at Stage6, I come to revel… :-)