Steinbrück Jokes

Absolutely gorgeous in what I Harald Schmidt the dispute over tax havens, the Switzerland und Peer Steinbrück gefunden habe :)

  • Love Swiss, Peer Steinbrueck is not really evil, which comes across just a little strict. Steinbrück ist so was wie das Fräulein Rottenmeier der deutschen Policy.
  • Peer Steinbrück wants to basically just the coal, Swiss gigolo pull our billionaires out of the pocket.
  • I'm looking forward, when Steinbrück says: "Germany is defended at the Matterhorn."
  • What are the motives of Steinbrueck? I suspect, he was tormented as a child with Ovaltine.
  • Switzerland has been for centuries an investor's paradise - Friedrich Schiller got the idea to William Tell, too, as he opened a numbered account in Zurich.

Every year: The tax return

Every year, one has the „Pleasure“ the tax return again fill. Funnily enough, even change it every year or any forms of salary certificate. Na toll. Is certainly very useful. As well as the universe must have some meaning, because how else can you deal with the authorities nor appropriate? The Kafkaesque bloated Office has indeed finally what have managed to. The new jobs are! A bureaucratic supernova lights up the dark year of crisis.

As well as always, For several years, the tax return will be completed on screen. The necessary software you get it directly from the websites of the respective tax offices:

  • Canton of Aargau – EasyTax – Download
  • Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden – Excel-Sheets – Download
  • Canton Appenzell Inner Rhodes – AI Tax – Download
  • Canton of Basel-City – BalTax – Download
  • Canton Basel-Land – EasyTax – Download
  • Canton Bern – TaxMe – Download / Tax Me Online
  • Canton of Fribourg – FriTax – Download
  • Canton of Geneva – GeTax – Download
  • Canton Glarus – GlaroTax – Download
  • Canton of Graubünden – SofTax GR NP – Download
  • Canton of Jura – JuraTax – Download
  • Canton of Lucerne – – Download
  • Canton of Neuchâtel – Click & Tax – Download
  • Nidwalden – Dr. Tax Nidwalden – Download
  • Obwalden – Dr. Tax Obwalden – Download (from 2.3.2009 available)
  • Canton Schaffhausen – CD taxes – Download
  • Canton of Schwyz – eTax.schwyz – Download
  • Canton of Solothurn – Solothurntax – Download
  • Canton St. Gallen – eTaxes – Download
  • Canton of Ticino – eTax – Download
  • Canton Thurgau – Tax – Download
  • Canton of Uri – Excel-Sheets – Download
  • Canton Vaud – VaudTax – Download
  • Canton of Valais – VSTax – Download
  • Canton train – eTax.zug – Download
  • Canton of Zurich – Private Tax – Download