fencing, enhanced with motion tracking and visual effects

Layman can to fencing often difficult to follow, because it all goes very fast, If the Rules not understood and not all that has reference to the bumps and thus do not know, if that was now been painful or at all is a valid hit. Yuki Ota, even fencers and among other gold medalist of World Championship 2015, has been thinking carefully about, how to make it all a little more appealing and practical, and has in the course of the Fencing Visualized Project created, in which he accurately solves this problem. Of course, with motion tracking and effects, output processes the information and better visualization, as it is a gelangweilter Sportkommentator ever could…

Yuki Ota Fencing Visualized Project - MORE ENJOY FENCING

King of the Island with Zorb Balls

This action here looks wonderful entertaining, but I fear, the battle for the island stone summit I would break my at least one leg. There were on site probably will not listen to this stupid video backing Mucke, the DEVINSUPERTRAMP because unfortunately hangs.

We got destroyed in 4K! King of the Island with Zorb Balls was not what we expected! We got TeamSupertramp together and had a King of the Hill Battle with Zorb Balls that we will never forget! People got scrapped, bumped, and bruised playing on Red Rock!

King of the Island with Zorb Balls!

Here are the matching Behind the Scenes:

Blood, cuts, broken ankles, and we're all still alive! #Yolo

Real Life Jurassic Park Parkour

Inflatable T-Rex costumes are indeed currently the hot shit (Horse masks are actually already out?) and with a little imagination it's just a T-Rex, he that funny jumps through the area…

Jurassic Park Meets Parkour In Real Life

Skateboarding in an empty water Park

Red Bull presents a summer round of skateboarding in a deserted landscape full of water slides in Dubai, where else?

Alex Sorgente, Milton Martinez and Jan Hoffman stepped up for a never to be repeated session on some of the most outrageous terrain ever touched. The massive transitions and high danger meant only the most capable got the call from the good people at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai’s Aquaventure park, for a lockdown session.

Shredding an Empty Waterpark in Dubai

Drone Parkour: Parkour from the perspective of a drone

These lawless juxtaposed test shots, is clearly still room for improvement, but the clip is still quite chic to look. It has always something magical, when a seemingly parallel revolving camera suddenly hovering against the sky….

Eric, Kie and Giles shot this Parkour Video using the DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone around Brighton and Newhaven over the space of 2 days. It originally started out as a test project as the equipment is relatively new, but we were so happy with the shots, we compiled them together into a video for you guys.

Storm Freerun - Drone Parkour in 4K

FLORIDEAH SWAMP FEST: Postapokalyptischer Ride BMX

When Florideah Swamp hard extreme sport is still sport under extreme conditions. With lots of fun, risk, Pain and all sorts of Punk. Since the ramps are still itself built of pallets and rich sponsors, there seems to be no…


Special Olympics: Arnold Schwarzeneggers ingenious response to a hate comment

Currently found in Austria „Special Olympics World Winter Games“ instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the patronage of. On his facebook-Account reports Schwarzenegger about the event and shared with others this Video:


As in Internet so is, not all come from our fellow man with such a variety cope and let their hatred in the comments from. So even with this video, to which a Kommentartor said, that „Special Olymipcs“ would make no sense. Arnold's response is simply great:

Unfortunately, I can the Comment and can not find the comment to comment. Has since been well but deleted. Thanks Gilly Vanilly still in power

The honest Fitness App: Run, fat pig!

Runtastic, go home. The app here teams up effectively with your smartphone, against you! My highlights are the facial expressions of the two sms-Receiver at the moment, where they read the text. Gorgeous!

Fitness apps all have the same problem: They assume the people, he was receptive to motivational Gesülze. "running, fat pig "takes a different path. Kazim Akboga has tested the app and found: help me!

Run, fat pig - The honest Fitness App

Golf Trick Shots

Golf Trick Shots combined with a nice Rube Goldberg Machine, the in between always times people receives as unpredictable element. Even if the end is rarely stupid, looking the in between very entertaining from. The tricks thereafter are also not bad…

Golf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
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