Jonathan and Josh Baker alias TWiN have this little short film created on a shining pair of sneakers, gives the seemingly super powers. At the end there are in „FLIGHT.“ some glow-in-the-dark sneakers, the a Parkour-Runner gets to his feet and runs through the city. But is quite successful staged. Nevertheless my Worn missing just end up somehow - because more would have gone…

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The fastest electric skateboard in the world travels scarce 95 km / h

Mischo Erban an electric skateboard has been converted and is therefore 95.83 km / h down quickly and has thus directly set a world record. Because, however, was the first attempt of record, is he will probably outbid fairly quickly. and then always so on, until someone seriously injured…

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Fastest speed on an electric skateboard - Guinness World Records

climb unsecured onto a 475m high television tower

475 Meters are definitely high enough, to raufzuklettern in no case without backup. In any case, if you are not is very tired of life. The type of the Urban Endeavors however, has made it anyway. You should, however, there still imitate under any circumstances. One can namely die easily, he says. Wrong time. He says that to us? If we had not actually him.. – Oh, All the same. He will Knowledge, what he does.

After 3 months of steady research and training we determined this tower was deactivated and safe to climb, and that I was fit to climb it. The ascent took 2.5 hours and the descent 1.5 hours. This was the most unreal thing I’ve ever done. From my findings this is currently the World’s Tallest Freeclimb of an Antenna at 475m. Do not mess around on these towers! It’s easy to die from things you can’t see like radiation and electrocution.

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World's Tallest TV Tower Climb without Safety Equipment (475m)

Super Mario Brothers Parkour 2

Two and a half years after the first Video, bounce them back and it comes with Super Mario Brothers Parkour 2 Dark Pixel again really from. not quite as good as part one, nevertheless partially with creative ideas and well-made deposits…

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Super Mario Brothers Parkour 2 [in Real Life] - Mario Maker [4k]

Toddlerogrophy: The new trend sport from America

Who is the sport wants auspowern really likes and is to consider any special exercises, found in „Toddlerogrophy“ his ideal sport. In order to exercise this, snapped myself his (or other) children and does everything according, what the little brat fooling so. So did late night presenter James Corden in his show, when he and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Wife of Channing Tatum) completed a program of special kind. The coaches were all of them not bigger than 1,20 equipped meters and with milk teeth…

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Toddlerography w/ Jenna Dewan Tatum

Dødsing: Championships Bauchplatscher

In Norway Frogner this year the curious Championships painful Bauchplatscher took place. „Dødsing“ ie as much as „Death Diving“, Freely translated, these are death defying jumps into the water. Here are some of the most beautiful splash in compilation…

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Here are the best of the World Cup in dødsing

Lifting weights with the vagina

sport keeps well known fit, he makes you healthy, keeps you young and strengthens the body for the daily challenges of life. Kim, the lady in the following Video, is „Intimitätcoach“ and convinced, that their very special, can replace highly original performance sport Botox and cure depression. Oh well, somehow we doubt, that this type of physical training will ever be mass appeal, being so, such a fitness lesson would certainly amusing to watch… ;)

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'Vagina Weightlifting Can Empower Women'


Roma Alimov from Russia has a visual as emotional piece video art created, in which you can not decide between admiration and eye rolling. Grind on parapets, Walls before the highway or in the x-th floor of a building skeleton? No problem, because that is extremely Skateboarding!

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Roma Alimov - SKATE NEAR DEATH (skate-poem)

Offroad Inline-Skating

Dustin Werbeski afternoon on Rollschuhen through the forest. Offroad rolls up and down through the forest. Impressive and beautiful at the same time!

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The north shore - Vancouver, Canada - Powerslide Off-Road skating

Adrenaline junkie climbs ailing industrial chimney down

Flaviu Cernescu climbs simply times the second tallest structure in Romania down. 280 Meters high is the industrial chimney at CET Pitesti SUD. And felt old in about as many years. marode clinker, rusted ladders and lots of drafts. Flaviu has almost the complete descent in Video noted and commented. Friends, please keep off: Crazy as this colleague here do something, for you should be enough, that you look at the.

Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar stunts, unless you are a trained professional as personal injury or property damage may result.

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Descending huge chimney in Pitesti

45 Meter rally jump record

Presumably, the 45 Meter rally jump record is ever furthest distance flown a rally car. Anyway it is record on Colin's Crest, a hill on the route of the Rally Sweden. And it just looks pretty, as the cars fly as, particularly in slow motion.

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Colins Crest record 45 meter by Eyvind Brynildsen

Drones boarding

Today's drones are not yet as strong, to draw someone with a high speed behind him, but hey, I'm sure, that will come…

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First Droneboarding / first Dronbording
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