Sponsored Video: The polar bear – Discover what it means to be a family

Once Christmas is over and the Nicholas has gone back to the North Pole, Coca-Cola needs to come up with something else, how to reach the people and therefore also return 2013 the cuddly polar bear back. The new campaign presents Coca-Cola's popular friends, as they have never been shown before. The short film was filmed by renowned director Ridley Scott and produced and provides an insight into the family life of the celebrated icons, previously only acted dumb in the commercials of the soft drink manufacturer. In addition to the spot there is a seven minute trailer with the polar bears to see - as a notice of a Coke-3D movie, of the year 2014 will hit theaters.

The polar bear - Discover what it means to be a family

On Coca-Cola Home-Page presented by Coca-Cola „Die Polarbären“, an animated and seven minute short film with the adventures of a playful and happy polar bear family in the Arctic. The focus is on the children the polar bear family, the first disappoint the stringent expectations of their parents, but in the end teach them a valuable lesson about life. While Father Bear against the other polar bears must make a speech, looking for new opportunities his children, to have fun. For surprising Star this is the youngest daughter of the family, which gets involved in a group dance with the spurned by polar bears birds and her family moved at the end to dance. The intent of Coca-Cola, it is, to raise awareness for the family. The Polar Bears have already been 1922 Part of the Coca-Cola marketing, thus having always associated with the brand. This winter, it will be their task, Families around the world to inspire. The short film fulfills a clear purpose: To celebrate family moments and show the importance, much time to spend with family. The polar bears - Discover what it means to be a family!

On the homepage you can also join the best winter-competition from Coca-Cola and win great prizes, the grand prize is an unforgettable holiday week in Finland with direct flight from Zurich to Kittila, 7 Nights in own, romantic log cabin, including. Snowshoes and sauna and a half-day dogsled tour. The win-codes this can be found under the caps of PET bottles and glass bottles to the labels of Coca-Cola, Coke light and Coke Zero. For more details see also under the following links:

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Sponsored Video: The Dancing Cash Machine

The Dancing amazed Cash Machine lets ordinary people from the street for withdrawing cash, because the new Viva Banking Packages for young people and students bring clients of Credit Suisse to dance. A funny idea put to the CS with them for a new product Advertising power. Because in the new product, Viva called, is inside a lot and with Anna Rossinelli you, at least in the Switzerland, certainly should know, The spot also gets the right note.

In the middle of a public square we placed a cash machine and some cameras. But our customers received more than just money. See what happened… Song “See What You’ve Done” performed by Anna Rossinelli.

With Viva has not only the finances under control, also you can enjoy plenty of musical highlights - thanks to partnership with Universal Music. The broad-based Universal Music catalog contains more than 600’000 Songs from more than 3,500 artists and include all possible divisions - of Metal to rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Schlager to Country and Classical. Music lovers will find everything that is, whatever you like. Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Credit Suisse and Universal Music, the Music all free and unlimited consumed and shared with friends. But the world has more to Viva Entertainment: Discounted Tickets, Access to VIP tickets, close encounters with prominent artists and Stars, exciting raffles and many other first-class deals. Viva thus means not only attractive banking services, but also the opportunity, to experience more. That's not all, though… more information on the following pages of the Credit Suisse:


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