Do we know all of the school, when it should be creative times. Have hated the, not the creative, but the soapstone. But here an in genuine, Soapstone as it should be! :)

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Food Porn: 2,5 Hours bacon sizzle in high definition 4K

Good morning friends and all vegetarians and vegans should now click quickly continue, because the temptation to go into the kitchen and nachzubrutzeln which is extremely high! The only, What is still missing, is a technology, the odors may transfer. fast 2,5 we see hours Bacon Strips, frying in the pan with relish before him. No detail has been withheld from us, because the makers of the videos give us stunning images in 4K!

2,5 hours cooking Bacon - relaxation video - ASMR Video - Die Grillshow Special

Cheesy Bacon Bombs

Steve from the BBQ Bros. has discovered an interesting recipe and modified for his purposes. The result they are equally delicious as unhealthy looking Cheesy Bacon Bombs. Quick and easy to make and once again such a thing, with which you can surprise its guests in a culinary way and impress. If the party usual shit runs, the parts tear it out again! :)

Cheesy Bacon Bombs!

Bacon considered scientifically

AsapSCIENCE explains the following Video the many factors, why do we Speck love. By this are u.a. even volatile organic compounds and amino acids involved…

The Science of BACON!

Day 21: Hearty crib – Advent Calendar from the Crypt

Advent Calendar from the CryptChristmas is known to be the time of Horrors. By the time the festivities again the relatives about their infirmities, the stress of Christmas and God and the world philosophize and a whole mass of the eatables andfatefull Besäufnis times is so beautiful bad again, is Christmas horror trip and one wishes, in a better place to be. To this end, the vault aims to offer a little help and tries its readership with a Advent toughen something on the, what to expect in the holy days of Christmas on a!

Sodele, today I finally finished my hearty crib! Is not it wonderful Succeeded, or?

Hearty crib

Speck Sarg – Bacon Coffin

Friends now you can look in Speck be buried, thanks this bacon coffin! Similarly, if you love the delicious bacon to death and thus clogged arteries has, you can with diem coffin show all, by what one has died! Is there a better way, to show, what you love? And as for love handles always to be buried, has indeed what… To have for only $2,999.99 At Bacon Salt, Snip from the description:

Is there a better way to show your love of bacon forever than to be buried Wrapped in IT? We don’t think so.

This genuine bacon casket is made of 18 Gauge Gasketed Steel with Premium Bacon Exterior/Interior, and includes a Memorial and Record Tube, Adjustable Bed and Mattress and Stationary and Swingbar handles. It also includes a bacon air freshener for when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling.

Speck Sarg - Bacon Coffin

Bacon shoes

Friends, the shoe manufacturer „Keds“ has created the ultimate fried Shoes. For sale are these Speck shoes for $60 to have and unfortunately I have so far found no online shop, leading this Bacon Shoes…

Bacon shoes

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