Album Review: Solar Fake – Reasons To Kill

Good things come to those who wait, but now the wait is over! Over two years ago appeared the last album „Frontiers“ Of „Solar Fake„. enough for Sven Friedrich withdraw due to the studio and on a new album Tinker. The expectations for the new album should be huge, after the last album the dance floors of clubs scene by storm and the maximum possible eight weeks on the front seats of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) held. The new album is now called „Reasons To Kill“, is now the 3. Studio album and highlights especially the dark side of human existence. To the question, whether there are really so many reasons, to kill, Sven has only one answer: „And“. In reality behind that one word a strong sense of irony, because actually „would the album more ‚Reasons Not To Kill‘ have hot, because then I would be finished faster. But that would be sounded to me harmonious and so everything feels not currently henceforth times“, so the singer. Here the result is a consistently hear- and danceable electro album with different influences and the distinctive voice of Sven Friedrich.

Solar Fake - Reasons To Kill

„Reasons To Kill“ offers 11 Electro tracks with varied, These distinctive driving beats and melodies, it just only made by „Solar Fake“ are. Tanzbar and catchy, without being coarse. It is the chosen path consistently, where the Berlin duo neither repeated, yet his sound is unfaithful. Change had been around since the early days of „Solar Fake“ the defining issue and one finds on „Reasons To Kill“ next trance influences some Dubstep-, Industrial- EBM and bonds, without slipping into clichés. And as well as always Sven Friedrich it hires, but the individual fragments combine almost magical to a well-structured overall concept, always have a clear focus, without ever sound boring or outdated. Songs wie „I hate you more than my life“, „Face me“ and „My Spaces“ combine aggressiveness and Beauty, as if it were the most normal thing in the world and will surely find its way in a very short time and ensure full dancefloors.

Solar Fake

Almost one could „Change The View“ impute light EBM bonds, but at least Future Pop. Is good, that Sven Friedrich did not always relies on the charm of his voice, but this can be heard sometimes pleasantly rough and threatening. For lovers of melancholy vein, there are also a few calmer tracks, „Rise And Fall“ inspired by a wonderful melody accompanying the Sven's vocals perfectly hugs and the final song „The Pages“ is an initial piano ballad that turns into a danceable electro track. Also on this album there is again a cover version. This time it took to „One Step Closer“ von Linkin Park an. A more than successful, powerful cover which is really convincing and quite has it all. Im Original von Linkin Park, missed „Solar Fake“ the song times just so much garment elektronischeres and lots of industrial flair. Who owns the song in its original state quite aggressively occurred, which will look surprised when he notices, Sven Friedrich has given the song with his voice and the aufgeputschten of guitar amps song an extra dose of aggression. Sven to: „I've tried using various synthesizers, added to get the sound, of this song and I simply end up being hunted and taken by all guitar amps justice.“

Solar Fake - Reset to Default

„Solar Fake“ have blossomed with her now third studio album something of an institution in the Electric Universe and can certainly not more than ephemera or „Hobby-Production“ be dismissed. Sven Friedrich moves on this floor as well stylish, as well as on those of his other two projects „Zeraphine“ and „Dreadful Shadows“. Even if you really do not so is on gloomy electro sounds, do it „Solar Fake“ rapidly draw the listener in its spell. to stand still The feet spasmodically is virtually impossible, because at some point it gets any! With „Reasons To Kill“ have „Solar Fake“ almost as usual a really good start on disc electro- – a small sparkling diamond electro-, will take his shine for sure the top ranks of the German Alternative Charts. All in all, „Reasons To Kill“ a more than successful and worth listening to album. It impresses with driving beats and is so varied, that there is a guarantee not boring listening! Is ultimately „Reasons To Kill“ a really good album that sounds in all aspects and voices.

Solar Fake


  1. I hate you more than my life
  2. Face me
  3. Change The View
  4. When I Bite
  5. Reset to Default
  6. Rise And Fall
  7. I’d Better Break
  8. My Spaces
  9. One Step Closer
  10. My Bleeding Heart
  11. The Pages
Album Review: Solar Fake - Reasons To Kill
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