Draven Tales: Space 30 SLUG in the Charts

Yes the gibts not. Was my blog in the last week in the charts at SLUG.ch still on course 38, I am this week, more saturated 8 Places still slipped up and find myself believe it or not ranked 30. Wow, I can not get out of the marvel! 8The

This time also determines the placement of the previous week, Space 38, So because of that, everything should be consistent. Last time I was there sooo not sure. I am amazed about the week better placement of my blog. I would never have expected. But even more, I am pleased!

The better result again I am very pleased indeed :) Celebrations are, Ogi has said once, Celebrations are, now also says Draven! And I am particularly happy about my values ​​readership, what my blog so interested and followed faithfully! Since I want to have a try again a thick Thank you very much express! 8)

Draven Tales auf Platz 38 at SLUG

I was last week with my blog still on course 50, I am this week, but a whopping 12 Places still slipped up and am now at my blog with SLUG.ch on space 38. Wow, I am amazed! 8The

But if I so look at the placement of the previous week at SLUG, stands 66 – hmm, strange, or have I just had pork? :pig:

As well as always, In any case I am glad such a placement and stuff is of course celebrated accordingly and evaluate my readership toasts grateful! On happy hours and other blog articles :drunk:

I’m back. Space 50 auf SLUG Live

Jo mei, no wonder you can still :) Was my blog back in the days, when I was still in my work work done Blogger, on Space 22 The Charts, he was there after the Parade disappeared for own domain for looong time.

But Draven is back :) This week my blog is back on the charts and this Space 50, Place last week at 66…

That a move always also suffers losses, has on the whole is probably getting a little. But always there is a new beginning. A new beginning with start and this now appears to be yet so play, that my domain can look again at SLUG.

Especially I would like to thank my loyal readers! I am glad for her fast every day with me to visit and I would be very happy, If I continue to awaken the interest of the readers evaluate, because I want you – like me – long supply of exciting and crazy articles and postings.

Space 22 auf SLUG Live für Dravens Tales

Now I have but just about the new SLUG Live Read, representing in real-time, the blogs and postings currently particularly attract many readers and behold – Drum-roll – my blog (While still with the old Blogspot address) is on course 22!

Wow, as far forward I would have never expected my blog but not. Thank values ​​readership :)