Draven Tales: Space 30 SLUG in the Charts

Yes the gibts not. Was my blog in the last week in the charts at SLUG.ch still on course 38, I am this week, more saturated 8 Places slipped upwards and am now a whopping place 30. Wow, I can not get out of the marvel! 8The

This time also determines the placement of the previous week, Space 38, So because of that, everything should be consistent. Last time I was there sooo not sure. Astonished, I'm talking about the week better placement of my blog. I would have never expected. But even more, I am pleased!

The better result again I am very pleased indeed :) Celebrations are, Ogi has said once, Celebrations are, now also says draven! And I am especially pleased about my values ​​readership, what my blog so interested and followed faithfully! Because I want to have a try again a thick Thank you very much express! 8)

Draven Tales auf Platz 38 at SLUG

I was last week with my blog still on course 50, I am this week, but a whopping 12 Places slipped upwards and now find myself in with my blog SLUG.ch on space 38. Wow, I am amazed! 8The

But if I so look at the placement of the previous week at SLUG, stands 66 – hmm, Strange, or have I just had pork? :pig:

as well as always, In any case I am glad such a placement and stuff like that is of course celebrated accordingly and evaluate my readership toasts grateful! In more good times and blog articles :drunk:

I’m back. Space 50 auf SLUG Live

Jo mei, no wonder you can still :) Was my blog back in the days, when I was still in my work work done Blogger, on Space 22 The Charts, he was there after the Parade gone to their own domain for looong time.

But draven is back :) This week my blog is back on the charts and this Space 50, Place last week at 66…

That a move always also suffers losses, has on the whole is probably getting a little. But always there is a new beginning. A new beginning with start and this now appears to be yet so play, that my domain can also back on SLUG views.

But above all I want to thank my loyal readers! I am glad for her fast every day with me to visit and I would be very happy, If I continue to awaken the interest of the readers evaluate, because I want you – like me – long supply of exciting and crazy articles and postings.

Space 22 on SLUG Live for dravens Tales

Now I have but just about the new SLUG Live Read, representing in real-time, the blogs and postings currently particularly attract many readers and behold – Drum-roll – my blog (While still with the old Blogspot address) is on course 22!

Wow, as far forward I would have my blog but never not expected. Thank values ​​readership :)