DBD: Sacrificial Kill – Six Feet Under

the song „Sacrificial Kill“ Six Feet Under have a Lyric-Video released. The track will be on the upcoming album „Torment“ stand, that from 24. February on the shelves…

Six Feet Under "Sacrificial Kill" (Lyric Video)

DBD: Open Coffin Orgy – Six Feet Under

at the 5. May, with „Crypt of the Devil“ the eleventh studio album by Death Metal-Veterans „Six Feet Under“ appear. „It is a nested journey through his Spirit“, as singer Chris Barnes on Facebook via the serial killer, whose history he has continued on the new album. „Crypt of the Devil“ Barnes has composed together with Cannabis Corpse bassist and singer Phil "Phil country" Hall.

Six Feet Under "Open Coffin Orgy" (Official)