beer jam

Who wakes up in the morning with a murder moderate hangover and an adequate breakfast needs: Scottish brewers have the first Spreads of beer Produced. Adaptely have then an India Pale Ale brewed in jams flavor, which I'm not sure, what exactly should be jam-taste – but already fit.

A Scottish craft brewer has created the world’s first spreadable beer to mark the opening of its new Beer Kitchen. Innis & Gunn opened its second Scottish Beer Kitchen in South Tay Street, Dundee today. The celebrate the launch, the craft brewer has launched Marm & Ale, the world’s first beer marmalade. The marmalade combines Innes & Gunn’s oak-aged IPA with Dundee’s finest preserve.

The brewer has also unveiled a new marmalade flavoured IPA.

yeah, dazu noch etwas Speck Marmalade und das Frühstück ist perfekt! :)

beer jam
beer jam
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Handmade skull engraving of a Lincoln coin

Shaun Hughes lets us in its complete handmade engraving process. So is gradually from a boring Lincoln cent a cool skull coin. Thanks to co-rotating camera you think you are middle of the action. Who wants to buy Hughes engraving pieces, can in stop by eBay store

Hand engraving from start to finish Skull and Scrolls Lincoln Cent

Gremlins: Lifelike characters from Trick or Treat Studios

Friends, Who would not like a little Mogwai at home? As is well known, it remains but not for long when innocent furball, once these past midnight with Eating or water coming into contact. but the subsequent transformation can be absolutely see. Suitable for Halloween bring the Americans from the Trick or Treat Studios two lifelike Gremlins from the eponymous classic by Joe Dante on the market, either or without tufts of hair on the head. The small Monster measures an impressive 71 Centimeters and strikes with 200 $ to Beech. can be pre-ordered, although already, the detailed dolls are sent but only towards August or September. to hunt ideal for guests to Celtic Halloween festival a shiver down the spine – or to bring them into raptures before rapture and nostalgia.

I Sobro: Probably the coolest coffee table in the world

stand cold beer at the movie box without, times just Music during the break from the smartphone (which is loaded at the table) about the 90 played dB boxing and then the volume scale down on TV across the table and put the lights on a romantic red. Everything is possible. Sobro is a coffee table to my taste! He has a refrigerated compartment, active Bluetooth speakers, Sockets and USB charging sockets and even a touch remote control for the TV on board. How cool is that, please? And where we do not get him? Naturally, in our region. What a shame…

The Sobro is a Coffee table designed to support today’s connected lifestyle. With a refrigerated drawer, LED lights, Bluetooth speakers and charging ports, the Sobro keeps you powered up and could be the greatest living room innovation since the remote control. The Sobro is the latest launch from product innovation company, large Bound, the makers of the PancakeBot.

the Funding goal of the campaign was on Indiegogo eh exceeded long, the table is built, and a fully functional prototype also will be waiting. Incidentally underbody lighting is also fitted with individual color selection. To have as a perk for a mere 599 Dollars but unfortunately as mentioned not with us, but only in Canada or the US&A. The keeping in mind but not out. come on, find a trading partner in Europe… – or who builds such a thing to? So far, one finds indeed only quite strange coffee tables. We could definitely use one and I made the BT-boxes may also be omitted – But the refrigerator compartment must be installed in any case! :)

Sobro Coffee Table

Car Oral-Sex Masturbator

Friends, you know what that is? Looks kind of, like a futuristic remote control car… has somehow to do so remotely. But only really removed, because it is a toy for manner, which to have you here is…

Car Auto Oral-Sex Masturbator

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