The not quite as active sex lives of pandas

Friends, do you already know, that Panda females only about two to three days a year are fertile? considering, that Panda(-male) Every day 16 are hours occupied with eating and not really good get in the mood, you can imagine, that the sex life of cozy Animals is not quite soooo active. Nevertheless, to provide for their young show keepers to heat up the animals allegedly Panda porn. This theme is just a sleazy page always again witty marketing campaigns close, to use this information for themselves. And so it happened, as it had to: Pornhub asks its users in the following Video therefore, to upload custom PRONOS in panda costume or with Panda BodyPaint on the platform. the aim of this „Care“-campaign is, build zoologists a database on various videos, the pandas to warm up individually. Moreover donates Pornhub video uploaded per € 100, and 1 cent per prestigious London video in the Panda-Style category Panda charities…

Panda Style

Car Oral-Sex Masturbator

Friends, you know what that is? Looks kind of, like a futuristic remote control car… has somehow to do so remotely. But only really removed, because it is a toy for manner, which to have you here is…

Car Auto Oral-Sex Masturbator

i.Con: Smartes Kondom trackt Performance beim Sex 👌👈

In British Condoms can be for around 70 Euro intelligent rubber „i.Con Smart Condom“ reserve. This part is actually more of a cock ring with Accelerometer, which measures how much calories are burned during sex, average speed and total number of bumps, Skin temperature and different positions (beta). The data is sent to an app and can be shared. Tail compared on a global scale with gamifiziertem Boomshakalaka. Ich möchte meine Ergebnisse dann aber bitte auch auf facebook teilen können. Ansonsten lohnt sich der ganze Aufwand doch gar nicht;)

what is i.Con? Is it an actual condom? Is it reusable?

No, i.Con is not an actual condom; it’s a ring that will sit over a condom at the base, which you can use over and over again. It is extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight, you won’t even know it’s there ensuring maximum Pleasure and, peace of mind that you can choose any condom you wish to use in conjunction with the i.Con.

So what are the main features i.Con will record?

i.Con will record:

– Calories burnt during sexual intercourse
– Speed of thrusts
– Total number of thrusts
– Frequency of sessions
– Total duration of sessions
– Average velocity of thrusts
– Girth measurement
– Different positions used (currently BETA testing – will have more info in a release coming soon)
– Average skin temperature

How does it work?

Utilizing a Nano-chip and sensors, i.Con will measure and remember a number of different variables during your sessions. Once your session is completed, you will then be able to use the i.Con app to download your recent data which is paired to the device using Bluetooth technology. Once you have downloaded your data, the i.Con will automatically clear its memory making way for your next session. It’s extremely simple to use.

What does i.Con do with its data? Can I use it anonymously?

Absolutely! All data will be kept anonymous but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world. You will be able to anonymously access stats that you can compare with i.Con users worldwide.

How Sex rubber dolls are made

Super Deluxe has participated in the production of sex dolls and asked the shots without comment as a moving image on YouTube. Has something creepy… – yet there are dolls, in latest 10 Years will be Robot be. In 50 Years it will no longer be able to distinguish from the human…

Sex Dolls | Stoned Mode

Girls of Paradise: The harsh reality in everyday prostitution

If you google Escort Service, be more than 2,5 Displaying million results. Including the page „Girls of Paradise„, where lascivious looking, seminude Women loll and offer their services. At first glance, a platform like many others. The visitors are just one click of the alleged „Paradise“ the online world of women away. They believe anyway.

For want once the website visitor chooses a woman and establish contact, he gets the cruel truth to face: Immediately after contacting the appalling fate of the escort ladies are announced. There are bruising, To see disfigurement and despair of the female victims, mostly deported, were raped and forced an early age into prostitution and finally murdered by suitors.

Behind „Girls of Paradise“ put a shock campaign of French human rights organization „The Mouvement du Nid“ and the Agency McCann Paris. The award-winning Kamp Ange wanted to give the abused victims a voice and so make the suitors deterrent prostitution everyday conscious. „The purpose of this campaign is, uncover the truth behind this system, are to show that the prostitution environment is violent and customers accomplices and sometimes even directly responsible for this violence“, Riccardo sagt Fregoso, McCann Paris, Executive Creative Director over the In&in. This contacting awareness campaign a heavy topic is set in motion, which was often hushed in past. The organization wants to galvanize the public and make a mark.

Girls of Paradise - Case Study Global

Einhorn Dildo: How to enchant women

values ​​princesses, will you be enchanted really you again? And this without man? Then Geeky Sex Toys has right for you at the start. The Unicorn Dildo is from 100% handmade medical silicone. The suction cup at the bottom opens on virtually any surface completely new possibilities and the parts are available in shades of pink, purple or white. The Unicorn is ultra hygienic 50 $ At Geeky Sex Toys to buy

Unicorn Horn Dildo - Geeky Sex Toys

Golden dildo in Pope Design

OK, OK, is not the Pope, but Papa Emeritus II of Ghost and who wants to lead Papa Emeritus II not only on a musical level to heart, intimate occult hours can now with a specially designed Ghost-Dildo sweeten. under the name of „Ghost Phallos Mortuus Dildo Box Set – Limites“ receives the inclined fan a set, in addition to a noble velvet bag, contains a golden dildo…

Einstiegsdroge Masturbate: weiss Rat

Internet professionals no longer Googling, but put your question in the same, the great expert forum. Especially with insurance issues around the topic onanism one knows because more than any Professional insurer – or addiction expert… :)

Einstiegsdroge Masturbate: weiss Rat
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Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies

The art of Nick Smith they convey to the viewer a slightly voyeuristic feeling, because you can only guess, what you see. As filtered through a curtain, one sees in the series „Paramour“ scantily clad or even naked women body. the Pixel-Look receive the pictures by, Nick assembles the colors on Pantone card, „Colour-Chip“ called the British artist this technique, with which he not only pays tribute to the female body, but previously known works of art history such as the Mona Lisa has readjusted.

You can judge a book by its cover, or you can take a Closer look and discover other dimensions. Paramour isn’t objectification; it’s celebration of the female form, and of love and desire.

Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
Pixelated Pantone portraits of sexy ladies
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