DBD: Phantom Self – Grave

Grave have a clip to „Phantom Self“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Machine Messiah“ at the start, that the 13. January was published…

Grave - Phantom Self (Official Video)

DBD: I am the enemy – Grave

to her new song „I am the enemy“ have Grave released a Lyric clip. The track is on 13. January on the album „Machine Messiah“ appear…

Grave - I am the enemy (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Grave: Appearance of Andreas Kisser at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games

Last Sunday, the 18. September 2016 is Grave-Guitarist Andreas Kisser occurred during the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The ceremony was like a Concert constructed and included performances of many famous Brazilian artists. Finally, there was the traditional handover of the Games, the 2020 held in Tokyo…

Andreas Kisser - Live Closing Ceremony of Paralympic games in Rio 2016

Members of Slipknot, Grave, Slayer and Motörhead as hazardous „Metal Allegiance“ yesterday on stage in West Hollywood

Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Andreas Kisser (Grave), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), John Tempesta (white Zombie, The Cult) and Mikkey Dee (Motorhead) yesterday as the All-Star-Metal-Band „Metal Allegiance“ in honor of Lemmy occurred. This band consists of a rotating cast of musicians, Yesterday Night were also members of Megadeth and testament on stage at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. See here the video recordings of the concert.

Metal Allegiance

„Metal Allegiance“ self-titled debut album was on 18. September 2015 released. Partner the project, Mark Menghi mentioned that besides the self-creative minds like David Ellefson in an interview, Mike Portnoy and Alex Skolnick are responsible for Sonwriting. This diverse range of artists, Press the sound their own personal stamp on musical. Menghi further explained the songwriting process:

Ace Of Spades - Metal Allegiance with Corey Taylor - Tribute to Lemmy

We wrote the majority of the Lyrics for the record. In particular, Dave Ellefson and I co-wrote a lot of the lyrics to the record. We based it off our personal experiences in life, some of the fucking crap we went through. For example, With ‚Can’t Kill The Devil‘, he had two lines for that song: ‚Can’t kill the Devil, the Devil never dies.‘ And when he said that to me, I was, like, ‚Just stop right there,‘ and an hour later, I came back with all the lyrics for the song. And I basically told a tale, I told a story about the Devil. We all have a Devil in our life. I told a story about my Devil and combined it with his.

Seek And Destroy by Metal Allegiance - Tribute to Lemmy

documentary about 30 Years Sepultura

Grave celebrated their 30 jähriges Jubiläum unter anderem auch mit einer Russland-Tour. at a Concert in Moscow on 13. March 2015 ist dabei eine knapp 18-minütige Dokumentation entstanden. In the center of which are live recordings of the show and an interview with guitarist Andreas Kisser, Since the 1987 plays with Sepultura.

Es gibt so viele verschiedene Versionen von Sepultura in den Köpfen der Menschen: Manche mögen die alten Sepultura, some prefer the new. das ist es, was Sepultura so großartig und besonders macht“, erklärt Kisser das Phänomen Sepultura. „All others are merely opinions. Everyone has their opinion. I respect them, but does not have to agree with them.“

Grave 2015 – Documentary - 30th Anniversary Russian Tour

DBD: Roots Bloody Roots, Rare Demo – Grave

From the time when Max Cavalera still in Grave was found here, the original demo version of „Roots Bloody Roots“. Unique version and something special! Here the Demo:

And since the original version of CD:

Grave - Roots Bloody Roots [Official Video]

DBD: Mud To Chaos – Grave

Zwei Jahrzehnte nach Veröffentlichung ihrer revolutionären Alben „Chaos AD“ (1993) and „Roots“ (1996), die den Weg für die einzigartige Mischung aus traditionellen brasilianischem und Thrash Sounds ebneten, zeigen die legendären brasilianischen Metal Icon „Grave“ the music video for „Mud To Chaos“, einem Chico Science & Nação Zumbi Cover

Grave - Mud To Chaos (Official Music Video)

DBD: Elegies DVD Covers 2004 – Machine Head

On the Machine Head Elegies DVD unfortunately these four great cover version were as Grave’s Territory (0:00), PANTERA mit New Level/Walk (2:35), METALLICA’s Seek and Destroy (5:05) und Iron Maiden’s The Trooper (7:03) never published. But exclusive for you, there are now these original recording from the Machine Head Concert from 5. December 2004 an der Academy Brixton! Fuck yeah! Headbang Motherfuckers!!!

Machine Head "Elegies" covers 2004

DBD: The Vatican – Grave

In the new Video Clip for the song „The Vatican“ geben euch Grave mächtig was auf die Augen und Ohren. The song comes from their latest work „The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart“, already on 25. October was published. Was an „The Vatican“ is particularly, verrät Sepultura-Gitarrist Andreas Kisser: „He is one of the tracks, der echte Death-Metal-Einflüsse aufweist. the Lyrics erzählen die Geschichte vom Aufbau des Vatikans, coupled with a lot of blood, Orgies, Morden, Corruption, Adultery… Es ist einfach einer der bösesten und perversesten Songtexte, I've ever written.“

Grave - The Vatican (Official Music Video)

A bloody revolution in the name and love of Christ
Sadistic pedophile, abusers of lies and lust
The power of the church over men’s intellect
A story of sacred swords – the darkest age of mankind

Reign of dark skies, walls of death and silence!

Alexander VI – Boniface VIII – Pius IX
John XXIII – Damasus I – Pius XII

Reign of dark skies, walls of death and silence!

A disgrace to the chair of Peter, in the ways of violent deaths
Banquets and evil orgies in the heart the holy see
Indulgence from the bank for the works of Religion
Conspiracies and corruption are leading us to the end

Reign of dark skies, walls of death and silence!

Alexander VI – Boniface VIII – Pius IX
John XXIII – Damasus I – Pius XII

Crusaders, the knights of sacrifice
Purveyors the death of Change
Crusaders, the knights of sacrifice
Dictators of change

Reign of dark skies, walls of death and silence!

DBD: The Age Of The Atheist – Grave

The Brazilian thrashers Grave schüren die Neugier auf die kommende Platte „The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart“ with a pre-song „The Age Of The Atheist“, Below gibts Lyrics simultaneously with this…

Grave - The Age Of The Atheist (OFFICIAL TRACK)

what do you see depends of what you are looking for and what are you looking for, needs to be Believed. It needs to exist in your head, you need to believe to disbelief.
What do you believe depends on the idea planted in your mind, what type of seeds have been planted? What do you believe depends on what you see!

Diversions are blocking our vision from the truth, the clear reality
Diversions turn our world to shit must stop. deny!
No Gods, no leaders, no prophets telling my future!
No heaven, no hell, not a messiah!

The needle of our medicine injecting poison vaccines
Our veins no longer carry blood — robotized- I DENY!
No news, no adds, no anchor telling us lies
No secrets, no war, there’s no savior!

It’s the age of the atheist!

All your senses — Eyes wide open

DBD: Kairos – Grave

Grave have on 24. June her latest work at the start and you can advance to the title track online now „Kairos“ an hören und kostenlos download. In addition to the brilliant artwork, her here as illustrations for the „Death Bell of the Day“ Video bestaunen könnt, the song sounds quite promising…

Grave - Kairos [2011]

Sepultura Summer Tour Video

Well friends, always Been interested, be how exciting the life of rock stars must? Surely there is only sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll, so many are now thinking. well, Sex and Drugs mag ja hinkommen, aber in diesem Fall ist es wohl eher Thrash Metal! Und wer Andreas Opern singen hören will, für den sind die nachfolgenden Clips eh Pflichtkonsum! :) Übrigens fräsen sich heute Abend die Jungs von Grave mit den Supportern Roots Of Death und Blackwall im Kofmehl in Solothurn in die Gehörgänge der Fans und dies für dieses Jahr zum letzten Mal in Europa! I’ll take you to a place where we shall find our Roots Bloody Roots!

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