Olive Robotics: Intelligent suitcase with integrated scale can be used as a Segway

The trend today in this direction, that every object is somehow provided with a processor, to him then „smart“ call to. Starts with kettles and heard most recently on at smartem luggage. The Startup FOURTH Robotics presented with „Olive“ the first intelligent suitcases for. The case goes like a Segway on two wheels behind its owner ago and poised independently. By pressing a button Olive may even like a real Segway are mounted and transported its owner at the destination. but Cooler is the feature, that he makes through image recognition to identify owners and can follow him and that should also work in the busy airport lounges. An alarm alerts the owner, if he leaves the suitcase by mistake, Lock / Unlock mit NFC, the integrated 10’000 mAh battery charges electronic devices, WiFi and Bluetooth connection to the phone or watch and Olive combines GPS with 3G / 4G connection to the trunk to locate. So if Olive doch mal lost Go help the GPS-Module and 3G / 4G connectivity here, the suitcase recover - no matter, where he is on the world.

Practical idea I find, especially the combination of diverse needs while Travel with the integrated scale and the battery I think succeeded. Whether autonomous suitcase should be a top seller at the safety concerns at airports currently, I dare but doubtful…

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Olive Robot (Intelligent Suitcase)

Segway homemade

Peter Forsberg von der Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, hat sich selbst einen Segway built. That has cost him about 300 Euro. The items he has published in cheap scooters from China and he wants the whole project as open source. What bothers me but the open electronics at the bottom, because I wish a lot of fun riding the Segway after driving through a puddle. Are other replicas in the network, including detailed construction plans.

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My latest creation

Segway Beta

Anyone who has always wissen wanted, as the first prototype of a Segway looked, is elucidated by the following diagram. Reminds me somehow of cart and Jackass… :)

Segway Beta

Segway gets feet

And no two of which, not four, no, a whole bunch. Does this mean no more Segway, but Cajun Crawler and why is this good, no one really knows. But you can build's…

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Cajun Crawler Exhibition 08

Segway Skiing

Segways so you can do useful things for. :)

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segway skiing @ FatWallet HQ

Drifting Segway

Seems so, that even if you are slightly inebriated, speak one at helm, selfsame but not in it has, perhaps acrobatic feats with the Segway should avoid :)

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drifting segway

The chimpanzee on a Segway

The chimpanzee at the Segway should probably be known, but not the song to. Harharhar. The song you will not get rid of the whole weekend, promised… :)

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chimpanzee riding on a segway

Segway – Antiterror

The Segways, where the boys are standing there go / probably become quite familiar. I saw a guy at any rate the days of casual, Cigarette smoking, so that all cyclists versägte. And now that things are so ended up in the Homeland Security. So you get every terrorist, when they're not sitting in the airplane ;)