Album Review: Sedunum – XY von Samael

Sedunum“ is the Latin name of the city of Sion or customs and „Sound and lights“ Events are, which cover the whole of France in summer. In this framework, performances with design of light, by fire, Candles and illuminated objects is a poetic, sensual, offered evocative and powerful music productions. In this case, no castles or medieval cities are spared, everywhere are listed theater and verballert infinitely expensive fireworks, which then Music is combined. As such, it is almost clear, that „Sedunum“ in the French-speaking Switzerland takes place and the name is the same adapted to derive the pun „Zion lights“ to make.

Sedunum - XY von Samael

Until the 13. September, with „Sedunum“ offered a show of music and light, which in the Rue des Châteaux and on the Prélet de Valere
is shown. The two artists Valais, the musician Alexandre Locher and light artist Rodrigue Pellaud will have responsibility for the project. The event will take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, held on Fridays and Saturdays in the historic city of Sion between Valere and Tourbillon. These two castles are included in the play of light and music, that here this album, acoustically complements. On these days, the soundtrack to the magnificent light show of Rodrigue Pellaud is synchronized, which relates the two castles in scene.

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„Sedunum“ is a Symphonic MetalProject with more than Symphonic Metal, you can see the disc as well „classical“ Denote plate. „Sedunum“ So actually the soundtrack to those same „Sound and light“-Anlässen And so we're on the issue of the album: Something is missing! The album sounds like a symphony, The music speaks for itself. Music, needs no images – the pictures make the audience itself – and exactly succeed „Sedunum“ only partially. Musically, it's orchestral work with enormous Instrumentation – a philharmonic orchestra, a choir, Percussion und Gitarre, Keyboards und Piano. The music center is but XY aka Alexandre Locher, responsible for percussion and piano programming. The Multi Instrumentalist kennt you als mastermind who Sittener Band Samael, quite a successful international Progmetaltruppe whose career already more than 20 Includes years. Here is his original pieces are characterized by medieval melodies and rhythms chanted. The pieces were about 80 Musicians and recorded in March 2014 included in the Prague Smecky Studios.

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„Sedunum“ takes the listener on a journey beyond time or physical limitations. The elements span from classic modern influences to experimental elements. Percussions and tribal rhythms are included from the orchestral instrumentation. Harpsichord, Accentuated guitars and full choir. But „Sedunum“ is probably completely and comprehensively only by supplementing with the visual realization. In itself it remains a relatively classic but also relatively unspectacular plant. So who has the opportunity, to Sion at travel and to view the entire spectacle, which should not miss the. The soundtrack can use on the way to set the mood and on the way back, to keep alive the memory of the event.


  1. Sedunum
  2. Ad Gloriam
  3. Elsewhere
  4. Dreams of Yore
  5. Celestial City
  6. Eternal Peace
  7. For Victory
  8. Through Ages
  9. In Aeternum
  10. In Memoriam
  11. Timeless
  12. Once
  13. Babylon
Album Review: Sedunum - XY von Samael
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