DBD: Reaper's Dance – Scorpion Child

at the 10. who in June „Scorpion Child“ their new album „Acid Roulette“ published and here you can download the Video to „Reaper's Dance“…

Scorpion Child - Reaper's Dance (Official Video)

DBD: Moon Tension – Scorpion Child

With „Moon Tension“ give us „Scorpion Child“ eine weitere Hörprobe zu ihrer kommenden Platte „Acid Roulette“, the most 10. June appears…

Scorpion Child - 'Moon Tension' (OFFICIAL TRACK)

Space Lord MotherFucker – Monster Magnet im Z7

last Monday put the spaceship Space Lords at Z7 in Pratteln on. Supported by the madness support the Texan Scorpion Child, who worked, as if they came straight from the 70s, there were psychedelic rock at its finest! Monster Magnet „Celebrating The A&M Years Live“ was on the agenda and the guys around Dave Wyndorf were simply great! There was power riffs, much sweat and at the end an ode to the word „motherfucker“.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

On Monday night raged Monster Magnet in the well-attended concert Z7 with all the force of their passion. Already in recent years proved Dave Wyndorf and his band always Back, that they have great fun with it, to celebrate their recent releases again live. Under the motto Tour „Celebrating The A & M Years Live“ celebrate Monster Magnet, the four perhaps most important phonogram its history. On the label A&m Records the band signed in the early nineties and brought out there their previously known and most influential albums – starting with „Superjudge“ Annual 1993. appeared two years later „Dopes to Infinity“ with the single „Negasonic Teenage Warhead“, the first time placed the band in the music television. Again, three years later followed with „Powertrip“ their most successful album to date. Annual 2000 appeared with „God Says No“ then their last album on A & M Records.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

In preliminary program but showed only Scorpion Child, as psychedelic rock was formerly. Very groovy, Vintage and full of atmosphere. As three years ago had singer Aryn Jonathan Black handle everything. The five Lord went on stage from really and lay have the goods. Visually and stylistically reminiscent of the boys „Led Zeppelin“, with escalating psychedelic jam passages wafting echo devices and feedback effects. Titles like „Polygon of Eyes“ or „The Secret Spot“ had their effect and let the audience again and again in cheers erupt. „Scorpion Child“ are absolute thoroughbred musicians, playing the bombastic rock and that with a lot of heart, Joy and vigor. The initial reluctance in the audience put up very quickly and the stage presence of the band was just great.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

After half an hour breather then came finally the rock heroes from New Jersey on the dance floor. 27 Years is the restless singer Dave Wyndorf with his Kombo already on the floor and Dave looked fitter than ever, even the Speck of prior few years was almost completely gone and you could see nothing of his old age. „Crop Circle“ ballert with thick bass blasts through the speakers and Dave roars like a bear. The second song described the march towards the evening: „Powertrip“, otherwise this was. „It is nice, to be back in Pratteln“, rejoiced Dave and jumps right back and haute with all his strength in the strings of his guitar. At least now, with the thick groove monster „Melt“ it is done by almost all in the audience. Songs wie „Superjudge“ and „Look to Your Orb for the Warning“ put the Z7 in fire and the punk-oriented pieces as „Dinosaur Vacuum“ and „Tractors“ burned finally everything down.

MONSTER MAGNET – Space Lord, Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, 21.03.2016

The band was already 1989 founded, but is still enthusiastic and fully committed to this. It is precisely this enthusiasm comes 1:1 over and you realize, that they had Bock, bringing the store to the quake. The audience is from the first second full case, which incidentally also includes some older Semester. The same applies to the band, which, although a bit in the years, but more going on than many younger colleagues. Vocally Dave Wyndorf is really great and with a fan in front of him on stage blowing his hair in the wind. You can hear the people sing, some can also be tempted to dance, albeit a bit more reserved. What is certain, that Monster Magnet one of the few remaining „real“ is rock bands of the old school, the reason is probably the fans have remained loyal from then until now. From classic rock on Acid rock to progressive numbers everything was there that evening. to Stop Worrying „Space Lord“ shows Wyndorf all gestures, who taught him the rock history. It follows peace, Whistles and compelling calls for more. This opinion was also Monster Magnet and so they contacted „I Want More“ back on stage, Followed by brutal „Face Down“ goes into the final with „Negasonic Teenage Warhead“, a hearty greeting and a brilliant bottom. Even for non-experts of the songs, it was an entertaining show.

Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7

Monster Magnet and her colleagues from Scorpion Child brought the audience an entertaining concert evening of Rock'n'Roll. Wynford need to 27 long anyone more prove years and ten studio albums as a songwriter and performer cool slightly. Monster Magnet is like no other band for Kick Ass Hard Rock with Stoner flair and this certain Garage Feeling the 60s and 70s. A class Concert, great atmosphere and a Horde avid fans, the guarantees could experience a great start to the week with this Monday evening concert. Who was not at Z7 in Pratteln on this Monday as listeners, has definitely missed something!


  1. Crop Circle
  2. Powertrip
  3. Melt
  4. Superjudge
  5. Twin Earth
  6. Look to Your Orb for the Warning
  7. Dinosaur Vacuum / brainstorm
  8. Cage Around the Sun
  9. Tractor
  10. Dopes to Infinity
  11. Space Lord
  12. Yet:

  13. I Want More
  14. Face Down
  15. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Space Lord MotherFucker - Monster Magnet im Z7
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DBD: She Sings, I Kill – Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child put their new single with a clip before Lyric. The new track „She Sings, I Kill“ released, of on the upcoming album of the Texas Heavy Rockers, the beginning 2016 appears. Before they can be at 23. November 2015 With Crobot experience and Buffalo Summer in Z7…

Scorpion Child - She Sings, I Kill (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Kings Highway – Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child have a new, Magnificent Video the song „Kings Highway“ at the start, dass von der preisgekrönten Stop-Motion Künstlerin Jess Cope was made, die ihr Können bereits mitThe Astronomer’s Sun“, „Postman Pat“ und Tim Burton’s „Frankenweenie“ could prove. „Jess Cope’s Arbeit für unser neues „Kings Highway“-Video is masterful!“, Scorpion Child says frontman Jonathan Black Aryn and we also find!

Scorpion Child - Kings Highway (Official Video)

DBD: Polygon of Eyes – Scorpion Child

The U.S. rockers „Scorpion Childhauen euch folgend ihr neues Video zu der Nummer „Polygon of Eyes“ on the eyes and ears, Lyrics gibts nach dem Clip gleich mit dazu. The song comes from the self-titled album „Scorpion Child“, the end of June have brought to market the Texans. Live könnt ihr diese absolut geniale Classic-Rock-Perle am 5. November im Mascotte in Zürich bewundern

Scorpion Child - Polygon of Eyes (Official Music Video)

Dying tomorrow, we stare at the sun
Summer of fame collapse in the fall
Uprising and falling you’re fighting with fear
The ending is neat
This enemy friend, A truce in the lie

I live on the mountain
And dream of the open sky
A time-sent event horizon
Will leave our stories behind

Watching the frayed run for their lives
Bent by the silence erupting inside
Uprising and falling you’re fighting the sun
The battle is won
Defeating Religion to conquer the land

I live on the mountain
And dream of the open sky
A time-sent event horizon
Will leave our stories behind