Tattoo-Legende Filip Leu im Interview: „My work dies with the person, she wears.“

Filip Leu and his family are in the tattoo scene as legends. Filip has learned as a child to tattoo and today a customer waiting list of several years. He is the idol of many tattooists. This Video is for everyone Tattoo-Fan a highlight.

The late Felix Leu regarded as the progenitor of the modern tattoo. He discovered the end of the 70 art tattooing and was one of the first, whose tattoos the concept „body Arts“ earned. He influenced the tattoo world like no other, many tattooists were based on his skill. This he passed on his family. „My father is an icon. All he did, He made one hundred percent. He was a good father. He knew, as he was out making the most of the people. He was a good motivator, Leaders and Teachers. I was pissed off, when he got cancer and died from it.“ You can feel the strong bond, which they have in the family and also maintain Leu. Das Studio „The Leu Family’s Family Iron“ in Sainte-Croix, Canton of Vaud. Filip tells childhood stories: „I've never been to school. We were always at the Travel with the family. That's why I like Prom movies so much, because I did it myself never experienced the. With 10 Years has tattooed my father for the first time, It was a star. That I learned then tattooed very early himself, was my decision.“ Filip speaks calmly and deliberately. „A few years ago, a guy came into the studio and said,: <I'm traveling around the world and in every tattoo studio I see your stickers. Now I know, that you're the best tattoo artists in the world.“ Then I: „no, I'm the type, the most stickers distributed.“

Tattoo-Legend Filip Leu: "My work dies with the person, she wears. " | Inked

Megadeth: The Grammy winner coming in August to Zurich

at the 17. August 2017 join Dave and his crew for an exclusive show to Zurich. Unfortunately, they occur in the worst location of Switzerland on, in complex 457!

Poorer location offers in Switzerland hardly at. Absolutely the most horrible acoustics, I have ever heard, unorganisierte, dilettante Security and to fall asleep lame bar staff. After 2 Hours Concert are all the walls and floors mostly KlatschNass and also the smoking room is the horror. The ventilation is so bad that you can hardly see your hand before eyes. About all that could still ignore, were it not for the bad sound quality in this hall. And be the crowning always let in too many people. I'm bigger crowds in sold-out concerts accustomed, but if you can enter the hall barely, because it is already at the door in a seemingly impenetrable wall of people, listen to the fun on! NEVER AGAIN! damage, but so are me Megadeth Unfortunately the nearly 80 not worth CHF. Who wants to do this anyway, place from tomorrow the tickets in advance…

DBD: Schatteboxe – ZüriWest

Five years have passed since the last album Züri West Bern and recently we have the new song „Schachtar gäge Gent“ belongs. Here is a long song from the upcoming album „love“, that the 24. March will be published…

ZüriWest - Schatteboxe

DBD: Schachtar gäge Gent – ZüriWest

Five years have passed since the last album of the Berne. at the 24. March brings the band to Kuno Lauener her studio album „love“ on the market., a foretaste of the new plant provides the Single „Schachtar gäge Gent“…

ZüriWest - Schachtar gäge Gent

Switzerland – the sexiest country in Europe!

the Video the Dutch satirical program „Sunday Lubach“ went around the world. In it, the Netherlands presented on naughty and funny way the new US president. Following the motto when henceforth „America first“ applies, Donald Trump announced, then it should at least „The Netherlands second“ call. The team of SRF-Talker Dominic Deville priced Donald Trump now Switzerland an! The idea comes naturally from the Netherlands, the order directly from EU Satire Commissioner Jan Böhmermann. „Germany wants to be second“, „Denmark wants to be second“ and, just, Also „Switzerland wants to be second“: All movies for Donald Trump to appear from now on „Every second counts„…

Switzerland second (Official) | DEVILLE LATE NIGHT #everysecondcounts

Coop sells worm burgers and insects Mincemeat from May 2017

According to Business Insider sells Coop, one of the two major Swiss supermarket chains, from May 2017 Mealworm burgers and meatballs from insects. I'm sure about the first in line and perhaps I will indeed soon insect Aryans, who knows? Currently is precisely again Dschungelcamp-time…

Starting May 2017, Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest wholesale retailers, will start selling „Burgers“ and „meatballs“ — both primarily made from mealworm larvae — at select grocery locations. It will Partner with Essento, a Swiss startup that makes food from insects, Switzerland’s the LOCAL reports.

Coop plans to eventually offer more insect products Beyond burgers and meatballs, Essento co-founder Christian Bärtsch tells Business Insider. He declined to specify what they will be and how many Coop locations will carry Essento’s products.

Federal Councillors sing Queens cult song Bohemian Rhapsody

The new Federal Council photograph made the last days for the rain to talk about. So the picture of the cover of the Beatles was, compared by One Direction or the Fugees. Now spread Picture this Video, on the Federal Councils to Queen-Classic „Bohemian Rhapsody“ trällern. Game of Bundesthrones…

Bernhemian Rhapsody / Federal Photo 2017 / federal Council 2017

DBD: Moth Into Flame (Metallica Jodel Cover) – Dr Eidgenoss

„Dr Eidgenoss“ yodel with so much dedication and Style, as if yodeling cool and he Johnny Cash. And so the Nidwaldner Örgeli original covert short Metallica thrash number „Moth Into Flame“. He takes the original natural drums away, embroidered it fearlessly with mountain flowers and yodel a volley over the Central Swiss mountains. Dr Eidgenoss is a musical limelight. We bow to so much courage, Talent and boldness! Dr Eidgenoss kicks ass!

Dr Eidgenoss - Moth Into Flame (METALLICA Cover)

For NDG YES: Switzerland as a prison

Reacting to today's adoption of the Intelligence Agencies Act I just have to make Friedrich Dürrenmatt in here. „Every prisoner proves his freedom, by being simultaneously guards.“ Here the legendary speech for the Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize to Vaclav Havel on 22.11.1990 and the words Dürrenmatt are current than ever…

Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Switzerland as a prison


Swiss professional freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier has experimented with point-of-view shots while this Video came out. To make the recordings, he swings his iPhone 6 on a string in a circle over the head – and skiing…

Centriphone - an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier
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