For NDG YES: Switzerland as a prison

Reacting to today's adoption of the Intelligence Agencies Act I just have to make Friedrich Dürrenmatt in here. „Every prisoner proves his freedom, by being simultaneously guards.“ Here the legendary speech for the Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize to Vaclav Havel on 22.11.1990 and the words Dürrenmatt are current than ever…

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Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Switzerland as a prison


Swiss professional freestyle skier Nicolas Vuignier has experimented with point-of-view shots while this Video came out. To make the recordings, he swings his iPhone 6 on a string in a circle over the head – and skiing…

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Centriphone - an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier

Gimmelwald's mountain rescue cat leads stray tourists from the mountains

Gimmelwald's mountain rescue cat leads stray tourists from the mountains

There are always back foreign tourists, which get lost in the Swiss mountains, and then must be berfreit by the mountain rescue from their predicament. Redditor sc4s2cg has in Gimmelwald in the Bernese Oberland a very special rescuers aside. As the Redditor told, he went into the mountains near his inn hiking and strayed. According to his card was the only, Closed official way back, but then came a helpful little cat as a guide to him and showed him a different path down the mountain.

Gimmelwald's mountain rescue cat leads stray tourists from the mountains

sc4s2cg told his experience in the Switzerland and published this on Reddit, but most people were skeptical, sounds the whole little credibility. But little by little more Reddit users reported, to have that alleged in the same region of Switzerland similar experiences with a Cat mountain guides had…

Gimmelwald's mountain rescue cat leads stray tourists from the mountains
Gimmelwald's mountain rescue cat leads stray tourists from the mountains
(via Bored Panda)

The polder – Trailer and Poster

The polder - Poster

Finally the Swiss Fantasy / science fiction film comes „The polder“ Samuel Schwarz and Julian M. Grünthal in theaters. At the 1. September 2016 is applicable, after the film about a year ago on NIFFF premiere. Now including the mainstream audience can look forward outside of film festivals on the film. To celebrate the release you can also come up with some. will accompany the film, among other things an app for Android and IOS, which „The polder“ well away from the big screen to bring to life. It will certainly be interesting to see, whether moviegoers will jump on it. Ob via App, Radio play or movie, it will be interesting to the new plant of „Mary & Johnny“-directors. Not only because the first Trailer leaves a great impression, but also because there is simply too little genre films from the Switzerland are. This makes the Theatrical Release of „The polder“ more beautiful.

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Der Polder Official Trailer (2016)

NEUROO-X stands for Games, abolishing the border between reality and reality. A new gadget, the legendary RED BOOK, provides the ultimate gaming experience. The secret desires of gamers are scanned by the engine and turned into fantastic Adventures. Marcus, the Chief Development Manager of NEUROO-X dies nearing completion of the RED BOOK. His mistress Ryuko finds out, that in the test series of the game in China terrible happened and the deeper it dives into the mystery of NEUROO-X, the more they will also lose touch with reality. She neglected her son Walter, logging into the game and disappears in the digital parallel world. Ryuko finds himself in a world full of demons, Witches, Ritter and terrorists.

The fantasy film sends its audience into a world of digital addition worlds and gamer desires. "Polder" was awarded the Méliès d'Argent in Trieste best European science fiction film.

In the first transmedia project in Switzerland more trashy sci-fi dystopias can via the app "The polder" be experienced. In the film shows the parallel worlds also be linked to the cinema: Before the film of / the spectator is guided by means of an audio walks on a walk around the cinema, listen to fantastic stories and encounters magic figures. During the performance, actors from the film interact in theatrical elements with the audience - a very special experience.

That's why: The app "The polder" (Available from 15. August) load on smartphone and bring headphones! In selected cities, you can since the APP release via radio plays into the story world of "polders" plunge.

Developer: Gbanga
Price: Free
Developer: Millform Ltd
Price: Free

Satan fair and human sacrifices at CERN in Geneva

Do not worry friends, that's just a little fun birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. All Fake. Do something like Nerds halt.

Satan fair and human sacrifices at CERN in Geneva

Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched an investigation into a video filmed at night on its Geneva campus depicting a mock ritual human sacrifice. The video, which circulated online, shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe’s top physics lab, in what appears to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony.

The video includes the staged “stabbing” of a woman. It is filmed from the perspective of a secret viewer watching from a window above who, as the ceremony reaches its climax, lets out a string of expletives and flees with the camera still running. The ceremony appears to have been staged in front of a statue of the Hindu deity Shiva that is on permanent display at the complex, home of the Large Hadron Collider.

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Satanic Ritual at CERN complex in Geneva, Switzerland

Pokémon GO: The joke! In Basel beat Pikachu and Co. against the back gamblers

Some love Pokémon GO, others hate it. The actors of the video „Pokemons gone wild in basel!! Pokemon GO the Revenge“ are probably more the latter variety. In Pikachu costumes and armed with oversized Poké-balls they hit Pokémon GO Addicts. And „meet“ is truly the right verb, because what the oversized Pokémon with her also oversized spin, can even die Zocker smile. The plastic Poké Balls are clamped and then, as expected, to „Smombies“ discharged. The fact that the people involved can only puzzled look from the laundry as Safcons, afflicted with confusion, Self-explanatory. Watch worth. No matter what kind of man you heard.

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AT 2016: Today, Switzerland plays

against Albania. Not easy, but the novelty, to be able to tilt the playing field in accordance, will take at least against France in the claim Nati…

AT 2016: Today, Switzerland plays

360° Gotthard tunnel passage

In the following 360 ° Video is one you need almost an hour through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The train in the video is 64,5 km / h on the road. In reality, the trains roaring up to 250 km / h in around 17 Minutes through the new tunnel. The lighting in the tunnel is normally off, so but you can explore every corner of the new Gotthard Base Tunnel…

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Gotthard 360° - Tunneldurchfahrt

Go-Kart Flash Action

A week ago, two go-kart drivers have hung in Zurich on a tram and can pull up the mountain. Subsequently they are four of going down the mountain and were flashed by a speed camera. What you just so makes night. Quadricycles for one Halleluja.

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WD40 - Flash Action

Use the go-kart driver, there are now a short documentary:

„The Wild Werner“ is a short documentary about a crew of street racers, using the streets of Zurich for their personal brand of adrenaline kick in their homemade racing karts. After a lot of persuasion I had the opportunity to accompany them for a longer period of time to find out more about their motivation and backgrounds.

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The Wild Werner - Mockumentary

6. Squadron „Game of Thrones“ free and legally in Stream

Radio Television Suisse (RTS) has been the only TV stations worldwide „Game of Thrones“ his audience free in normal evening television and especially as Stream an. While the rights for German-speaking only as a package for Germany, Austria and Switzerland are to acquire, there are francophone rights individually. This makes it possible RTS with HBO to negotiate directly and so the sender can the series 24 broadcast hours after US broadcast in original sound with French subtitles. Thereafter, the respective episodes for 7 Days on the web players of RTS streamable online. Here for you 2. Episode of the cult series…

Petition against the revised surveillance law BÜPF

The opponents of the revised Law on Inspection BÜPF have started to collect signatures for the referendum. On Tuesday they presented their arguments. No say the opponents to the associated violations of fundamental- and liberties, particularly but not only are the methods described in BÜPF, as the smuggling of State Trojan opponents an eyesore.


In the spring session, Parliament had the revised law to monitor the post- and Telecommunications (BÜPF) approved. In order to monitor a suspect is to be adapted in criminal proceedings to technological development. New expected the law enforcement agencies, for example Trojans in Computer infiltrate, To these can listen to and monitor for example, Skype calls. Say the state may, provided that the revised BÜPF is waved through, apply methods of hackers and crackers and so the reason- restrict rights and freedoms of Swiss citizenship. How much these days is absolutely disproportionate, as not only do we find.

An Advocacy Alliance, the young parties of the right and links belong raises hand: the Boy SVP, the Young Liberals, the boys Green Liberals and the JUSO. In addition, the Greens, the Pirate Party, Organizations such as the Association of Fundamental Rights, the digital society Switzerland or the operation Libero and the IT industry. Specifically criticize opponents, that law enforcement agencies should continue to install to prosecute crimes monitoring software on computers or smartphones – not only in cases of murder or terrorism, but even at relatively small offenses such as theft. From the perspective of opponents is not only disproportionate, but also dangerous: For installation should vulnerabilities are exploited. This creates a legal black market for vulnerabilities, can take the criminals also.

Petition against the revised surveillance law BÜPF

Problematic the State Trojans are but according to the opponents and therefore, because the system not only monitors, but also affect or data can be changed at all. So evidence could be manipulated, the state can not guarantee, that does not happen. In addition, State Trojans are unnecessary, argues the Coalition. Also in other ways, it is quite possible, intercept encrypted communications. To work around Skype and other providers on a court order out with the authorities. The authorities could in groups Internet – about a child porn ring – infiltrieren, to access information. The fact that the legal assistance takes a lot of time and the infiltration is complicated, does not speak from the perspective of BÜPF opponents against such methods: Maybe that was not bad, because the risk is small, that the authorities monitor too often. Criticizes the Action Alliance also because, that phone boundary data is stored, that law enforcement authorities can access it when necessary. Such data provide information on, who, when the phone with whom how long. Here though everything remains the same: The data would – differently than originally planned – kept with the revised law no longer than today. In the eyes of the enemy, the retention should be however generally abolished. At the very least, the data should have to be stored in Switzerland.

Opponents now have until 7. May time, 50’000 collect signatures, what will hopefully succeed. Who wants to actively help, to get the signatures together, takes on Stop BÜPF all it takes to, Signature bow, Passersby stop and brochures. Good luck!

The Matterhorn Glass

glass, where (known) Surveys are incorporated, are not really something new. „The Matterhorn Glass“ includes one of the highest mountains in the Alps. The 4,478 meters were however reduced to just a few centimeters, However, maintaining the striking appearance. So the evening of whiskey becomes an adventure and can perhaps flare old mountaineering stories. For $24.95 you can the pretty Get glasses with Matterhorn home.

Take your scotch on the rocks. Designed for adventurous spirits by the fine folks at Tale Ltd., these crystal tumblers are modeled after the Matterhorn, one of the Alps‘ highest and most picturesque peaks.

The Matterhorn Glass
The Matterhorn Glass
The Matterhorn Glass
The Matterhorn Glass

John Carpenter retrospective: The program on NIFFF 2016

As already mentioned, John Carpenter is this year guest of honor at NIFFF, plays a Live-Concert and receives its own retrospective. Now there is finally more information and the films shown are known.

John Carpenter am NIFFF 2016

The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival has finally announced, which in addition to the live concert cinematic point around the Master of Horror it's planned. Accordingly, a retrospective 18 his most important works plans and is therefore a unique opportunity to see the films on the big screen and in the best available format, which have literally shaped the history of contemporary fantastic film. Thus, from the 1st to the 9. July 2016 showed the following films:

  • Dark Star, 1974
  • Assault On Precinct 13, 1976
  • Halloween, 1978
  • The Fog, 1980
  • Escape From New York, 1981
  • The Thing, 1982
  • Christine, 1983
  • Starman, 1984
  • Big Trouble In Little China, 1986
  • Prince Of Darkness, 1987
  • They Live, 1988
  • Memoirs Of An Invisible Man, 1992
  • In The Mouth Of Madness, 1994
  • Village Of The Damned, 1995
  • Escape From L.A., 1996
  • Vampires, 1998
  • Ghosts Of Mars, 2001
  • The Ward, 2010

(via NIFFF)

Kuhtrekking: Riding on the back of a cow through the Swiss Alps

On the Bolderhof in Hemishofen in the beautiful Switzerland Visitors can under the motto „The Cow and You“ a Kuh-Trekking book and so have the chance, to climb on the back of a dairy cow and her meadows, Forests and ride through rivers in the Rhine valley. the Kuhritt is Offered by the Alpine landscape in a version, from 2 Cows and a duration of 1 1/2 Hours, without Zvieri for CHF 95 per cow or a four-hour half-day trip from 4 cows, with organic snacks for CHF 150 pro Kuh.


After a brief introduction and learning about the cow humans and animals are ready for the ride. In this one rides on the vast fields, through rustling forests and the rich pastures near the rivers Rhine and beaver. The cows have their own pace, so between slow and very slow, so the ride is quite calm and quiet, so that the rider can stress free to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. An advantage of having cows compared to horses, Cows are not as skittish as horses. If something happens thus to a round, is the cow always more, while watching the horse has nothing. However, the biggest challenge for a Cow-Trekker is the delicious grass or juicy corn along the route, because here the cows are quickly forgotten and it takes quite a few efforts of the rider, to bring the cow to move again. But all in all a spassige idea and determines an unforgettable experience…

(Pictures Bolderhof)

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