Album Review: Schöngeist – Woe!

The Wikipedia definition is: „Schöngeist – eine Person, viewed with enthusiasm the fine arts and less everyday things dedicated.“ This fits well with the band „Schöngeist„, because their center of German-Turkish singer Timur Karakus is very concerned about aesthetics and it shows in the sounds, dem Gesang und vor allem in den Textzeilen. On their new album „Woe!“ go the aesthetes another step towards gothic, klingen dabei aber nicht minder, sondern Pop nach mehr als zuvor. Nevertheless, the Music still more with Rammstein as with Unholy doing. Gothic Rock Pop ie, with hard hitting riffs and sterile, Violin and electronic sounds. That u.a. Icebreaker– and Megadeth frontman „Alexx“ Wesselsky was involved in the formation of the title, fits of course well into the picture.

Schöngeist - Woe!

Schöngeist“ is empathetic Goth rock with German lyrics and modern pop appeal, refined through many various electric elements. In the texts of the band is all about the human condition and the rapid emotional mountain- and downs that everyone of us has experienced. 2006 founded the Munich-born Timur Karakus his six-strong band esthete. That gut, six „Man“ is not quite right, Henny Becker occupied the position on the violin / keyboard and you are missing without a doubt the masculine characteristics. As Bayer with a migration background (his parents are from Istanbul), stood for Timur one in the foreground. He wanted to create, what seemed almost impossible and unite East and West finally and even if it is only the music. Does not go? Goes very well, because so alien to the sounds are not and his two studio albums „Love Warrior“ (2009) and „No time“ (2011) make this skillfully demonstrated. The new album titled „Woe!“ is the perfect anthem for all those who are currently fighting with themselves and to the affection for another person. „That each of us has ever experienced“, describes singer Timur Karakus. „What remains, is the desperate hope and a dream, which each and everyone likes lagging behind“. „Woe!“ dedicated to all unapproachable, disdained, lost and forbidden love and suffering in the world - making it a melancholy tribute to the Love itself.


The third plate „Woe“ sets the gothic rock band „Schöngeist“ an elegant, powerful and complete German language album ago. Many Gothrocker with brutal attitude, there are, who ASP oder Icebreaker. The somewhat more relaxed attitude from the always well-dressed Timur and his band, both on the disk as well as on the live stage, like as remarkably well as a small contrast. Lyrically, the album focuses on the interpersonal, Relationship conflicts, Hope, Dreams and sadness – A „melancholy tribute to love yourself“. In a way, the esthete busy so, contrary to the definition, but with the everyday. Also in the menacing-sounding „Woe!“ sings Karakus way the love - in this case, the scorned. At the initial phase to Timur's longtime companion Alex Wesselsky had involved lyrically and musically. The eponymous title for the album is in any case clear to, which musical journey esthete here. Input sounds a violin, which might as well prepare to enjoy a classical album. But only a little later set a hard guitar salvos. The next piece you can clearly feel the effects of Icebreaker Frontman Wesselsky. „deep“ is a thoroughly rocking song with electronical influences. Vocally changes Timur sometimes in a hoarse tormented Register. is content here evidently someone be roused „How often do you still want to fall?“ or even as low?

Schöngeist - Together alone

By this includes Following „Back“ at the beginning sounds like Industrial, but remains with the onset of guitar, Bass and drums in rock garb. Again select the Musikästhet Karakus a harder vocal gait. He skillfully plays between soft and insinuating, to hoarse and furious passages. You want to feel my anger a certain. „Together Alone“ exudes a similar sentiment as its predecessor and has quite catchy potential. A long lost friendship is discussed here. The emotions, transported sonically here, may well have almost every empathize. „We should forget, not require too much“, True words, which are very concise staged. „I am in favor“ then spoiled us again with a warm soft voice. „There Counting The Seconds“ dashing off directly, nevertheless the song is gentle and calm but to the very fast-paced song. Are not we all calm contemporaries, to be driven? The song illustrates this very clearly. The pace just obtained is also „Know me“ continuing. A very entertaining-rocking piece dominated by guitar and drums with striking Chorus. „Traumtanz“ is an appeal to all those, the despair of life. The actual completion of the album is the very powerful song „Live“. This song shakes up and formally requested to live on and to make something of his life. A brilliant end, but not quite, the final step is the interpretation of Nick Cave Classic „Where The Wild Roses Grow“.

Schöngeist - East

2013 should be an absolute success year for Munich. First, the band signed a record deal with the label Oblivion / SPV and now stands at 30 August 2013 with the album „Woe!“ now more third release into the house. An all-round Successful alternative rock album, which invites you to repeated listening. Solider of German rock with a certain hardness, Sensuality and some electronic signatures. On their new album cost esthete from their entire musical spectrum. Even after repeated listening finds always again nuances, are an escaped before, and can re-discover this for themselves. This is probably the nice thing about this kind of music. There are transported not be general wisdom, but feelings, Moods and experiences. Solutions are indicated, whilst leaving enough flexibility, that everyone has their own conclusions may draw. Eventually, I came under the spell times, „When we are happy, we enjoy the music, when we are sad, We understand the lyrics“. Tellingly can not it for this album express. Musically all pieces are very catchy and also a certain Popcharakter here and there's no denying it. If you take the time, one discovers the profound in the Lyrics. A very promising band, one should keep in mind necessarily! Wer die Band noch nicht kennt, With Icebreaker, Megahertz and Rammstein but has had good experience and not hard to do something more pop influence, should listen definitely.


  1. Woe!
  2. deep!
  3. Back
  4. Together Alone
  5. I am in favor
  6. There Counting The Seconds
  7. Know me
  8. Traumtanz
  9. Live
  10. Where The Wild Roses Grow

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