Kwai Chang Caine died when mastrubieren

Der Tod des 72 year-old David Carradine in a hotel in Bangkok was still extremely mysterious. Now declared the coroner Porntip Rojanasunan: „It was neither suicide nor murder, he died, after he had satisfied himself.“ Porntip is based on an accident of masturbating. Police Chief Worapong Siewpreecha described in the Times Online: „A cord was tied around his neck, another around his genitals. Both cords were linked together and hung in the closet.“

Carradine was not on Wednesday night appeared to have dinner with colleagues, the next morning found him a hotel employee, who wanted to clean up his room. Somehow come as inevitably memories of the death of INXS singer Michael Hutchence high, which 1997 was found dead in a hotel room was. At that time, there was speculation, he wanted to increase by pinching off the air supply his sexual pleasure, the investigators had officially reported as the cause suicide. I would have liked a more dignified disposal at least for David, but Mort has his own plan.

Below is a clip with two big stars, who are no longer with us, Brandon Lee is fighting in the final of „Kung Fu: The movie“ against David Carradine. RIP!

Nostalgic David Carradine vs Brandon Lee Finale in Kung Fu The Movie

David Carradine ist tot

David Carradine

The actor David Carradine has been found dead in Bangkok. Das bestätigte ein Sprecher der amerikanischen Botschaft in Thailand.

Mit Quentin Tarantinos „Kill Bill“ He celebrated a furious comeback. Der 72-Jährige sei entweder am Mittwoch Abend oder am Donnerstag Morgen gestorben, said a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy. Mit Rücksicht auf Carradines Familie würden zunächst keine weiteren Einzelheiten bekanntgegeben. Die BBC meldet unter Berufung auf thailändische Polizeiquellen, The actor was found in his hotel room with a rope around his neck.

Whether it is a suicide or an accident, is apparently still unclear. According to a report published in the Bangkok newspaper „The Nation“ geht die örtliche Polizei allerdings derzeit von einem Selbstmord aus. Carradine appeared in the seventies, among others in the television series „Kung Fu“ With. Carradine was obviously to shoot in Bangkok. Rest in Power!