DBD: Delusions Of Grandeur – Sahg

The Norwegians have their entire album „Delusions Of Grandeur“, on which 25. October 2013 is published, As Stream Added. „Sahg“ come from the environment of „Audrey Horne“ and „Gorgoroth“. With their fourth album „Delusions Of Grandeur“ beschreiten die Hard Rocker neue musikalische Wege und heute gibt es für euch das Album im „Death Bell of the Day“!

DBD: Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe – Sahg

Sahg, the doom band from Norway has a video clip for the song „Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe“ released. at the 25. Oktober lassen sie übrigens ihre neue Langrille „Delusions Of Grandeur“ on the metal world go.

Video Thumbnail
Sahg - Slip Off The Edge Of The Universe Official Video | Metal Hammer