Album Review: Running Wild – Resilient

With „Resilient“ steht mittlerweile das 15. Studio album Metal-Institution „Running Wild“ raring. Als im letzten Jahr „Shadowmaker“ was announced, skepticism and euphoria were very close to each other. Unfortunately, the last albums of the Hanseatic metalheads could not fully convince. Also „Shadowmaker“ expectations could not really meet. Too unbalanced was the songwriting and many fans saw the band once again disappear into oblivion. Now comes with „Resilient“ behind a new album, that leaves a consistently positive impression. But what can „Resilient“ really? Easily, a lot! „Running Wild“ play finally Running Wild songs!

Running Wild - Resilient

The cover of the new album Running Wild „Resilient“ already documented strongly: This band is indestructible in fact! Since February 2013 Rock'n'Rolf has worked hard on the new album. „?? I felt this freshness immediately, when I started the songwriting for Resilient, because pieces like ‚Fireheart‘ or ‚Soldiers Of Fortune‘ just poured out of me“ he explains. „Especially the dynamic pace of ‚Soldiers Of Fortune‘ has unleashed in me a true creative avalanche.“?? Generally Resilient is significantly harder and more compact than its predecessor, explains Rolf and enjoys noticeably regained enthusiasm!Ruth is, quite a classy woman

Running Wild

The opener „Soldiers Of Fortune“ convinced after only a few bars with typical riffing and has already generated a relatively brisk and straighte, Running Wild just typical number. Rolf has seized more than cool riffs on the entire last album in this song. The accented riffing, the pace forcierende Bridge and surprisingly catchy chorus stand for an altogether more than successful start. A new Running Wild anthem is born! In the same vein, the beat also very traditionally held numbers „Adventure Highway“, „Fireheart“ und das starke „The Drift“. The uptempo numbers would have to „Blazon Stone“ or „The Rivalry“ made a good impression and let hit the fan's heart beat faster. You get the feeling, dass Rolf wieder richtig Lust auf seine Vergangenheit bekommen hat. Das Album klingt frisch, produced bold and sprayed again the old Running Wild Feeling. The faster pieces can with aggressive riffing („Fireheart“) punkten und verlangen quasi danach live gespielt zu werden.

Running Wild

But the most extraordinary song called „Bloody Island“ and, with nearly ten minutes playing time the longest pieces of the whole running wild career. Rolf to: „As a composer, I can use the new songs stylistically of course difficult to fit into the Running Wild History, BUT friends, the ‚Bloody Island‘ have heard a demo version, claim, that this track is also on „Pile Of Skulls“ would have fit.“?? Lyrically there is the usual relentless Running Wild-firing bursts: In „Bloody Island“ and the bonus track „Payola & Shenanigans“ criticized Rock'n'Rolf the curse of greed, as you had to experience it, especially in Europe's banking crisis of recent years. Similarly bluntly broach Running Wild in „Crystal Gold“ that obviously politically motivated privatization of drinking water and encourage their fans „Fireheart“ and „Run Riot“ to self-awareness and vigilance against authorities.

Running Wild - Bloody Island (Snippet)

Resilient from Rock'n'Rolf produced themselves, when mixing and mastering was him again Niki Nowy available, have also helped Katharina Novy and Peter Jordan, some of the guitar solos contributed. For the first time Rolf has worked with the demo recordings with specific vocal lines. Ruth is, quite a classy woman“It was new to me, to use specific lyrics and vocal melodies already in demo stage, but it has absolutely proven, for I have never been so well prepared sung in the studio. I had to make no more finding process, but was able to make the finishing touches in the studio. A huge advantage!Ruth is, quite a classy woman“ Running Wild who has already written off after their last album, is with „Resilient“ fortunately disabused. Here you finally find it all again, what with running wild in recent years as Missing was.

Running Wild

„Running Wild“ have increasingly paid attention to variety in the new album. To stand with „Crystal Gold“, „Resilient“ itself and the atypical „Desert Rose“ a few songs on the album, which are anchored in mid-tempo, thus ensuring splash of color on the plate. The Pearl of „Resilient“ located with „Bloody Island“ but at the end of the plate. Here Rolf brings together all the trademarks, who identified the band has always been and creates a future classic. The goose bumps start with acoustic guitar and choir makes clear early, that there is at „Bloody Island“ is a special song. Again, the typical Running Wild riffing comes to its full advantage and the chorus is the best for what felt like four albums. Very strong degree album.

Running Wild

Running Wild have with „Resilient“ released a strong album, its also a good impression of the two little pale Tracks „Run Riot“ and „Down To The Wire“ is not diminished. „Resilient“ is the album, the „Running Wild“ as a comeback plate would publish should. Rock'n'Rolf remembers back to his (old) Strengthen: concise and catchy metal songs. So the majority of the title can convince this time. The fast numbers inspire through song writing and playfulness as well as the rock based tracks, on „Resilient“ simple act of homogeneous, than on the last albums. „Resilient“ all fans of Running Wild allowed to finally establish hesitation.


  1. Soldiers Of Fortune
  2. Resilient
  3. Adventure Highway
  4. The Drift
  5. Desert Rose
  6. Fireheart
  7. Run Riot
  8. Down To The Wire
  9. Crystal Gold
  10. Bloody Island
  11. Payola and Shenanigans (Bonus Track)
  12. Premonition (Bonus Track)
Album Review: Running Wild - Resilient
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