Rocky IV by Jason Edmiston

Creed“ was good, but I wait always even on a remake Drago! and I like Rocky IV! Jason Edmiston has for the strip to the fantastic Poster created. A small masterpiece, despite or because of the rock nipple, there was 2014 here to buy, unfortunately I have no current source found, So if anyone knows more, Please report in the comments!

Rocky IV by Jason Edmiston

Rocky training „realistic“ Audio and without music

The training sequences of Rocky Balboa are iconic by their Music legendary, but how do these scenes, if the sound is gone? A film without music and usual background noise sounds known totally different. This is also the reason, Why sport makes much more fun with music in ear. MixMinus has made the music „Rocky“ away and backed by realistic sounds…

Rocky 1 Training with "Realistic" audio - (No Music)

was, when Rocky 4 had in fact been rotated?

ESPN had its 30th anniversary, the documentary series 30 for 30 launched, Which 30 significant sport-Events from the years between 1979 and 2009 documented. CollegeHumor has now 30 for 30 made his own and the events from Rocky transmitted IV in this transmission format. Was also, when Apollo Creed indeed 20 Minutes to „Living in America“ would have danced, fatally injured only then in the second round against Drago to go to the ground? was, when Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago would have actually given in Siberia each other like a madman on the cap? was, when the Soviet masses would have no reason at all suddenly changed sides and Rocky cheered? If that were the igniting sparks been, which have fueled the East-West negotiations and finally led to perestroika and glasnost, which has in turn gemündet the end of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall? Sounds so crazy, that it might be true again almost.

If Rocky 4 Happened For Real (30 for 30 Parody)

Creed – TRAILER (hd)

Rocky- Stallone and fans are already looking forward to the Rocky spinoff, in which Sylvester Stallone in his signature role, together with Michael B. Jordan forms a harmonious duo. In addition, the plot of the aged boxing legend Rocky Balboa and the emerging Boxtalent has enough potential, zoom zurücken to the old classics. In the following now second TRAILER for new boxing drama there is to see some emotional scenes. Also, the close relationship between teachers and students is something unraveled. The following synopsis of „Creed“:

Former boxing champ Rocky Balboa is retired. One day, the talented young boxer Adonis Johnson stands at his door. He is looking for a mentor and coach, that can make him a champion. Adonis is not primarily any therefore overflowed Jung Boxer, but the son of the late boxer Apollo Creed - known to all as ring opponents, Coach and friend Rocky Balboa. As is clear for Balboa, that he has to care for the boy, and he supports him in his boxing career.

The seventh part of the „Rocky“-Franchise will be released on 25. November 2015 In U.S.&A. he When finally released in German cinemas strikes, not yet known.

Creed - Official Trailer 2 [hd]

Creed – Apollos Simple im Rocky Spinoff

MGM is currently in the process of a new chapter Rocky-to pitch story, Creed is the title and Apollo Creed was played by Carl Weathers in the first four Rocky movies. In the first two parts he and Rocky were bitter enemies. The following films then best friends. Since Rocky avenges the death of Creeds in the fourth part, it is of course a matter of honor, Apollo's grandson that he is also willing to help in a spin-off. While Rocky is probably not dispute in the planned spin-off even a fight, but at least in the function of the coach he can pass on his expertise. The grandson Apollo Creed wants to emulate his late grandfather and take the world title in attack. To achieve this, he turns to Rocky, who has fully retired from boxing. Rocky to train him, so that it can exist in the ring.

According to Deadline, the idea came to the spin-off not by Sylvester Stallone himself, but Ryan Coogler, there Regisseur von Fruitvale Station, which outstanding at this year's Sundance Festival Reviews reaped. Coogler working meanwhile on a script to Creed and will take over all probability also the director. A lead actor for Creed is already found. Michael B. Jordan, it should be, the already played the main role in Fruitvale station and a wider audience probably from „Chronicle - What you're capable?“ known. Neben Sylvester Stallone, is said to be keen on the idea, will also act Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff as producers.

Creed - Apollos Simple im Rocky Spinoff

Tommy Morrison: the „Duke“ aged 44 Years died

at the 1. September verstarb Tommy „The Duke“ Morrison im Alter von nur 44 Jahren an den Folgen von Schwerin mehreren infektion, which fought his body to the end. Probably due to its restricted breathing, there was an over-acidification of his blood and ultimately to multiple organ failure. After a long and with great Patience endured illness and with an open mind until the end, now had to give up his hard-hinged body. The boxing world will keep it forever in memory. As a boxer and actor, hard than the hook and with the left than that of, of slipped into the role of young defiant Boxers to a cautionary tale to give, not to be seduced by money and false glory.

Tommy "The Duke" Morrison

To hardly a boxer and his career there are so many rumors, as the Tommy Morrison. Each, said Rocky-Filme mit Sylvester Stallone kennt, know who is Tommy Morrison. In „Rocky V“ He played alongside Stallone as Tommy „Machine“ Gunn a major role as a protégé and later opponent of Rocky Balboa. At this time, Morrison was already familiar with the long Boxgeschäft. He was a great-nephew of John Wayne and called himself in the ring as this „The Duke“. Even as a 13-year-old he began in the USA in the very popular „Toughman“-To measure adult tournaments with opponents. In total 50 Fighting this kind he won 49 times. As an amateur boxer he calls himself a fighting score of 222 Victories and 20 Losses. He wanted also for the Olympic Games 1988 qualify in Seoul, subject, however, in an eliminator later Olympic champion Ray Mercer.

Morrison started his professional career in November 1988. The following year he presented a series of 19 Fighting / 19 wins out. During this time, Sylvester Stallone became aware of him and 1990 followed the shooting of „Rocky 5“. This year he could therefore 3 deny boxing matches. The following year, he completed more fights and wanted to become WBO champion against his old nemesis Ray Mercer. Mercer had been 1989 won out boxed title against Francesco Damiani and Morrison was his first opponent, who wanted to make him this championship belt dispute. Morrison suffered in this battle, the first of 3 Loss of his professional career. They said the victorious Morrison then lack of training and lack of stamina after zeal. Mercer put the title shortly after the fight down. For Morrison followed in the years 1992/93 a further series of 8 Fight, of which he won ahead. The most important fight of his career was back to the now vacant again become the WBO belt against George Foreman. at the 7. June 1993 could he beat Foreman by a unique point victory and was WBO champion, the greatest success of his career.

He was on the verge, to earn a lot of money with this item. For 1994 was a great fight against Lennox Lewis in planning, which is a total of 7,5 Million dollars should go. However, it should not come to that for the time being, he already defeated in his 2. Title defense in autumn 1993 against Michael Bentt. There were other battles and victories in addition also a draw against Ross Puritty. In this fight, he went 2 times to the ground. The following year 1995 succeeded, among other things also again a victory in a world title fight against Donovan Ruddok to the rather insignificant IBC belt. This world title he wanted then 1995 defend against Lennox Lewis, he said his 3. Had to accept defeat. After all, it brought this fight more than 2 Million one U.S. dollars.

Tommy "The Duke" Morrison

At this time began the health problems Morrisons. The trigger for his career between temporal-off as a boxer was a blood test, was allegedly found in the, that he was HIV positive. Start a permit as a boxer was not thinking. There followed a period of 10 Years of personal crash and health problems, Morrison himself attributed to his former excessive intake of anabolic steroids, he also candidly admitted. According to new studies in 2007 could no longer be HIV-positive diagnosis established. Whether that was because of his medication or whether he actually always Was HIV-negative, can not be answered. His 3 children are not infected with the HIV virus. As a consequence, Morrison tried for more than 10 Years again a little comeback. He did, however, only 2 small battles, which he won ahead.

Morrison was a very sick man. According to its own data and from family and friends, he was indeed contrary to all other allegations HIV-negative, however, suffered from the rare „Miller-Fisher-Syndrom/Guillian Barre syndrome“. This disease causes abnormal muscle coordination, Paralysis of eye muscles, a lack of tendon reflexes, Muscle weakness and breathing disorder. The dilemma was aggravated by Morrison, When he 2011 For 3 Weeks came wrongly jailed. In this short time he took about. 15 kg from. After he was released, were falling all allegations against him left. But that was not the end of his problems. He was infected by a tick bite on his chest, what a severe inflammation caused. In the operation so necessary procedure was very sloppy and you forgot a large piece of gauze in his chest. He suffered a week after the surgery septic shock. As a result, there was a chain reaction in his body, which would go now to explain here very last detail.

In August 2013 the wound on the chest was indeed finally healed, but the problems with all the infections was not over. According to his wife Trisha Morrison fought with the help of doctors and medication about, to recover from the effects of this Miller-Fisher-Syndrom/Guillain Barre syndrome. Among other things, the failure of his breathing had, due to fluid retention in his chest and a brain swelling its biggest problems. Sadly, he never recovered properly, Although he was mentally very much alive, but his body was too weak and Tommy was no longer able, the fate of a „left hook“ beat. Describe the joy and family „Duke“ as a tough fighter, of his opponents in the sport nothing gave, accessible but also as a, charismatic, loving and devoted people, the stehts wanted the best for the people around him in everyday life. He was one of those, where you get a bad reputation, they wanted to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, the „Duke“ his last fight Lost. Our sympathy and condolences to his family and his close friends, which until recently stood by him and all hoped for him. Tommy R.I.P, The boxing world has lost one of its greats…

Tommy Morrison Tribute

Dinu – Switzerland has its Rocky

„Dinu“ von Regisseur Simon Aeby, der auch erfolgreich Gottfried Kellers „The troop of Upright Seven“ verfilmte, hat eine Variation helvetische Epos des Boxes „Rocky“ manufactures and proves amazingly as nearly as exciting, wie das amerikanische Vorbild. Jonathan Vorallem Loosli, embodying the Simmental Schwinger and smallholder son Dinu, is a stunner and carries the story of the young Dinu Hediger, who wants to save the indebted his father's farm and also from the large sport dreams. At Swiss to make it even in the final bout, loses this and is still happy, because he in the drawn German vet Laura (Hannah Binder) his Love finds. Great representation of the Father Dinus, which Peter Freiburg House, the male half of the „Duo Fischbach“ is played. A gnarled and verknorzte figure, but also their loving facets and ultimately turns out to be far smarter than suspected.

Dinu - Switzerland has its Rocky

The main theme of the film is the wolf, prowls around Weidgebiet of Dinus yard. He connects and Laura Dinu, both lonely in their own way wolves, symbolizes the hunting pleasure, but also the sensitivity of the main character. Dinu is evident especially because of its closeness to the wolf as an individual instiktive, but as chair and farmer nevertheless a full member of a rural society, which in turn is characterized by contradictions. The bonds of Sylvester Stallone „Rocky“ are obviously: A talent is discovered, motivated by a private event, then bent the promising career seemingly crucial, hard Flay brings the hero back approach, Finally, the honorable defeat, the embrace of the lover and the prospect of a brighter future. Aeby furnishes proof, that the wings of such militant stories suitable and can be staged his duels enthralling. So now also has the Switzerland their Rocky!

Rocky: Punches – SuperCut

Yeah friends! Have you ever wondered, how often Sylvester Stallone in his Rocky Has slammed movies? Made an earth-shattering question now a YouTube User, who is well blessed with unlimited time, answered with the help of a video. I myself am sitting for several hours already on this Video and try to count all the Punches, really, makes lots of fun and is a great concentration exercise. Then the world has been waiting for! All punches from all the Rocky films in a video!

Rocky 1 to 6 - Every Punch - SuperCut

DBD: No Easy Way Out – Bullet for my Valentine

I myself am not really a fan of „Bullet for my Valentine“, but this metaloide cover this Rocky IV classic able to please me and that's why today there something Bullet to the ears. as always To „Death Bell of the Day“ gibts the Lyrics with this, exception once in German…

Bullet for my Valentine - No Easy Way Out (Unofficial) STVP 2011

We are not indestructible.
Baby, see it better an equal.
I find it incredible,
how you give that in the hands of fate.
Some things are worth fighting for it comes.
Some feelings never die.
I want another chance.
I will only Knowledge Why?

There is no easy way out.
There is no shortcut home.
There is no easy way out.
To give everything, can not be wrong.

I will not affect you.
You do not want to confuse.
But I feel like a prisoner.
As a stranger in an unknown city.
Around me I see only grim faces.
have Fear, that could also be you and me.
Talking about the, what might have been.
Think about how it should be.


Baby,Baby we could put this skin.
We could know, how we feel including.
Instead, everything is so on, as it was.
And we do not know, whether we are dead or alive.
Some things are worth fighting for it comes.

Some feelings never die.
I want another chance.
I want to know is why?

There is no easy way out.
There is no shortcut home.
There is no easy way out.
To give everything, can not be wrong.

…and after the jump in Original Englisch.

I want everything, Give me everything➤

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