Rockabilly Shop: Are you ready for Rumble 59?

Rock'n'Roll is not only ne genre! It is a way of life! There was once rough times, RUMBLE59 stands for big boys and little girls, blubbernde V8 engine, Speed Bikes, smoky back room, wild rock'n'roll sound and you can practically smell the gasoline and bloody boxing clubs long forgotten days. Rumble59 is genuine and comes with no frills from. Ideal for the tough working conditions and wild party nights. Rumble59 brings a bit of the 30s - back 50s and has an absolutely rich offer. Here you can get nearly everything you could wish for Rockabilly Heart.


RUMBLE59 feels American virtues as pioneering spirit and desire for freedom obliged, but also looks with pride on their origin from the dusty Ruhr. Who else but Ralf Richter, the rebellious icon of the Ruhr area, fits better in the rough world of Rumble59? Sweet PinUps enchant with sexy silhouettes, but have lurks behind the ears, because they Knowledge their Weapons use exactly: Hot curves and deadly switchblades. The male protagonist Rules their affairs equal with fists. As harsh and direct as the clothes, they carry the body of. The Rumble59 catalog offers elaborate photo shoots, cool Features und jede Menge items. Immersed in the exciting world Rumble59, because even the catalog is much more than a simple „Product“, It is an exciting insight into the world of Rumble59, bulging with rock'n'roll, real hero, wild girl and the spirit of the 50s for the rebels of today!


The offer in the very nice shop and great catalog is overwhelmingly large and keeps everything ready for the real Retrofan. The shop also offers numerous specials and additional offers which leaves this Rockabilly Store are among the best in the German language. The biggest shop for Rockabilly Clothing, Music & Rockabilly Style is a treasure trove for fans of 30s – 50he years, wo is u.a. lounge & Bowlingshirts, Male & Female Denim, Poster & Postcards, T-Shirts, Workerjackets, Racing Sweater, Sweatshirts, Accessories, Knitwear & Pants, Goo & Headgear, Buckles & belt, Bags & Wallets, Lighters, Mousepads, Sticker & Patch and of course boots & Is to find shoes. Everything is great and very comprehensively implemented. The brand new Rumble59 Magalogue 2013/2014 is both the nostalgic look at the Rock'n‘ Roll era of the 50s and the rough character robust denim- designed and Workwear captured visually stunning and is much spirit. Here there is something for everyone and something rare find. Also Rocka Bella und Rocka Billy! Your searches clothing and accessories for your Rockabilly Style? Because this is definitely one of your first points of contact. Look around you and just discovered the diversity, because as I sing the Stray Cats: Rockabilly rules!

RUMBLE59 - Shake your Chassis