DBD: Assembly Of Fools – Akasava

The French Occult rockers „Akasava“ have their second single „Assembly Of Fools“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Nothing At Dawn“, the most 11. November has been released…

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Akasava "Assembly Of Fools" (Official Premiere)

DBD: Get On Board – Killer Bee

Here the music video for the first single „Get On Board“ by Killer Bee. The song of the Swedish hard rockers comes from their latest album „Eye In The Sky“, that the 14. October has been released and the typical Killer Bee old-school 70s hard rock with raw „Back to basic“-sound features…

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Killer Bee - "Get On Board" (Official Music Video)

Complete LA show of Steel Panther than 360 video

The Hair metallers Steel Panther have their show at The Roxy Club in Los Angeles in a 360 °-Video detained and released on Youtube. The viewer is free to look around on the stage and have a look at the audience. One should not be irritated, at the beginning of the video, there are minor problems with synchronization of sound and image - but this is improving later in the well 90 Minutes…

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Steel Panther LIVE in 360º at The Roxy / VRLIVE

DBD: Soul Stealer – Black Dreams

The Finns „Black Dreams“ have early October their song „Soul Stealer“ published and this is now for you the Music Video to…

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Black Dreams – Soul Stealer (Official Music Video)

Machine Head: Robb Flynn published „Bastards“ and therefore criticizes the US presidential election, society and politics in general

Don’t let those bastards grind you down! While other bands with trivial crap place 1 save the charts, released Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn a song with a lot of passion and a great message. Robb has a rehearsal room-Video a new song called „Bastards“ uploaded and to also equal posted the text, criticizing the US Presidential Election, in society and politics generally exerts. How right he was! Bange Do not apply! Don’t let their Fears make you afraid!

Yesterday I told my sons „sometimes the bad guys win“
And that it made me scared about the world that we live in
But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long
Sons we have to be ourselves
We have to be strong

I said “sons you are the future, so let this be a lesson”
There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression
Cause fear and hatred won today, The Darkness ate the light
But both you look in my eyes, “it’ll be all right”

In every step you take,
I’m with you all the way,
Cause I would die for you
And do what’s right for you
In hopes that when I’m gone
You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you

Till then ...
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll Change

Today I looked out to the world, thought „what a bloody mess!”
They stripped our morals from us, put ‚em under house arrest
„Liberty“ and „Country“ are the words they need to speak
A little “god” a little “freedom”, if we don’t agree we’re weak

And every politician stood there idle and so smug
Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs
Wall St and the billionaires, thinking they’re so smart
Saying “vote with your wallets, instead of with your hearts!”

But we wont go away!
You won’t forget our name!
The p***y generation, the PC and the brave
The protesters that slink along the streets of misery

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

No, No, No, No, No

So give us all your fa***ts, all your ni***rs and your s***ks
Give us all your mu***ms, the so-called ter****sts
We welcome them with open arms, put ‘em in our mix
We’re better off together, embrace our difference

Remember there is love!
Our words can stop their guns
Forget the rednecks
Living in the past
Were never going back now, we’ve reached critical mass

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand my ground
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
I’m bold, I’m strange
Won’t let their fears make me afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

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"Bastards" rehearsal video

DBD: Night Never Ending – Avatar

To „Night Never Ending“-have song Avatar produces a video clip, directed by Johan Carlén. The song comes from the current avatar „Feathers & Flesh“-concept album, which is in stores since May…

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Avatar - Night Never Ending

DBD: Gimme Everything – Double Crush Syndrome

their Single „Gimme Everything“ Double crush syndrome have a Video released, the song of Rock'n'Roller comes from the as yet untitled album, which will be released shortly. Since the 30. September is the 7-inch vinyl „Die For Rock N‘ Roll“ with the two tracks ‚Die For Rock N‘ Roll‘ and ‚Jesus Of Noizeareth‘ available…

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Double Crush Syndrome - Gimme Everything (Official Music Video)

DBD: Play It Cool – Crobot

Crobot grant a further „Welcome To Fat City“-Tasting and present this Video zum Track „Play It Cool“. The album is since 23. September available…

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Crobot - Play It Cool (OFFICIAL TRACK)

DBD: Into The Night – Graham Bonnet Band

their Single „Into The Night“ hat die Graham Bonnet Band ein 360°-Video released. To move the video, you just have to click on the image and moving the mouse. In the clip, the band is in a circle around the camera on a roof and plays the song. Durch die 360°-Technik kann man jedem der Musiker auch genau beim Spielen zusehen. at the 4. November veröffentlicht die Soloband des ehemaligen Rainbow- und MSG-Sängers Graham Bonnet ihr neues Album „The Book“…

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Graham Bonnet Band "Into The Night" (Official 360 Music Video)

DBD: Rise To Power – Shotgun Revolution

Here, the second single from the album „All This Could Be Yours“, with the appropriate Video the song „Rise To Power“…

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Shotgun Revolution - Rise To Power (Official Music Video)

Cyber Killer – Republic Of Rock N Roll

Great things music video „Republic of Rock’n’Roll“ in which the Terminator, well, Not quite, but well modeled and always still better than anything that came after T2, is on the hunt for vegetarians! The vegetarian version of John Connor, so to speak. Bye, Veggie. The poor Möhrchen…

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Republic Of Rock N Roll - Veggies Can Kill / Cyber Killer

Album Review: Collapse at the end pigeons – Goofy was said to live longer

Finally they fly again! at the 23. September with „Goofy was said to live longer“ the new album by Fun-punk band „Collapse at the end pigeons“ appeared. Fun-Punk? In the strict and orthodox punks the term was then more than frowned upon. Even Michael „Olga“ Algar, Singer of Toy Dolls, apply internationally as the inventor of the genre, rejects the concept until today. The crashes ends pigeons contrast, the Mirco „Micro“ Bogumil 1983 founded together with Konrad Kittner, wore the name with pride. A response received the pigeons at the very beginning of their careers to hear: „You guys are no punks!“ From the rigors and Orthodox. to whom, the understanding of real freedom little…

Collapse at the end pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

It was the „fun“ of crashes ends pigeons in my view, the real liberation, the air we breathe, the impish grin at clenched fist, the flower in the buttonhole to studded belt and red laced boots. They always played fast, grip and stage diving and fraternity on stage without grid and shut themselves in larger events they used earlier than most. The music industry opened and denied them simultaneously. As them in the nineties around albums like „Under the Sign of Blöden“ and „The last shuts the door“ obeyed even chart success and BRAVO stories, they wrote with „EMI“ a parody of their record company and made it almost, to smuggle the song unnoticed on the album. „The plate was practically in pressure“, says Micro, „only sometime someone has the tape actually belongs times until the end.“ The single of the album consists mostly of original Call on Conrad AB. In Hape Kerkeling's film „Kein Pardon“ they play Wiring Aids. The tours through the new federal states newly pushed-after reunification with the FRG were to „Self defense tours“ by occupied by aggressive fascists area. once Travel them 150 Neo-Nazi hooligans after even by train.

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Collapse at the end pigeons - Never again Pegida

About 25 Years later it looks in some parts of eastern Germany again as it did. Since it is only logical, that the pigeons as the first single of the new album a catchy tune called „Never again Pegida“ unpacking. 1997 was – except for two small Reunionkonzerte 2002 – dissolved the band. 2006 Micro had his best friend and fellow Konrad with only 44 bury years after cardiac arrest. stands on Conrad's grave stone „Peace and circuses“, an evocative blend of the Roman „Bread and Circuses“ and the 1993's album title of band, „War and Games“. An attitude, the Micros new and current colleagues Olli has absorbed his life as a fan of the band, until he 2013 finally himself was a member. „It has long used Calls, until we shared a Music could make, which really sounds again like doves“, says Micro, „But it worked.“ Now everything will be done so as before: recorded in their own studio, produces itself, toured the dangerous Eastern. „Most have advised us: Power merely no new album, playing the old stuff. That's enough.“ to heard „Goofy was said to live longer“ one can exclaim with a big grin on his face: Thank you, Micro and Olli! Thank you, that you did not hear it,! because the, Love critic, Operators and journalists, her this text here just read, THIS is the air we breathe, the punk needs and makes you feel, To be alive! Neither interminable manifestos nor profane Suffschlager, but the essence of a lot of enthusiasm and the few clear boundaries, the one shall work for a dignified life obstructive. against fascists. counter surveillance. against Frühvergreisung. For freedom, for pleasure, for life, in the time it simply shits! The Strict and Orthodox? Sitting today a home, in parties or built. Because they have never understood, that the best breaks his chains by simple measures.

Collapse at the end pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

I liked the Punk Pathetique the two already always, because it was the Antipol to deadly serious riot Punk the Strict and Orthodox. The pigeons were simply refreshing and you could easily make only party. Now they're back – and the classic pigeon vibes are good to hear again. 16 Songs, slightly more than half an hour, perfect! More must also not be. Well produced and a cover in the style of old records. perfect! One can easily recognize, Who here is on works - just in opener „Horror Part 3“. Here one feels immediately in the 80s or early 90s set back. Sure are a few things rather flat-funny and silly - but they are just. And clearly there is still also serious issues. The pigeons have always clearly positioned against the right and they need due to the AFD and consorts now unfortunately again. And the rest of the songs is without of course have quite entertaining draft, but that was anyway always the core competence of the two. Funny to silly, but always emulate fast and fresh go without hurt. On the concerts, since the deaf 2013 play again, experienced Micro, how much has their kind of punk actually causes. „Because people come from the former East Zone, who say: You have saved our lives.“ Or cabinets, „three years jail under his belt, tattooed, Rings in face“, take Micro in the arm and say: „You were as Boy for me is the great.“ Great for all the young people of today, which can make this experience now again from scratch with the pigeons. Konrad would be proud of this, O kings of Punk Pathetique!


  • The horror part 3
  • lie in
  • peaks Punk
  • Lindener Girls
  • freedom dies
  • Never again Pegida
  • No Future was yesterday
  • No appointments
  • The roadie job is not as easy as one might think
  • Tim Buktu
  • Break
  • The flowers are for you Mr. Police Officer
  • You know what you want me times can
  • In the garden are murderers
  • The pigeons come
  • past

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DBD: Designed to piss you off – Pain

Pain face the Lyric clip to their Hammer Song „Designed to piss you off“ before. The track is on the new album „Coming Home“, das Peter Tägtgren und Co. vor kurzem veröffentlicht haben.

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Pain - Designed to piss you off (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: All The Reasons You Live – Diamond Head

The song „All The Reasons You Live“ from the album „Diamond Head“, the first disc of the band for eight years and was on 22. published April. Hier für euch das Video zum Track…

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Diamond Head - All The Reasons You Live (Official Video)

METALLICA: before 25 Years live in Moscow before a 1,6 millions of people

This really impressive pictures were taken in September 1991, a few days after the failed August coup in Moscow, played METALLICA before 1,6 Metalheads million on the first Russian Open-Air-Concert, the part of the „Monsters of Rock“-Serie war. During the implosion of the Soviet Union played at Tushino Airfield in Moscow big names such as AC / DC, METALLICA, The Black Crowes, PANTERA and E.S.T. Unfortunately, at that time also died 53 People… For Those About to Rock…We Salute You! Impressive pictures, which are never released on VHS.

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METALLICA - Enter Sandman (Live, Moscow '91) [hd]
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