DBD: Cross my heart and hope to die – Me And That Man

„Me And That Man“, the side project of Behemoth-singer Nergal, has a song from the current album „Songs of Love and Death“. The song is named „Cross my heart and hope to die“ and who now with darkly extreme Metal expects, should be prepared for a surprise: With „Me And That Man“ treading Nergal atmospheric singer-songwriter paths with positive click Western-felling. Only the gloom, coupled with latent satanic content, has remained the songs…

Me And That Man - Cross my heart and hope to die (Official Video)

Rock Band: Band of stones

Neil Mendoza has built a machine, connecting the midi controlled electromechanical equipment, producing sounds with small stones. A real Rock Band so…

The rock band is composed of electromechanical instruments that make music with rocks by throwing them through the air, slapping them and making them vibrate. The song that they’re playing, Here comes the sun, is biographical, describing the daily experience of a rock sitting on the ground. The rock band is made up of the following members…
Pinger – fires small rocks at aluminium keys using solenoids.
Spinner – launches magnetic rocks, Hematite, at pieces of marble. Rocks are launched by spinning magnets using Applied Motion applied-motion.com stepper motors.
Slapper – slaps rocks with fake leather.
Buzzer – vibrates the plunger of a solenoid against a piece of marble.
The Whole project is controlled by a Computer running a MIDI player written in openFrameworks talking to a Teensy. The machines were designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Inventor.

Rock Band

DBD: Paradise – The Rasmus

after five year break „The Rasmus“ a new single with the following Lyric-Video named ‚Paradise‘ released…

The Rasmus - Paradise (Lyric Video)

First ever TV appearance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are now more relaxed-shallow acoustics because energetic punk-funk of yesteryear. How about over and the boys were naughty, Show the following pictures of the very first TV appearance in 1984…

Red Hot Chili Peppers (First Time on TV) Interview + Get Up And Jump in 1984

Philip Sayce breathes new Life into Blues-Rock

Clapton, Page, Hendrix… Philip Sayce. the Boy Guitarist revived the somewhat shopworn Blues-Rock. Philip Sayce from Canada with its pithy Blue Rock is a class of its own and on Saturday, the 8. April he showed us his impressive talent both on guitar and as singer in Woodstock Guitares in Ensisheim. In an ingenious way it provides earthy blues with rock and a pinch of psychedelic. His gigs enable older audience back to the good, old Woodstock times and his easygoing manner paired confident with the reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz's voice even the younger generation.

Born in Wales and raised in Toronto songwriter, Singer and guitarist Philip Sayce is the, what is commonly called „Wunderkind“ can call. By his father, the avowed Eric Clapton fan was, he learned the Love the Music know. Philip was more interested and more for the other great guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In young teen age Sayce recorded already in various clubs in Toronto, until the tender age of 17 Years met the Canadians Jeff Healey, who signed him as a guitarist for his upcoming tour. There he earned in the following slightly 4 Years his spurs. Unkle Kracker and Melissa Etheridge were then further stages of his musical career.

If now lives in Los Angeles Philip Sayce with his guitar takes the stage, it is reminiscent of a pop star in a picture book: Young, handsome and musically. But to reduce it just depends, but would be a pretty big mistake. Because Philip Sayce is much more. He sings like Lenny Kravitz and plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix. On Saturday the 8. April invited Philip to Concert and people flocked, not just in droves, but after all the little Woodstock Guitares in Ensisheim and, surprisingly, relatively much young people found a. will tell, over a quarter of the workforce was recruited from girls and boys, obviously under 30 were. In this respect the Sayce Trio played virtually for two generations, because the remaining blues rock lovers were those, somewhere between 45 and 60 Been to situate.

Already from the first seconds you will be pressed by raw and powerful sound literally on the wall. The trio worked very well matched, the sound in the hall was appropriately loud and fortunately quite transparent, so you got to experience a great concert. Sayce, in which ran into streams after the second piece of the welding, the public had relatively quickly under control, animated loose and easy to clap and sing along, impressed with a flurry of solos on his scraped Gallagher-Strat and left no doubt arise, to marvel with him one of the absolutely best singers in the blues-rock genre. And with what an irresistible audacity of „youngster“ starts sounding his guitar here and attracts the audience with his guitar the peak is simply breathtaking. Groovy funk-rock Lenny Kravitz since 15 announces years, but will probably never again deliver.

Philip Sayce in Woodstock guitars

No one stays calm and who can not be carried away by this music, probably have to be deaf. What a Power, what a passion, What a brilliant song! What Philip Sayce this evening at ambitious, powerful Power Blue Rock served, just any music lover must wring admiration. The raw energy, which is released here carries over immediately to the audience. His qualities as a songwriter, Singer and guitarist, and especially his irrepressible passion to make every song a pleasure. The musicians involved are following the playful genius of their leaders in the rest in nothing. Sayce ensnared his audience by passionate, energetic and fiery game, gives the crowd one way or another sympathetic buddy-like speech, smiles to the girls in the audience with his brown eyes and bewitches the boys and manner with its wild game and his little crazy tricks on fingerboard. Who on Saturday night in Woodstock Guitares, I, should have first experienced a Philip Sayce concert, will probably write most likely one of the flags: If this Sayce again goes on tour, I must not miss the! Sayce blows a fine dust from the ears!

Philip Sayce breathes new Life into Blues-Rock
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Things, the more punk than are Campino

Chartbreaker Campino currying after the echo again in all media. Urgent time, finally hold times, what things are more punk than Campino. I'll times since the beginning, are you determined have better ideas:

  • Pull shower dry after showering with a puller
  • glass of Prosecco
  • electric tea lights
  • Post office around the corner
  • Hornhautraspler
  • Käpt’n Blaubär
  • Sitzpinkler
  • garden tractor
  • dental insurance
  • neck Kissen
  • Heino
  • Long Night of museums
  • Wooden beads trim the car seat
  • Hood
  • Plunge from the edge
  • Wand-Tattoo-Motto above the bed

„No Future!“ that was yesterday, A lot has happened since then. Have you changed you? Are you still punk rock? Find it out in the ultimate Punk Rock Personality Test!

DBD: Ten Miles Wide – Stephen Pearcy

Today there for you to RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy with the song „Ten Miles Wide“ from the latest solo album „Smash“, that since the 27. January is on the shelves…

Stephen Pearcy - "Ten Miles Wide" (Official Music Video)

DBD: Spellbound – Mammoth Mammoth

The rockers from Down Under have a lyric clip „Spellbound“ Added. at the 28. April publish Australians „Mammoth Mammoth“ even more new songs on their album „Mount The Mountain“…

Mammoth Mammoth - Spellbound (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) | Napalm Records

DBD: Skintride – It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth

The Wiener electric /Metal-Formation „It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth“ have to „Skintride“ a Video released. The track can also be found on the eponymous debut album, that the 12. May appear…

IT'S THE LIPSTICK ON YOUR TEETH - Skintride (Official)

FLORIDEAH SWAMP FEST: Postapokalyptischer Ride BMX

When Florideah Swamp hard extreme sport is still sport under extreme conditions. With lots of fun, risk, Pain and all sorts of Punk. Since the ramps are still itself built of pallets and rich sponsors, there seems to be no…


Chuck Berry aged 90 Years died

Elvis Presley is for always as the King of Rock & its roll known, but few would deny Chuck Berry status as the true godfather of rock and roll. „If you rock & Roll a different name want, call him simply Chuck Berry“, once said John Lennon on the large model of the Beatles. Elvis may have worn the crown, Chuck Berry war Rock ’n’ Roll. Now the US pioneer of rock and roll is on Saturday at his home, how the police in St. Charles County (Missouri) announced, aged 90 Years died.

Chuck Berry was on 18. October 1926 in St. Louis was born Charles Edward Berry and mainly as a guitarist for the rock & Roll and the whole rock music style icon. „With his guitar he created a unique rock 'n' roll vocabulary“, once wrote the rock publicist Ernst Hofacker, „with his game, he defined the basics for each, after he picked up the guitar in his hand, to rock it.“ Chuck Berry is the father of rock guitar. The Rhythm and Blues the 40s was still strongly influenced by winds. Berry has translated the brass riffs, transferred to his instrument, thus establishing the guitar as a leading instrument of Pop- and rock music. He has the guitar as the Chicago Blues as rhythm- employed and Solo Instrument. Played rhythmic figures on the low strings, melodic figures in response to the singing voice (Call & Response) and created 1954 on the song „Maybellene“ the first great guitar solo in rock history.

Chuck Berry - Maybellene

„Maybellene“ was an adaptation of Country-Songs „Ida Red“ from the year 1938, Berry with a new text was transformed into a rock 'n' roll number and thus made the national breakthrough. The song stormed not only space 1 der Rhythm and Blues Charts, also place 5 in the nationwide US pop singles chart. This notabene at a time, as a white youth named Elvis Presley just took his first steps and „That’s All Right“ recorded. Chuck Berry was not only there earlier than Elvis, He was also the first African American, the African-American with Music also reached the white Americans. He became a star, a great entertainer, of the „Duckwalk“ a trademark and show element created, the approximately even AC / DC guitarist Angus Young recorded in his program. Chuck Berry has subsequently with hits like „Sweet Little Sixteen“, „Roll Over Beethoven“, „Back In The USA“, „Rock ’n’ Roll Music“ and especially „Johnny B. Good“ absolute classics of rock & created roll.

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry was a child of the black middle class. literature, Theater and Bible quotations belonged to the intellectual staple of the parental home. His song lyrics are because even peppered with puns and tell of life, reflect the reality and do not respect socio-critical content maintenance. something, the American pop of the 50s was a rarity. Insofar Chuck Berry even as a precursor of Bob Dylan, the Literature Nobel Prizewinner, be seen. Elvis was a brilliant performer and entertainer, could move the masses. But unlike Chuck Berry he was neither an innovator nor songwriter. Musically, Chuck Berry has the King to lengths dominates and is more rock 'n' roll than any other. Rock'n'Roll was for Berry not only a style of music, but also artistic expression and also the first step to not separate in black and white pop culture. In his music fused elements of Blues, Rockabilly and Jazz to some of the timeless songs of North America. Berry had greatest influence on almost every, had the rock-star ambitions, as Keith Richards, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen, to name only a few. Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys coverten his songs. From Bob Dylan, the rock legend was once a „Shakespeare of Rock'n'Roll“ designated.

1984 Berry was awarded the Grammy, two years later he became the first member of „Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame“. Private had Berry repeatedly plug damper. After his first big hits he was sentenced to one and a half years in prison early 1960s, because he had sexual contact with a minor. After his imprisonment he took indeed more music, but the time of the greatest successes was over. 1979 followed by a second in prison for tax evasion. In the 1990s there were allegations of former employees of his restaurant, he had secretly filmed. „All 15 Years, it seems, I make a big mistake“, he wrote in his memoirs. And even in old age Berry had a lot to tell: At its 90. he announced birthday last October to the publication of his first album in nearly four decades. The album simply titled „Chuck“ he had in studios around his birthplace St. added Louis. Berry dedicated the album to his wife Themetta Berry, with which he almost 69 Years was married. „My Sweetheart, I'm getting old! I have been working on this album for a long time. Now I can hang my shoes on the nail“, had the musician explained. The album will be released in the year sounds.

Chuck Berry "Back In The USA"

His appearances had become rare. But the resignation of the stage, he has continually denied. „As long as I get a little see and hear, I can still move a little, I will continue“, he let announced. A rock 'n' roll is not on! Thanks Chuck, for all the inspiring music, you gave us. You brought light into our teenage years. Your lyrics have outshined other and cast a strange light on the American dream. Chuck, You were great and your music is in us forever… Thank you for everything! And now that'll show up there! Go Chuck! go, go, go!

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell
Chuck Berry - No Particular Place to Go.
Chuck Berry - LITTLE QUEENIE - 1959 HQ!

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