DBD: We compared the! – Swiss + feat The others. Digg (Slime)

I like it!

We do not follow a leader, salute any flag! Rampage for Love, not for the white race! They forbid us mouth! They twist the reason! They censor our art! They live by us! We compared the!

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Swiss + the others - We compared the! Feat. Digg (Slime) - Official Video

[Part 1: Swiss]

This is the comeback of the class struggle, Swiss.
I've shown you, that links can be and still be washed.
This Punk, spits on the ground.
Neither does an interview, except for the Protection of the Constitution.

I insulating my soul like a hermit.
Two middle fingers in the air for you Schweinepriester!
Write some shit, but unrelated.
But his we Ehrlich, who cares a crown in the Juice?

I do not care, where this plate chartet.
I Survivor apocalypse as' ne cockroach.
This world is not fair, but we Rules the problem.
Code 1323, the error in the system.


We compared the! 3x


That's Mucke against everything and not for the masses.
On the radio the whole day running shit, I Hate.
We do not follow a leader, salute any flag.
Rampage for love, not for the white race.

They forbid us mouth!
(We compared the!)
They twist the reason!
(We compared the!)
They censor our art!
(We compared the!)
They live by us!
(We compared the!)

[Part 2: Dirk]

We enter everything in the ass namely always Back.
Labern not just always stupid rum as left philistines.
The road calling my name, because it does not go without me.
Last flag, which does not burn, the solidarity.

The Brown are cowards and injure a child,
But the state is blind in the right eye.
I'm straight directly, no masquerade.
I make your block for one Night the second Hafenstraße.

During interrogation the cops I'm sitting at the table smoking.
There are thousands of prophets, but I only believe in me.
No interviews, I do not talk to each.
Until the day, I die of errors in the system!


All against all! 3x
or us against them
We compared the! 3x

DBD: Drawing Down the Moon – Dead Witches

I like it!

Today for you there the occult rockers „Dead Witches“ With „Drawing Down the Moon“ from the current debut album „Ouija“…

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Dead Witches - Drawing Down the Moon (Official Video)

DBD: Bleed For The Night – Necromancing The Stone

I like it!

the song „Bleed For The Night“ have „Necromancing The Stone“ a Video released. The song comes from the current album „Jewel of the Vile“, standing on the shelves since last year. The quintet consists of current and former members of Arsis, The Black Dahlia MURDER, The Absence And Brimstone Coven together….

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Necromancing The Stone "Bleed For The Night" (Official Video)

Das beste Bruce Springsteen Selfie ever

I like it!

Jessica Bloom has on a Springsteen-Concert scored a selfie in Sydney…

…and then came /in / kritof with this shot: „Just noticed I took a picture of the moment that girl took a selfie with Bruce Springsteen.

If one now compares the attitudes of the people in the photos, including Aunt, twisted her head or the lady, showing a finger in their direction and type in light blue shirt, after links looks and the man in black Shirt right in front of Bruce, looking to the right. If it is found, that it is the exact same time, on which the pictures were taken independently. Great!

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Bruce Springsteen Live Full Concert 2017

DBD: Once We Were Dead – SEA

I like it!

The Danish Heavy rockers SEA have a Video to „Once We Were Dead“, From her upcoming album „The Grip of Time“ released. The new disc is from the 12. to acquire May…

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SEA - Once We Were Dead (Official Music Video)

DBD: Lost Prayer – Zakk Wylde

I like it!

Zakk Wylde has a Video the song „Lost Prayer“ released, of the 2016 released album „Book Of Shadows II“ dates. Director of the video is Justin Reich, who worked in the past with Zakk…

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Zakk Wylde - Lost Prayer


I like it!


Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard is Stoner Rock from Down Under and the guys have a Lyric-Video to their track „Galactic Motherfucker“ released. at the 24. February bring the guys from Australia their debut disc „Supersonic Rock ‚n Roll“ the stores and provide us with it, a mixture of Blues- and Stoner Rock, added Ministry-Groove und Sci-Fi-Dirt…

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ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD - Galactic Motherfucker (Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

She’s a Punk Rocker UK

I like it!

Friends, if you're into history and punk rock and want to learn about its affiliated women's movement in the UK, you are at „She’s a Punk Rocker UK“ probably right. Included are such ladies as Poly Styrene, Eve Libertine und Gee Vaucher of Crass, Gaye Advert von The Adverts, Michelle of brigandage and Olga orbit of Youth in Asia. Maybe you still know one or the other. the documentary was released in already 2010, However, it was made available until this day by the producers on Youtube. Is this still punk? No idea, what is nowadays still punk, but a bit punky it is probably already. Here Synopsis, as the Video is:

“Punk women changed the public face of female. It was very empowering for universal women. The story of punk could almost be a women’s liberation story”. Caroline Coon.
1976 -77 sees the Explosion of a new subculture: Punk. Punk women were clearly visible by their appearance, clothes, Makeup, hair, Piercing and tattoos. Punk was the first youth movement where women were equals. Prior to punk, women were seen as the girlfriends of skins, mods, hippies and teddy boys, but a female punk was a punk. Punks, both male and female, hit the media headlines from 1976 onwards. Moral outcry erupted as the media and officialdom proclaimed Punk Public Enemy Number One. Being a punk was dangerous, so why did so many women become punks? Was it just about dressing up outrageously? Were these punk women treated as equal members of the subculture and how were they treated by the rest of society? How did being a punk affect their lives? Did punk woman directly influence society’s attitudes to women today. The lives of these women will reveal an insight into female punks and a culture that has been greatly misunderstood and misrepresented in the media.
Their personal oral histories explore their experiences of being a punk. Life stories, gigs, Fashion, Music, politics, Friends, relations & events. The women to a varying extent agree that today they are still punks at heart, if not in appearance. Why did women want to be punks? How did they become punks? Socially what was happening in their lives? Was it a gradual move or a sudden overnight decision? Did being a punk Change their lives? The present media interest in punk is a male-dominated vision of the era. This programme reassesses – from the perspectives of punk women – women’s roles in a dynamic movement that irreversibly changed the face of society, politics, art and music.
Director: Zillah Minx — Lead singer with punk band rubella ballet since 1976.

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She's a Punk Rocker UK

DBD: One will be – Bela B

I like it!

Yesterday is the new single „One will be“ from the upcoming album „Bastard“, the for the 17.2.17 is scheduled, appear. Here the Video, which in collaboration with director Florian Moch and the Augsburg Puppet Theatre has arisen. As might be expected was, provides the man, they called horse, a seized from the life story to the finest Country-Gallop, in a Western fan daydreams into his favorite films, before it catches up with the sad reality…

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Bela B - One will be (Official video)

65 Rock songs in five minutes

I like it!

Starting in the '50s to Anthony Vincent playing with friends until the present. A really nice trip through the history of rock.

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65 Songs - A Journey Through Rock 'N' Roll | Ten Second Songs

DBD: Mean Machine – Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans

I like it!

In the new music video „Mean Machine“ Band Snakewine not there muskelbepackte Action, gallons of sweat, To see crisp Cheerleader Girls and wonderfully hard rock sound and hearing…

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Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans -Mean Machine (Official Music Video 4K)

DBD: soul eater – mystery

I like it!

Together with a Swiss film director was the Video to „soul eater“ twisted, the eponymous album Bremer industrial rockers „mystery“ to top 2017 appear…

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mystery - soul eater [Official Video]

Motorhead: Previously unreleased video footage of Lemmy

I like it!

Skew Siskin published an honor the anniversary of Motörhead frontman Lemmy him Video with previously ungezeigten shots from the Monongo studio in Berlin, which is part of the German rockers. Commented the band:

Lemmy spent over the years countless hours in our studio. Many stories, many musical ideas, Jokes and so on… This clip was taken with a cheap camera, the quality is rather poor, But no matter. That's just great memories.

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Lemmy at the Skew Siskin Monongo Studio in Berlin

DBD: Shakin‘ my cage – Black Stone Cherry

I like it!

The song „Shakin‘ my cage“ comes from the current studio album „Kentucky“, which has been named after the home state of Black Stone Cherry…

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Black Stone Cherry - Shakin' My Cage (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)
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