DBD: Mean Machine – Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans

In the new music video „Mean Machine“ Band Snakewine not there muskelbepackte Action, gallons of sweat, To see crisp Cheerleader Girls and wonderfully hard rock sound and hearing…

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Snakewine feat. Saalfeld Titans -Mean Machine (Official Music Video 4K)

DBD: soul eater – mystery

Together with a Swiss film director was the Video to „soul eater“ twisted, the eponymous album Bremer industrial rockers „mystery“ to top 2017 appear…

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mystery - pt Soul Eater. I [Official Video]

Motorhead: Previously unreleased video footage of Lemmy

Skew Siskin published an honor the anniversary of Motörhead frontman Lemmy him Video with previously ungezeigten shots from the Monongo studio in Berlin, which is part of the German rockers. Commented the band:

Lemmy spent over the years countless hours in our studio. Many stories, many musical ideas, Jokes and so on… This clip was taken with a cheap camera, the quality is rather poor, But no matter. That's just great memories.

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Lemmy at the Skew Siskin Monongo Studio in Berlin

DBD: Shakin‘ my cage – Black Stone Cherry

The song „Shakin‘ my cage“ comes from the current studio album „Kentucky“, which has been named after the home state of Black Stone Cherry…

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Black Stone Cherry - Shakin' My Cage (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Heavy Fire – Black Star Riders

at the 3. February leave the Black Star Riders their new studio album „Heavy Fire“ on you go and make as appetizers ever the Lyricvideo to „When The Night Comes In“ before…

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Black Star Riders - When The Night Comes In (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

DBD: Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! – Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space

Friends, a combination of breasts and Zombies is when people like us yes always Welcome. sex, Blood & Rock’n’Roll! the „Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space“ are finally here again and have at our peaceful Christmas time fittingly the Christmas cover album „Bloody Unholy Christmas“ brought, from which they „Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!“, originally performed by ABBA, in a contemplative Video have packed. And I'm really excited. of all. Since the end is just the icing on the Zombie-sundae…

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Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space | Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) [uncensored]

DBD: Assembly Of Fools – Akasava

The French Occult rockers „Akasava“ have their second single „Assembly Of Fools“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Nothing At Dawn“, the most 11. November has been released…

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Akasava "Assembly Of Fools" (Official Premiere)

DBD: Get On Board – Killer Bee

Here the music video for the first single „Get On Board“ by Killer Bee. The song of the Swedish hard rockers comes from their latest album „Eye In The Sky“, that the 14. October has been released and the typical Killer Bee old-school 70s hard rock with raw „Back to basic“-sound features…

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Killer Bee - "Get On Board" (Official Music Video)

Complete LA show of Steel Panther than 360 video

The Hair metallers Steel Panther have their show at The Roxy Club in Los Angeles in a 360 °-Video detained and released on Youtube. The viewer is free to look around on the stage and have a look at the audience. One should not be irritated, at the beginning of the video, there are minor problems with synchronization of sound and image - but this is improving later in the well 90 Minutes…

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Steel Panther LIVE in 360º at The Roxy / VRLIVE

DBD: Soul Stealer – Black Dreams

The Finns „Black Dreams“ have early October their song „Soul Stealer“ published and this is now for you the Music Video to…

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Black Dreams – Soul Stealer (Official Music Video)

Machine Head: Robb Flynn published „Bastards“ and therefore criticizes the US presidential election, society and politics in general

Don’t let those bastards grind you down! While other bands with trivial crap place 1 save the charts, released Machine Head frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn a song with a lot of passion and a great message. Robb has a rehearsal room-Video a new song called „Bastards“ uploaded and to also equal posted the text, criticizing the US Presidential Election, in society and politics generally exerts. How right he was! Bange Do not apply! Don’t let their Fears make you afraid!

Yesterday I told my sons „sometimes the bad guys win“
And that it made me scared about the world that we live in
But I had to reassure them that it wouldn’t be for long
Sons we have to be ourselves
We have to be strong

I said “sons you are the future, so let this be a lesson”
There may come a day you have to fight off their aggression
Cause fear and hatred won today, The Darkness ate the light
But both you look in my eyes, “it’ll be all right”

In every step you take,
I’m with you all the way,
Cause I would die for you
And do what’s right for you
In hopes that when I’m gone
You’ll carry on these words I wrote for you

Till then ...
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll Change

Today I looked out to the world, thought „what a bloody mess!”
They stripped our morals from us, put ‚em under house arrest
„Liberty“ and „Country“ are the words they need to speak
A little “god” a little “freedom”, if we don’t agree we’re weak

And every politician stood there idle and so smug
Empowering the racists and 2nd Amendment thugs
Wall St and the billionaires, thinking they’re so smart
Saying “vote with your wallets, instead of with your hearts!”

But we wont go away!
You won’t forget our name!
The p***y generation, the PC and the brave
The protesters that slink along the streets of misery

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand your ground
Don’t let the bastards grind you down
Be bold, be strange
Don’t let their fears make you afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

No, No, No, No, No

So give us all your fa***ts, all your ni***rs and your s***ks
Give us all your mu***ms, the so-called ter****sts
We welcome them with open arms, put ‘em in our mix
We’re better off together, embrace our difference

Remember there is love!
Our words can stop their guns
Forget the rednecks
Living in the past
Were never going back now, we’ve reached critical mass

And so…
I’ll sing

Stand my ground
Won’t let the bastards grind me down
I’m bold, I’m strange
Won’t let their fears make me afraid
There’s hope, they’ll change

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"Bastards" rehearsal video

DBD: Night Never Ending – Avatar

To „Night Never Ending“-have song Avatar produces a video clip, directed by Johan Carlén. The song comes from the current avatar „Feathers & Flesh“-concept album, which is in stores since May…

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Avatar - Night Never Ending

DBD: Gimme Everything – Double Crush Syndrome

their Single „Gimme Everything“ Double crush syndrome have a Video released, the song of Rock'n'Roller comes from the as yet untitled album, which will be released shortly. Since the 30. September is the 7-inch vinyl „Die For Rock N‘ Roll“ with the two tracks ‚Die For Rock N‘ Roll‘ and ‚Jesus Of Noizeareth‘ available…

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Double Crush Syndrome - Gimme Everything (Official Video)

DBD: Play It Cool – Crobot

Crobot grant a further „Welcome To Fat City“-Tasting and present this Video zum Track „Play It Cool“. The album is since 23. September available…

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Crobot - Play It Cool (OFFICIAL TRACK)
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