Firearms automatically detect artificial intelligence

Friends, soon it's time! The final step in an OCP approved ED-209-compatible future: „Automatic Handgun Detection Alarm in Videos Using Deep Learning“ (PDF)…

Current surveillance and control systems still require human supervision and intervention. This work presents a novel automatic handgun detection system in videos appropriate for both, surveillance and control purposes. We reformulate this detection problem into the problem of minimizing false positives and solve it by building the key training data-set guided by the results of a deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) classifier, then assessing the best classification model under two approaches, the sliding window approach and region proposal approach.

The most promising results are obtained by Faster R-CNN based model trained on our new database. The best detector show a high potential even in low quality youtube videos and provides satisfactory results as automatic alarm system. Among 30 scenes, it successfully activates the alarm after five successive true positives in less than 0.2 Seconds, In 27 scenes. We also define a new metric, Alarm Activation per Interval (bullying), to assess the performance of a detection model as an automatic detection system in videos.

And in case something should go wrong:

RoboCop (1987) - the glitch scene HD

RoboCop: Mall Security

In the following clip tries RoboCop as a department store-Cop. And that is not good for him. Or for the shopping center… ;)

RoboCop: Mall Security

My Life In Monsters

Beautiful little documentary about Phil Tippett, den Puppet MASTER Of star wars, Jurassic Park, Starship Troopers und RoboCop, in excess of its Love speaks about dinosaurs and how he while „Return of the Jedi“ has tried LSD. But he also talks a lot about the film „Mad God“, I so did not had on the radar. His work is simply mistaken impressive and he is probably one of the people, whose name is not known, where we should be quite grateful but…

My Life In Monsters: Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park

Fake advertising in films

it is always again refreshing in good films specially created Advertising to see. Whether it's a scene from the film, is a normal advertising in the background, or a parody, does not matter. the Screen Junkies have now times it created a huge advertising block - with excerpts from RoboCop (1987), Goodfellas, Wreck-It Ralph, Anchorman, Tropic Thunder, Jack and Jill, Jingle All the Way, Toy Story, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Serenity, GHOSTBUSTERS, Happy Gilmore, Batman (1989), Lost in Translation, Anchorman 2, Prometheus, Punch-Drunk Love, Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream, Talladega Nights, The Running Man, Tommy Boy, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Truman Show, UHF, Westworld, The Wolf of Wall Street, Total Recall, Beetlejuice, Coming to America, Dodgeball, Halloween III, i Robot, RoboCop 2, Starship Troopers.

Fake Ads in Movies - SuperCut

RoboCop Easter Egg in The Walking Dead Staffel 5, Episode 2

Friends, do you have the small RoboCop Homage Episode in der 2 Of „The Walking Dead“ Season 5 notices? Mask master Greg Nicotero has just recently even noted and we look now, if you have also recorded this obscure RoboCop reference.

Do you remember the scene with the bloated from water biters?
bloated biter

Do you remember the biter, whose skin looked like melted?
melted skin

That was the homage to Robocop!
Robocop Tribute

Exactly, surely you remember to Emil in Robocop? This is replaced by a in the course of the film „Säurebad“ and still managed, to stumble into his terrible condition by Area, until it is finally killed.
Emil in Robocop

Easter Eggs in the „The Walking Dead“ are for every film fan always again extremely ergötzend. So friends, All eyes on Nicotero Easter Egg in episode 3 and following…

Mike Relm: Robocop-Remix

Mike Relm has the old „RoboCop“-Film, the, the all may prefer, as the new, transformed into a chic Track, to which I see as wild throw the young people again their body parts through the area…

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