DBD: Rotten To The Core – Riff Tera

Riff Tera“ published on 28. August her debut album with the name „Pitch Black“. An integral part of Finnish Metal By starters include Janne Hietala (Guitar & harsh vocals), Mikko Kuoppamaa (Guitar & clean vocals), Antti Pöntinen (Keyboard) and Jupe Kahru (Bass). A very special feature is also represented on the album, and if you do the following Video have not checked, Should you do so quickly, because: Soilwork Fans werden Augen machen, none other than Björn „Speed“ Strid can be heard on the album on the song „Rotten To The Core“…

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Riff Tera - Rotten To The Core (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid)