prank: The blind man

Remi Gaillard was once again on the road, veräppeln people. This time he pretended, to be blind, and put them out with the famous white stick and a dark sunglasses, to go to the most unlikely places. Gaillard went on foot through busy streets, along a roof rail, on escalators and everywhere people are horrified and try, to help him…

BLIND MAN PRANK (Remi Gaillard)

JURASSIC PRANK: Evil prank with super realistic Dino

Our favorite of all Remi Gaillard has played a trick again. The Frenchman is in his recent Video as Velociraptor to hunt down innocent pedestrians. Yet his costume looks really realistic, as well as the unfortunate jogger in the following clip finds… and almost makes the pants :)

JURASSIC PRANK (Remi Gaillard)

Rémi Gaillard als Pirat

„yeah, a new Remi Gaillard-Video!“ first I thought, but after the first minute I had to think more like another beach-asshole, the world does not need, and unfortunately somehow not really wanted to be funny. That he then but actually a bit out of the sand brings, is quite large class!

PIRATE (Remi Gaillard)

Best of Remi Gaillard 2016

A Year in the New Year feels quite wrong, but fits Remi Gaillard. Wonderful humor and boundless exaggeration, therefore going to look back clearly belated, because you can laugh always :)

Best of 2016 (Remi Gaillard)

Real Life Pokémon GO

Casey Neistat makes an on Remi Gaillard, wants to jump on the hype-Train. But alone the moment, where Pikachu Shonduras is approached by a dancer, is worth looking at! Overall casually implemented - even if it is actually just Comedystreet-esques Cruising and -Laufen in costumes…

Pokémon GO in Real Life

Here is the Behind The Scenes Clip, which is almost entertaining, than the actual film:

Pokémon GO in Real Life - Behind the Scenes

Rémi Gaillards Notfälle

Pranks King Rémi Gaillard has this time not only published a small X-second Clipchen, but a full-grown Video full hypochondriacal ideas and curiosities. In an emergency onset of boredom simply press the play button…

EMERGENCY (Remi Gaillard)

Owl Vs Police

Remi Gaillard was once again on the road. This time he has disguised himself as owl and does so to the police no friends… :)

HIBOU Vs POLICE (Remi Gaillard)

15 Rémi Gaillard Jahre

Unzählige Male hatten wir Remi Gaillard with his tricks already in the tomb. Here's a little summary of his work in recent years…

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