In „Wrapped“ show Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper und Florian Wittmann as plants in fast motion in New York „wrap up“…

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Recently in Australia: Burning Pizza Oven on the highway

So a pizza oven needs just a while, until it has reached the baking temperature. So you can optionally use travel time to heat up. Whether that is allowed in Australia so? But the main thing the pizza oven is hot enough time…

It is legal in Australia to have the fire going in the oven. I have three of these and it took me a long time to get an answer. The police didn’t know, I asked The Head guy at the CFA and they said it’s okay as long as you have a front door. It’s no different to a steam train,“ Adrian Cross said.

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Motorist Stunned by Mobile Pizza Oven on Highway (Storyful, Crazy)

Arctic Midnight Sun: A day without sunset Time Lapse

I as a night person would probably have a very short time to Rappel, if throughout the day the sun would shine. If it all day and the Night is brightly, can already cause confusion. Witek Kaszkin us 24 filmed hours the arctic sun and shows, that there actually constantly looks the same. But always also equally beautiful.

As the Earth orbits around the Sun, that tilt makes the North Pole face towards the sun in summer (keeping it in sunlight even as the Earth spins) and away from it in winter (keeping it dark). This means that the Pole gets continuous sunlight (yes, even at midnight) during the summer, but doesn’t get any sunlight at all during the winter.

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Arctic Midnight Sun - 24hour timelapse (made with Olympus OMD E-M1 + Zuiko Digital 8 mm f/3.5 ED FISHEYE)

Completely frozen lighthouse in Michigan

Wow, I am impressed! This really looks like from a movie. Photographer Joshua Nowicki has taken a trip to the Lake Michigan during a cold spell in December and visited there quite a shivering Lighthouse. An arctic cold front has the St. Joseph Lighthouse brought at this time countless thick icicles, the historic buildings and the hinführenden web from top to bottom adorned. clear, that Joshua had to photograph this natural spectacle from every conceivable angle…

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Icy Lighthouse December 2016 - St Joseph, My

In Tuk Tuk from Bangkok to Paris

to properly Travel it takes time and Patience. If you have these, you can also take a tuk tuk from Bangkok to Paris. The people in the following Video were 6 drove months with a Tuk Tuk on the road and are from Bangkok to Paris. Say from Bangkok through the Himalayas, the Gobi Desert, on the Silk Road and the Bosporus to Paris. The experienced you recorded the following video:

6 month trip 6 Minutes, from Bangkok to Paris through the Himalayas, the Gobi desert, the Silk Road and the Bosphorus!

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De Bangkok à Paris en tuk-tuk!

White Desert: Camping in the ice

At the South pole, in the middle of Antarctica, awaits an unforgettable adventure on the traveler. Not only, that you can actually travel to the geographic South Pole, acquainted temperatures of up to -25 ° C, experienced emperor penguins in the wild, can tackle all kinds of activities and tons of ice has around him. White Desert offers a cozy high-tech camp, the end 6 heated fiberglass lodging there. The sun provides the necessary energy in the house and when you look out the window, you have a view on a 60 Meter high icefall. The complete package including transfers and flights from Cape Town costs for 11 Nights whole 64’000 Euro pro Person. Since I have to save some…

Powered by solar energy and run on strict ecological guidelines. Here you can Relax, enjoy the fantastic food from our award winning chef and take things easy. Our philosophy is simple – do as much or as little as you like. It’s your adventure.

White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
White Desert: Camping in the ice
(via Dezeen)

Volcano Bread: How to make bread with volcanic heat

On Laugarvatn Fontana in Iceland can be observed, as the Icelandic rye bread is baked in the old fashioned way…

In my research of „cool Iceland foods“ (very possibly my actual Google Search) I came upon the Rye Bread Experience offered at Laugarvatn Fontana Spa, just about an hour outside of Reykjavik. So, I emailed them, and with a little friendly back and forth, arranged a day to come by and film. easy! This producing stuff wasn’t so hard after all.

So my cousin and I went, and we filmed, and we ate dense, Sweet, molasses-y bread that Viktor took straight out of the bubbling sand, topped with an alarmingly thick cut of Icelandic butter that looked like cheese, but wasn’t. We learned about the geothermal activity surrounding Laugarvatn, which translates to „hot spring lake,“ and how locals from nearby share the six geothermal „ovens“ for personal cooking, like slow-cooked lamb.

The experience was unforgettable, and my goal with the film was to share that with you. sadly, I’ve only got picture and sound to work with, So what’s missing from this Video is the taste of that bread, and the feeling of hot steam against your minimally exposed skin (Because despite that geothermal heat, damn it was cold), and the inescapable smell of sulphur bursting from the earth.

Tragically those things can’t be uploaded to YouTube (yet) but I hope I managed to capture and communicate this day – how a place can be both exotic and surreal yet entirely colorless; how an experience can be firmly rooted on earth but completely dreamy. Grey, drab, drizzly, and magical. This is Iceland to me. It’s just another day on a foreign planet.

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Volcano Bread

Frozen Lake Free Dive: dive with the GoPro under the ice

Matthew Villegas has the following Video cleared at the GoPro Awards. No wonder, are its underwater scenes just to look beautiful. Especially the ice sheets twisted perspective, when he seems to crawl on a frozen ground, makes visually ago some.

Under the icy cloak of the Canadian winter, Matthew Villegas finds himself in an aquatic wonderland as he free dives to the depths of Morrison quarry, in Quebec, Canada.

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GoPro Awards : Frozen Lake Free Dive

wind: With the drone over Iceland

The Russian photographer and filmmaker Vadim Sherbakov has let grow his camera drone in the Icelandic sky and cut some wonderfully relaxing aerial photographs of the great landscapes along. A little feel we really, as well the „wind“ doing there…

Vindur means wind in Icelandic which is relevant to the way its shoot. So for 3 minutes you will get to enjoy Amazing drone footage portraying Icelandic unbelievable landscapes. Beautiful waterfalls, endless valleys, unusual mountain ranges, out of this world landscapes, oceanic cliffs, old glacier, fantastic canyon and many other wonders that makes Iceland so unique […].

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Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past

The Rotterdam-based photographer named Brian hat es geschafft, to capture a piece of history, which is slowly fade on. The big Orient Express. The train, of the luxury in 1883 defined and International of the Compagnie des Wagons-Lits (CIWL) was launched. There are only a few little these beauties in the world. One was remodeled for example, in hotel suites, another is asleep in Belgium, unaffected from his last trip in December 2009. And to this same train we see the following pictures, fantastic finds the urban explorer and photographer, more images of Brian there on his Website

Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past
Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past
Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past
Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past
Abandoned Orient Express train reminiscent of luxury travel of the past
(via Bored Panda)

Budapest in Winter

Kevin Clark takes us into perfect unperfekter handheld aesthetics in the wintry Budapest. Given this atmospheric shots but you get tired of the cold season, or at least on holiday in Budapest. And applies to all chilblains, it will also be summer – probably faster than expected…

A week in Budapest, Hungary in the winter of 2016. It was so cold and grey, we stayed at the beautiful Boscolo Budapest Hotel while enjoying the European Christmas markets and LOCAL shops that surrounded our hotel.

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Budapest in Winter

Winter Wonderland Finland

Niko Juntunen was in wintry Finland road, where it has, among other beautiful sunsets, saw daylight nights and exciting Northern Lights. His impressions of the four-month journey, he has in this beautiful Video full of Timelapse-detained sequences. Four minutes desire, We could have as a winter. At least for two days. then sufficient also.

I have also almost frozen my fingers off while searching for a memory card in a snowbank, felt frustrated while checking the next weeks forecast and struggled my way up to the Finnish fells with all my gear just to realize the weather is actually pretty miserable.
But everything I’ve been through in the past 4 months is priceless. I wouldn’t Change a thing.

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Winter Wonderland - Finland | 4K Timelapse

The best means to combat hangovers from around the world

The head roars and everything revolves. The party night was long, the skull is buzzing and is evil. In too much alcohol usually follows inevitably a hangover. But what good? Is there a good hangover remedy? Lest hier, how can you fight using the best resources from around the world to Hangover.

The list of symptoms, from which we suffer in with a hangover, is long. Besides the typical headaches many struggle with nausea, Vomit, rasendem Pulse, Dizziness and sweating. Since alcohol dehydrated, many of the symptoms are a result of the liquid shortage in the body. In addition, the toxins, incurred by the breakdown of alcohol in the body, another reason, that we are doing so badly. Often the excessive consumption of alcohol can also affect the skin and so you wake up the next morning with dry and flushed face on. If you do not want, without forgoing the glass or other, you can at least then resort to some home remedies from around the world, to minimize the hangover.


With Tarator the country, where the rakija was invented, a fruit brandy with 40% alcohol content (which is enjoyed here like even daily), also developed a wonderful strategy, cope with the inevitable hangover the morning after. This as „liquid salad“ Marked, cold soup containing yoghurt, Cucumber, Garlic and parsley.


Old Egypt
If it was worthy, to heal a Pharaoh, it should suffice us. but questionable remains secure the effectiveness of this remedy. While you probably can fight mild headache with the leaves of the dwarf laurel, it does not seem very likely, that can counteract the effects of a boozy pub crawl with a few fragrant leaves.


In Angola every conceivable food are from the potato to banana processed into alcoholic drinks. However, it's Angolans succeeded, to find an antidote. Caldo de Peixe is a spicy soup with potatoes, Onions, Knoblauch, Piri piri and barracuda.


Ancient Greece
The grapes and the resulting wines produced products adopted by the ancient Greeks a special role and were both in shops and in the Religion and indispensable in many celebrations prop. Presumably, the Greeks were therefore quite adept, cope with the consequences of enjoyment. Whether one however must absolutely try the breakfast, which was a time recommended in the fight against hangovers, to be seen. It consisted of a dish with sheep lung and owls eggs.


What could a better help in the fight against hangovers as a court, which was invented by a real General? After several rounds of Argentinian drinks like Fernet with Cola of Revuelto Gramajo is a delicious, fiber-rich therapeutic for the hangover, the with a delicious Trinity eggs, Speck and potatoes cooked.

Quark firfat

The residents of Ethiopia are proud of their spirits, which are as unique as the local cuisine. So they can reason their hangover the deceptively sweet Tej honey, award to the high percentage Arak or the often home brewed Tella Beer. Quanta Firfir will easily cope with the consequences. The dish is made of old Injeras, the bread and staple of the Ethiopian, prepared, the tomato, Dried meat and hot pepper to a thick stew is cooked.


When colds, Headache or the consequences of a boozy Night strike, then the Aborigines have an infallible means ready: green ants! It simmers their bodies in water, imagines the last unverkaterten brain cells, that the brew tastes like lime and place so gradually back into everyday life. Presumably, it would be fine, easy to suck only one lime.


This Australian Hangover cure is not particularly elegant, but that can be of a morning rendezvous with the toilet bowl certainly not claiming. You put a pot pie in a bowl of pea soup and taste the Malheur generously with ketchup from. Bon appetite!


This creation of the Bahamas combines good and evil. Mix for liberal amounts of gin and Angostura with coconut- and condensed milk. This hydra with two heads is also the next day show Aftermath, but at least may work the gross motor skills.


The Belgian beer is one of the best in the world. So it is not surprising, that the Belgians have developed their own cure for the hangover. The hangover salad of pickled herring with onions, pepperoni, Yogurt and paprika may be less palatable than the beer, but it affects.


Bolivia is home to the Cocoroco, a beverage from cane 96% alcohol content. Bolivians therefore had to come up with something, in order to combat inevitably adjusting hangover. Fortunately seems Fricasé, a sharp pork stew, to be one of the best remedies for alcohol-related headaches and stomach problems. Koteletts, Onions, Breadcrumbs and a generous portion of different spices worry hopefully this, that again 96% is functional.


Like many of their neighbors speak the Bosnians the often murderous sounding rakija and its alcoholic strength by volume 40 to 80% happy to. DUCKLING, a stew of beef, Garlic and parsley, is the perfect motivation, to somehow move to the kitchen from the bed, to get clear again about the head.


Pastel-pies are fried and wait with a crispy crust and a filling of cheese, Meat, Crevetten, Chocolate or bananas on. If you have previously made the night into day in the evening and would ignore prefer at dawn, that always still walking among the living, then these patties are the perfect base, but still give a chance to the day.


For Bulgaria alcoholic drinks include not only the rakija with often more than 40% alcohol content, but also the Mastika (47%) and a wide selection of fine wines. The antidote for the next morning goes by the name Shkembe chorba and was done probably more practical than aesthetic considerations. Then be at least the main ingredient, Kuttel, Conclude.


The Chilean Hangover Remedies ajiaco consists of a generous portion of meat, vegetables, Spices and a fried egg. This healthy soup is awarded, that they even heal the consequences of Bigoteado. Here, the last sip is poured together from various bottles and glasses and tipped off.


A nicer Art, to suggest to the stomach, that it is ready again, to take solid food, Congee is, a Chinese soup based on rice, Chicken and ginger. She has a consistency, reminiscent of porridge, and strengthens at least the body's defenses after a night, as long as the brain is not yet ready again, take on the day.


Denmark is home to the Beer Titans Carlsberg and Tuborg, and so it is not surprising, that the Danes have made it a habit, to fight fire with fire and easy weiterzutrinken. describes the ritual of Reparationsbajer, as the name – roughly translated „repairing beer“ – said, the attempt, to soften with a morning tankard the effects of the previous night, beers.


So you should think, that the Germans are experts in the field of cat fight. One of the remedies is probaten sardine, a pickled herring, was wrapped around a gherkin and fixed with toothpicks. Although the Rollmops looks something like this, How does it feel, but as a real secret weapon against the hangover.


This remedy for a hangover is probably the simplest, if you want to fight the painful consequences of a night of drinking: Fresh or dried oregano is brewed with hot water and is designed to help against the after-effects of too much hot Canelazo, a drink, distilled from cinnamon and sugar cane.


Sauerkraut soup does not sound to an effective remedy, but once you've tasted the famous Vana Tallinn, a drink, the there are equal in three different versions and none of them under 40%, then you should rethink the whole thing again in peace. The soup itself is of a good deal of pork, cooked pearl barley and of course sauerkraut.


The technique consists in, immerse the socks in vodka and hot water, to attract, to drink a cup of hot tea and fervently hope, that you sweat out the alcohol in his sleep. What for some reason in dry, sober socks do not seem to be possible…


clear, you can put on the sweatpants and sweat out the remainder of alcohol with a morning run. Easy does it, when you sit naked and motionless in a sauna. Here we describe the second option, with the Finns to recover from a long night with too much vodka or aquavit. Whoever is ashamed even for his actions on the eve, can come up with some blows with birch twigs „penalize“. This stimulates blood circulation and helps the same time it, the next time to think about exactly, before you overdo it with the drink.


Georgian national drink, Tschatscha, stresses the economy of residents and resembles a brandy, brewed from the radicals, incurred in winemaking. It means, that it cures all kinds of stomach ailments, if you rub him on his stomach. Repeated oral administration, however, should be accompanied by Chaschi, in order to alleviate the side effects. Chaschi is tripe, prepared suet and veal feet and we promise, that the spirits at first hoof, which takes place in the soup, be activated immediately.


Great Britain
There are in Britain only one type, to survive and a hung-over morning this is the „FRY UP“. Eggs, bacon, sausage, Bread, pudding, Rösti, Tomatoes and mushrooms, All this is fried and served together on a plate. That court may cause, that the already ailing body now needs to cope with the threat of imminent myocardial infarction, but at least you die then well fed.


Great Britain
no, so is not the actual water of the Thames meant, Unless, the head roars so much, that they cherish suicidal thoughts. For this cocktail Coke is mixed with orange juice. The resulting color of the drink owes its name well. And always remember, the, what was this morning was emptied into the toilet bowl, saw does not guarantee more appetizing!


The Guatemalans Knowledge certainly, what it means, to wake up with a sore head, because this country is home to the Cusha, a pomace brandy, who is responsible for the blindness or death of some trailers, who exaggerated it. There Luckily Picocita, to ward off the worst. chiles, vinegar, but lime and Worcestershire sauce are not sufficient, get at to the consequences of Cusha, so that one of these sharp soup still adds four cans of beer, to make palatable to the whole.


It is not uncommon in Hawaii, to leave on a balmy evening a beer too much to soak up or walk around a bottle of 50% Hawaiian Black Brandes. Rather strange or. amazingly tasty is the bizarre collection of ingredients for the most popular Katerkiller the island chain. A hack cookies on rice is doused with gravy and topped with a fried egg.

Wonton soup

Everyone knows and loves the warm, delicious wonton soup, so it is no surprise, that just relies on it, when trying, regain consciousness. The soup is based on a savory chicken- saved or pork broth and has seen many before bad headaches.

Blink lentils

From rice beer from Apo to Feni, which is distilled from cashew apples or something dangerous Desi Daru, the individual states in India some great brain poison. but all have in common is the antidote Palak Dal Masoor. Nothing is as fast with pounding headaches finished like this healthy mix of lentils, Spinach, Tomatoes and a healthy dose of spices.


With the palm wine Tuak or rice liquor Brem Indonesia has in the art made the distillery name. The more banal is the Indonesian response to a hangover: Coffee. Kopi tellurium has the caffeine kick of a strong coffee, the sweet, soothing taste of condensed milk and… an egg, by pounding headache to get to grips with some degree again.


As a historian, an Iraqi from the Code 10. Century investigated, was probably the last, what they expected, the „ultimate cure for a hangover“. Our stomachs will be grateful to all eternity. The combination of yogurt, spices, Meat and clove, makes Kishkiyya the perfect remedy after a boozy night.


When the own brain is no longer able anyway, to have important functions, then you try them best by a sheep and allows himself so breakfast, as appreciate the Icelanders. The Sheepshead brawn is an appetizing mix of sheep brain, -tongue and -bäckchen in jelly.


Italy (Ancient Rome)
One of the wisest manner the world, Pliny the Elder, invented the ancient Roman Katerkiller Eulenei in wine. Many owls eggs in wine. Three days with this bizarre mixture should recuperate a hangover as sustainable, that you want then touch no wine glass for a long time. I wonder why?

FRITTIERTER Kanarienvogel

Italy (Ancient Rome)
After an evening with plenty of wine and gluttony the Romans cured their hangover, by ate a fried canary. Meal!


Martini, Limoncello, Campari, Prosecco: Italy knows what to do with Alcohol, which are known throughout the world now. Less well known, however, is the native „medicine“ against the subsequent hangover. An old Sicilian tradition says, that the best beikommt the terrible consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, when nibbling best piece of bulls. However, you should make absolutely sure, that he has been previously separated and dried.


Independently of, whether celebrating a business deal or whether you want to get to know the colleagues a little closer, Japanese like to drink and maybe often even a little too much, so it is not surprising, that you can often find small bottles of panaceas against the cat in the supermarkets. Ukon No Chikara is one of the most popular of these remedies and based on turmeric. However, it should be possible fallen down before the first glass or enjoyed in tiny sips the day after.


A hangover is actually nothing more than the state of shock of the body after a Attack. So why not bring back to life again on Japanese style with umeboshi him? This preserved plums are for our taste buds once another shock and both acidic salty - perfect, to thin to the veil in the head.


If an ordinary Bloody Mary not simply sufficient, you can drive out to the popular cocktail Caesar the fire with fire. This combination of tomato juice, clam broth (!), Worcestershiresauce, Chili sauce and vodka helps allegedly against any hangover or at least one may imagine, that this is eventually turned into a little pussycat, before the brain is performed by an adult cat.


Carouse in Canada based on the outright usually seeming drinks beer and whiskey. But the remedy par excellence for the subsequent hangover belongs to the extravagant variety. poutine, these are fries with a thick gravy and curd. Although this hearty dish looks not very appetizing, but fulfills its purpose well, when the morning is then somehow dawned far too early.


Colombia's most popular grape brandy aguardiente is drunk most pure. An evening with this brain cells with murderers 29% Alcohol invariably attracts a number of undesirable side effects the next morning to be. Good, that there is the Caldo de Costilla, a hearty soup with chop, potatoes, Rüebli, Celery and a shot of Aji, there einheimischen Chili Sauce. After that you should be able to survive the next few hours.


One does not have to look far in Korea, to find Shochu, these small, 45%strength bottles of rice wine, supplied with quasi hangover guarantee. My wallet does not suffer at the most reasonable prices although, it but your dignity, if you are using a bowl Hae Jang Guk the next morning (literally „soup, Chasing a hangover“) welcome. The soup is usually prepared with cabbage and black pudding and dated to the year 918. A thousand years hangover fight should suffice as an experience value, or?


Croatia is not only for its excellent Alcohol, known worldwide but also one of the best Katerkiller. If you have overdone it in the evening while sampling of the countless beers or spirits interesting as the distilled from honey Medovina, then rescues a Burek on the next day. This with cheese and meat (or fruits and vegetables) filled pasta remember one in the worst moments it, that life has still to have beautiful pages.


Residents of Latvia are among the most persistent drinkers worldwide and it is not surprising necessarily, simply that as an antidote „Next Drink“ is specified. However, the Latvians think of a very specific drink. RIGAER SCHWARZER BALSAM (black Balsam) is already since 18. prepared century and is said to even have the Katharina Grosse healed, die an Reiseübelkeit bit, when she visited Latvia. If the only travel, which have been undertaken in the previous night, has led to the bottom of one or more bottles, then from a small glass of liqueur 24 various herbs, blossoms, Berries and oils you might help. Perhaps rather two of them.

Sauerkraut SOUP

Lithuania ranks 3 the world ranking of the highest alcohol consumption and has been helped to 84 Breweries and the famous schnapps Trejos Devynerios. Therefore, the residents of Lithuania have also developed a number of strategies, how to counteract the dreaded hangover. Raugintu Kopustai Sriuba means the panacea for headaches and a weak stomach the morning after. It consists of chops, Sauerkraut and cabbage.


Der Reiswein Lihing, Palm wine Tuak and the only local beer, I, spare the inhabitants of Malaysia not in front of a hangover. Fortunately the country's cuisine is extremely versatile and the fusion of Indian Roti (flatbread) and a ginger tea with sweetened condensed milk, Ginger tea, ensures, that the scattered brain cells accumulate gradually returns.


Mezcal, Tequila, Kahlua… Mexico enjoys the dubious reputation, produce spirits, filled in bottles basically headaches same. But there is also an antidote: OFTEN, a spicy soup, with cow stomach (Kuttel) is prepared, Suspected, to the own to remember, that he should go about it the next time a little more cautious.


This seafood cocktail literally means „Come back to life“ and is perfect for a night, has taken in the tequila starring. The cocktail contains shrimps, oysters and mussels and calamari, Worcestershiresauce, Ketchup and tomato juice. When everything, what can not bury fast enough in the sand in Mexico, mixed together in a glass, it sounds but after a wonderful remedy for all kinds of complaints.


Medieval England
Have you taken too much good to you Met? Then wash your eggs in vinegar, Mylord! In medieval England the men was recommended, to cure their hangover, by abwuschen their testicles with vinegar and salt. Women should do the same with her breasts… Whether that really helps?


Medieval England
If you wake up with a nasty hangover and wants really only, dying, then one could with this „remedy“ succeed smoothly. It encourages the hangover drinkers to, Bitter almonds and raw eel Eating. but the former are so toxic, that you probably will not come to the latter.


Moldova is known for its sparkling wines, the ook bad rising twice in the head as others. The panacea for a hangover seems contrary to almost classical: chicken soup. hen, lemon juice, Vegetables and homemade egg noodles – No wonder, that the Moldovans not difficult, thinking soon to the next bottle of champagne. Bad.


The land of Genghis Khan and Attila, the Hun, is also home to the famous brew Arkhi. It makes the brave warriors all honor and is fermented mare's milk, ideal for the nomads of the Asiatic steppe. A long night, in this homemade drink is served generously, makes every man a coward and exactly this is the time for Bantan. This rustic soup is made from wheat flour and meat and is the perfect prelude to the other usual here Katerkiller.


If one were to cut out when counting sheep lambs eyes and then whisk with tomato juice, yields the most traditional of all remedies against a heavy head in Mongolia. After having Arkhi (distilled Stutenmilch) spent night it seems a likely but not so bad, To see the brew in literally eye!


The name is misleading, because this Katerkiller contains no buffalo- or other milk. He is concocted from a generous ration of rum and cream liqueur and then seasoned with whipped cream. So you move the cat so rather to the next day, instead of curing him.


New Zealand
It seems perfectly logical, that reward the New Zealanders with pastries, if it crashes just really in the rafters. And what fits better than this stomach soothing milk? Oh well, Chocolate milk is better. And that is absolutely not childish, because one has just spent an entire night, to take very adult drinks to be.


In the home of Heineken and the gin-schnapps 50% alcohol content – to name just the two most important drinks in the country – it is not uncommon, wake up the next morning with a hangover thick. The most popular remedy is relatively easy to find, though not necessarily as easy to digest: Haring met uitjes is a pickled herring – with skin and tail, served with onions.

Dal bhat

As an important part of many social and religious events in Nepal, the locals maintain close contact with the rice wine Raksi, and dal bhat is the national dish, helps a while, get at the consequences of excessive enjoyment. The cat food is made of lenses, yoghurt, prepared fresh and pickled vegetables and roti (flatbread) served or steamed rice. Dal Bhat is a delicious combination of stomach soothing aromas with a sharp kick, brings the brain working again.


The Norwegians keep the Scandinavian tradition of delicious booze the Aquavit high, which is distilled from potatoes. In addition, there are wonderful beers, to a Viking worthy Met and therefore little chance, to avoid the hangover. Once the sun set over the Hell rises, go the Norwegians to look for Lutefisk, To repair the damage. Lutefisk is dried fish, is washed several times and over a longer period and thereby obtain a jelly-like consistency - similar to the, how joints, feel stomach and brain this morning.


Goulash is at hungover Austrians at a premium and makes thick beef chunks, plenty of onion and peppers for, that a thick skull and seasick stomach come back into balance. After a boozy night in the company of the famous top-fermented beer, some „Vierterl“ Wine or liquor is a steaming dish goulash just right, to restore contact with reality.

Chicken stew

The cachaça Seco Herrerano is the pride of the inhabitants of the canal and also the source of a major hangover. Luckily, you can combat the effects of the enjoyment of the national drink with the National Court. Chicken stew, A chicken broth with vegetables, considered to be the perfect cure for (head-)painful awakening.

Chicken Aguadito

Peru has the Pisco Sour, which is prepared with the local grape brandy Pisco, managed to get a place in the international cocktail League. The popular drink its own national holiday has been dedicated. If there are now so even legally prescribed carousing, then it is no surprise, that the best weapon against the subsequent hangover, Chicken Aguadito, requires a certain care in the preparation. The chicken this hearty soup has to be delicately cooked before the other ingredients. The real secret of Peruvians is more probably it, that they are quite capable, to accept their fate.


If one but even a glass too much Pisco, the popular grape brandy of Peru, has enjoyed and still prefer would make no fine motor tests at the stove, you just once try the Peruvian dish, in which raw fish with lemon juice „gart“. Normally cod or halibut is used for, Shrimps or even shark do it well. Here the fish is in the juice of one lemon, Lime or sour orange marinated and the miracle happens. The citric acid ensures, that the raw fish cooked acts and thus more easily passes the still coated tongue. With a generous ration Peperoncini and onions is it the perfect hangover breakfast.


After an evening with tuba or Lambanog (Palmwein) or gin, its main customers are the Philippines, you feel like a plucked bird chicks, the only gently stretched out the beak from the egg. The Philippine Hangover Remedies Balut is the perfect solution. Here an unborn bird embryo is sipped from the bowl. It is claimed, that these eggs a panacea for pregnant women, aphrodisiac and, Here the most important, good are against the hangover.


It means, the effect of this hangover killer is scientifically proven and not just a story of a drunkard, who got on the lookout for the replenishment pickle jar in hands. SPICE CUCUMBER WATER, the Sud, in the swim gherkins, is salty and spicy and helps after a night with Polish vodka obviously, to rehydrate the body. Or you're just ready, try everything, to clear it.


Żurek is a sour soup made from rye flour, Meat, Vegetables and herbs. She is known throughout Poland and is eaten like after a night. It is often served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread, because ultimately you want the soup, you made your, auslöffeln itself.


Puerto Rico
Another remedy, presumably also the product of a late evening bet, is, rub before drinking a lemon under the armpits, prevent dehydration and thus an extreme hangover. Since the downright murderous Black fires Pitorro and Rum Don Q's most popular drinks of the residents of Puerto Rico are, you cling to each Zitronenhalm, defying to the dawn.


Romania sees itself particularly well to the art of distillery and because of the effect of the traditional beverage Tuica had to be found quickly also an antidote for the next sunrise. Ciorbă de burtă is a salty, sour soup with tripe, Eggs and vegetables and uses as many other Eastern European countries the cows' stomachs (rumen), to bring their own after a night back into balance.


It is most efficient, prepare the stomach to the approaching fiasco. This Russian hangover prevention requires, that you drink a glass of olive oil before the party. The oil is supposed to lining the stomach wall, so the alcohol can not be taken as soon. This in turn is awakening more pleasant the next morning. Delicious, a Vodka cocktail with olive oil!


Gherkins are obviously the secret weapon of many Europeans against the cat and Russia is not a child of sadness, when it comes, to fill vast amounts of vodka or tackle the hangover. This Russian gherkins variant does not drag for weeks, the next day you can see the first cucumber fishing from the glass. Slightly Sud afterwards and you can already see the day in the eye again.


A Highland Fling is supposed to help, get over the end of a deep and intimate relationship with a bottle of Scotch whiskey. For the hangover cocktail to mix buttermilk, Maismehl, salt and pepper. Sounds simple, is not quite so easy to swallow, if one tries in the early morning hours, to convince the stomache, that will help him.


Irn Bru gilt, next to the whiskey, one has ever brought only in this desperate situation, As the „other“ National drink of the Scots. It is a quiet scho rang colored, carbonated soft drink. Why it was incorporated into a recipe for sausages, not known, but the result should help against the cat. supposedly.


tested, proven and constantly reliable, Once you're old enough, to lead the glass to mouth, you should prepare for an upcoming carousing with Berocca. This bright orange colored effervescent tablets are small vitamin bombs and in the countries, in which they are offered, highly valued as a remedy for a hangover.


In the pan roasted potatoes even the most troubled stomach heat! And Switzerland is the birthplace of absinthe, which was originally designed as a medicament. It is not surprising, that the Swiss know something about, how to cope with the subsequent hangover. A simple hash browns of grated potato is exactly, which would also prescribe the doctor.


Thanks to palm wine, local beers and spirits as harder Soumsoum of cashews come the Senegalese enjoy the hangover. The antidote is called Yassa and is a delicious, sharp stew with chicken, olives, Vegetables and much Peperoncini. This stew is served with white rice and bring the tortured brain cells from the depths of hell to light again.


A few glasses of fruit brandy as rakija or slivovitz enough, to ensure, that the Serbs sometimes curse the last evening. Fortunately Podvarak is the perfect remedy for the pain. pork meat, Chicken, Sauerkraut and onions, This dish heals in a healthy way, the many physical and psychological wounds of the previous night.


One of the most popular breakfast variations in Singapore tastes even better, if it helps against a fierce hangover. After spending the previous night in the company of Singapore Slings, the Kaya Toast in the morning just right! The toast is thick coated with coconut jam and served with a soft-boiled egg. An easy, but effective antidote, the one seduced all too quickly to, the evening again a toast.


After too much grape brandy (Orujo) or has the same several mugs awarded Sangría, acts Pincho de tortilla next morning miracle. The Spanish omelette is thick enough, that you can cut it and so delicious, that the idea, eventually having to swing out of the bed, but does not appear quite as absurd.


Sri Lanka
Health fanatics can pontificate for hours about the miracle cure coconut water. The Sri Lankans know however,, that the most important feature of Thambili or the milk of the king coconut is the one, that it mitigates the consequences of a drunken evening with 90% ethyl Arak wonderful. First, then you drink the milk of a freshly opened coconut and then plastered Katta Sambal, a dish with onions, fish, Peperoncini and Kiribath (Coconut Milchreis).


South Africa
Friends, did you know, that eggs – the more, the better – the perfect remedy for a hangover are? Did you also, that an ostrich egg 24 Chicken eggs corresponds? Now, then everything is clear? Bon appetite!


South Africa
If you look at the morning asks, is when exactly has been lost, the own brain, then you can easily be in South Africa get a new, for there shall sheep brain as a cure for a hangover. The Black fires, the Umqombothi beer and the country's famous wines ensure, that the next hangover can not be long in coming.


The Thai Pad Ki Mao is also funnily „drunken noodles“ called and is perfect, to a bad hangover to put an end. Wide rice noodles, Soy sauce, Seafood and various herbs and spices, more is needed. Instead of pasta can prepare the dish with rice. Since Thailand is home to Singha (Beer), Sangsom (Greek) and especially the served in a bucket beverage is, have brought a miserable awakening so many backpackers, know the Thais now also something about, how to make life worth living again.


Trinidad is an island, where you can relax. This one certainly falls well one or another glass of rum in his hands. Thanks to the local court Stew Fry Fish the hangover the next morning not quite as bad as feared. The stew can be made of all sorts of fish with tomato paste, Vegetables and spices are prepared. The perfect breakfast for a day, where the stomach had long since departed basically.


Czech Republic
Who this soup, prepared with whole six garlic cloves, survived, to provide a simple hangover no longer a challenge. Česnečka one of the staple foods of the Czech Republic, where cheap beer and an endless variety of Absinthe-Variations offered. This hearty soup seems the life outside of the bed then again to impart a certain attractiveness, which unfortunately can not be said of the subsequent Knoblauchodem.


The local fig brandy Boukha translates as „Alkoholnebel“ and this can be aired fortunately the hangover means Shakshuka again. tomatoes, chiles, Onions and cumin form the basis for the spicy poached egg in the sauce. The word Shakshuka comes from Arabic and means „shake“, so you can so hopefully shake off the hangover itself.


The Turks love, as well as many of the neighboring countries, den Raki – a 40% anisette. Fortunately, they also know, that the next day should begin with Kokoreç, a court, based thereon, that everything, what once was inside a sheep, transported into the stomach of the drinker. Tripe will be a mixture of heart, Lunge, Kidneys, Bile and stomach wound and then grilled. So if you just feels, as would a multiple organ failure imminent, it has secured with this dish at least one backup.


Uganda's most popular drink, Waragi, was invented, instill to the soldiers on the way to the battlefield courage. So let us assume, that the antidote Luwombo helps the next morning, admitting defeat. hen, vegetables, Fish and a serving of peanut butter are the perfect armor, to win the battle against the hangover.


Ukrainians are not only a master of vodka brewery, but also as a seasoned drinkers and experts in the treatment of an adult cat. Solyanka is a thick, salzige, sour and spicy soup, which as soon martyred in the head increases as the vodka the night before. Also, do not think about yesterday, drink but soup!


Hungary is ready with nearly two dozen wine regions and also the pálinka, a popular regional schnapps. The aptly named liqueur Unicum also part of the everyday life of Hungary. To make the inevitable hangover finished off, is often enjoyed for breakfast Lángos, a flatbread with lots of garlic. When the stomach it can withstand even, may be it quiet with cheese, potatoes, eggplant, occupy sugar or jam.


If you are still not able, Thinking About, then you should have a go with the legacies of sparrows it, which are a popular remedy for a hangover in Hungary. When the morning feels after a night is really damaged, can help this strange drink. For this you just have to bring a sparrow to, to empty in a brandy glass, that then tilts down. What does not kill, toughens, ie it so beautiful.


With the once-popular pressure means for naughty children you can now punish yourself: easy to swallow a spoonful of castor oil with cayenne. A few minutes later the residual alcohol in the blood and felt even more vital organs the body Leave.


children, come together, I'll tell you the story of a magic fish from North America. A mythical creature, the in no time is finished with a thick hangover. The prairie oyster disappointed if only because, that it does not contain the slightest bit of oyster, but from raw eggs, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce is mixed.


Cowboys, after a night with Rotgut – Whiskey, was mixed with all sorts of creepy chemicals – yet lived, ran the hare, who were traveling in the Wild West, afterwards – or rather their legacies. This most masculine of men were convinced, that small Köttel finished their morning tea to a miracle cure against hangover.


USA (American Indians)
Many, rather masochistic assessed, People swear by the benefits of an extended jogging tour hangover cure. And the North American Indians are convinced, that a continuous run mitigates the consequences of alcoholic excesses – with one major addition: The sulfur Hiversport amiable frontiers. And, Race, lick, do the washing up, spit and already is the cat story. Or at least covered up the taste to the alcohol.


Venezuelans like to enjoy their local rum. The next morning is usually less enjoyable, but fortunately there is the perfect remedy. The hearty chicken soup chupe de Gallina is by adding milk still digestible.


It is well known, that you look, if one feels just not as good, but should attract good, to lift the mood. This tip of Vietnam ensures, that you look absolutely fantastic: Colorful tape is stuck to the end, mainly on different acupoints, get at to the headache. but out Try it now on the road and the new look. Thank you later!


The thought of fermented yogurt is in itself not very pleasant and is not appetizing, if one were to auction off his head preferably on eBay. Now true courage is needed: A glass of kefir choked down bravely and already will always recommend him. If this Katerkiller helps the Belarusians, which are among the hardest drinkers in the world, then he will surely serve its purpose even with candidates of other countries.

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