Silent Hills P.T. in Real Life

Youtube user Oddest of the Odd has come up with this film adaptation of Silent Hill's P.T. goal the attention of Guillermo Del Toro, to get hold of Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus. Silent Hill’s P.T. was - or is - appeared as a demo on the new Playstation and should be a new Silent Hill video game, but has been cremated. In the Playthrough by IGN can ye still a bit creepy…

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Silent Hills P.T. in real life

Real Life Space Invaders

Rooster Teeth have made every effort, to transport the arcade game in a most realistic-sounding setting. And what can you say? Has worked - serve up Weapons and give everything!

Rooster Teeth creates SPACE INVADERS in real life as our lab rats Michael and Ryan defend earth from an army of aliens. Will they save the planet or die embarrassingly?

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Immersion - Space Invaders in Real Life – Immersion

McKamey Manor: Be the victim in your own horror movie!

In San Diego in more detail in McKamey Manor is it so tough to the point, that, to ever take a tour may, a number must meet criteria. Since it is no longer enough 18 to be years old, because the basis of experience, the age limit was on 21 raised years. Furthermore, you should be in excellent physical condition and it must be sign a form, confirming, that one is convinced about the risks involved.

McKamey Manor advertises the scheduled four hour trip with the following slogan: „Be the victim in your own horror movie.“ At Step into the house, you will not only with elaborate effects like lightning, faced steam and real graphic horror scenes, but especially with kinky creatures – and in that Fully Nahkontakt. Since you will be gagged among others, Torture is indicated or take an involuntary bath in fake blood. To that extent is not recommended by expensive clothes and the carrying of valuables. But enough said, the following promo video is likely much better illustrate, what one expects in McKamey Manor…

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MCKAMEY MANOR promo for ScareLA 2013

Real Life Pokémon GO

Casey Neistat makes an on Remi Gaillard, wants to jump on the hype-Train. But alone the moment, where Pikachu Shonduras is approached by a dancer, is worth looking at! Overall casually implemented - even if it is actually just Comedystreet-esques Cruising and -Laufen in costumes…

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Here is the Behind The Scenes Clip, which is almost entertaining, than the actual film:

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Pokemon Go In Real Life - Behind the Scenes

„The Walking Dead“ Amusement park opens in July its doors

At the 4. July 2016 is a new attraction in Hollywood opened its doors and thus the series „The Walking Dead“ from the screens into the Real Life get. What once as the dream of every TWD fans sounds, is not so easy to implement. Who wants to be a Registered Walker, filters needed in a tough competition to prove, that it really strikes, visitors to the park in the future Fear and to put terror. Apart from genuine walkers also the scenes of the series will be on display there, so that visitors really feel, as if they were looking through a Zombie-stuck Apocalypse.

"The Walking Dead" Amusement park opens in July its doors

Creative Director John Murdy was the authenticity of Walker universe in implementing the Parksist very important. Therefore, they were also extremely happy, to TWD-Kreator Greg Nicotero could cooperate. What means so much, that Murdy and his team were able to fall back on the original models of Walker from the series for the theme park and thus remain close to the original as possible. The long experience in the rotation for „The Walking Dead“ Attraction is now natural to Good. „After six years of experience, mean we now have the opportunity, ‚The Walking Dead‘ to get out of the studio and bring it into the theme park at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where visitors can confront the walkers face to face“, explains Greg Nicotero. For him, too authenticity of the highest claim: „For me the most exciting thing about the whole thing, that we can make the attraction as authentic as possible. We have the possibility, actually creating animated characters, which we have never before created, we can models, which were previously intended for series, Reuse and reshape them to parts of the Parks… I just can not wait! It is going to be great!“ But, as I said, It will be exhibited not only models. The whole thing should again be a shovel realistic, while „Scare Actors“, as they are called, teach viewers face to face fear!

"The Walking Dead" Amusement park opens in July its doors

So there the hospital, for example, be seen, in the Ricks odyssey in the premiere of Season 1 began and also numerous other loving gimmicks for fans are located there. For example, a Horde from „real“ Walkern, selected by TWD-producer Greg Nicotero specially. But how is something ever from? In a detailed report of Castings Entertainment Weekly describes, that it is the most, which there apply as Walker not to „easy“ TWD-Fans, but mostly to real actors or people, have many years of experience in the amusement park business, These. But what induces someone, to apply for something crazy and repulsive as a Walker-roll? „I just want to be a zombie“, says, for example, Rez, of just waiting there at the casting on his great entrance. „Come, sounds cool – ‚What are you working on actually?‘ ‚Oh, I am a zombie.'“ definitely cool, or friends?

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The Walking Dead Attraction Coming Summer 2016

however represent a Walker is not always just easy. Daily you sit for several hours in the mask and must partially wear very uncomfortable costumes and then it says: Scare Rausgehen and visitors to the park to death! „We call our Actor ‚Scare Actors‘, because it is its own way of playing“, explains Murdy therefore. „It's the same question, to be an athlete, how to be a performer.“ Even the setting test for this horror actor is quite exhausting. In a room with several other one is asked there, his „inner Walker“ to free and… the! While 10 Minutes crawling around, moans and how undead herumwankt, to look the casting directors individual performances exactly at, then choose the most convincing of. Had you desire, playing a Walker? Or would you prefer to visit only the leisure attraction?

GTA in Real Life

GTA made on the real life of Russian guys makes you laugh

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GTA On Real Life Maden By Russian Guys Makes You Laugh

Real Zombie hunting in a mall: Zombie Shopping Mall

Zombie Shopping Mall

Friends, to compete like against undead and a few Zombies to kill? In real and so? Real Life Zombie Hunting? And in a temple of consumption, similar to the classic horror films „Dawn of the Dead“ or in video game „Dead Rising“? No problem! In Great Britain, precisely in Berkshire, near Reading there is 119 British pound (about 142 Euro) in the zombie Shopping Go Mall hunting. With special air floor-Weapons you can compete in a former shopping center for all sorts of undead, what the organizers describe as special experience in the style of a video game. So to rush through the shops, ballert from the mindless creatures, fulfilled missions and delights in a simulated massacre.

Zombie Shopping Mall

Up to 20 People can look at this „Party“ participate, about two hours takes the occasion. Also a difficulty the makers installed: The ammunition is limited and all kinds of surprises are provided. Cinematic special effects are It goes $ ndlich also part of the program. While certainly eventful zombie spectacle continuously photos are shot, which can also be purchased commercially at the end well. Interested parties can their Book Your date directly at Wish. Holiday with a difference. shoot. kill zombies. Virtual real life. So to speak. When will the „Zombie Shopping Mall“ in the German-speaking countries?

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Zombie Mall - One Shot | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

(thx Kilian Amiqo)

Real Life Roller Coaster Tycoon

Andrew McMurry shows us, like a real amusement park might look, if he would like RollerCoaster Tycoon. „Really“ within the meaning of animated madness, but some elements in Happy Fun Land are met wonderful. Including flying through the air roller coaster wagons…

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A Fun Day in Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Real Life Mortal Kombat Todesopfer

In the tradition of anatomically correct and equally highly creative Ab-18 action hits himself splatter friend and thought Youtuber Mutt mutt: How about, when the heart pulls his adversary in the Alltagsrangelei from the breast, thus beating his brain to mush? Have fun with one of the very rare splatter skits :)

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Real Life Mortal Kombat Fatalities!

Real Life Ghostbusters Ecto-1

A Ghostbuster needs to do, What must a Ghostbuster. The Briton Paul Harborne has a 1960 Cadillac Miller-Meteor bought and Ecto-1 tinkered on the basis of this case. Not cheap, but the suits gabs nothing.

Paul Harborne, from Sedgley, West Midlands, bought a rare 1960 Cadillac miller-meteor in 2010 and estimates he’s spent more than £100,000 doing it up to create the iconic car over the last five years.

Combining his love for classic cars and the cult film, Paul spent three years painstakingly renovating the car – turning it into the ultimate Ecto-1 replica.

And Paul, 53, certainly attracts some interesting reactions when he’s driving his Ghostbusters car around town.

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Real Life Ghostbusters Car
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