DBD: Banana Brain – That Answer

„That Answer“ announce new album „Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid“ for the 16. September and give us the first single „Banana Brain“ a foretaste. The track name is incidentally program and does what it promises…

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Make America RAGE Again!

Rage Against the Machine + Public Enemy + Cypress Hill = Prophets of Rage! The new supergroup „Prophets of Rage“ consists of bassist and backing vocalist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine, Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill. Your TV debut they gave on the show Jimmy Kimmel and performten live tracks „Killing In The Name Of“ Rage Against The Machine and „Prophets of Rage“ Public Enemy…

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Prophets of Rage Perform "Killing in the Name Of"
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Prophets of Rage Perform "Prophets of Rage"

The Get Down – Trailer

To Neflix series about the making of graffiti, Hip Hop and Punk and New York in the 70s, there is subsequently a Trailer. The series is expected to be the better vinyl, which HBO has only just taken off the turntable and dropped after the first season. The first episode is on 12. starting August.

Summer 1977. New York City is broken down and beaten-up. Armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some markers and spray cans, this rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers will make a pact that becomes bigger than all of them and change their lives — and the world — forever.

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The Get Down | "Rule the World" [HD] | Netflix

sounded: With Rap Against Forced Marriage

Rap was not too long ago rebellious subculture and was and still is the voice of the oppressed. When the very first rap songs in the different countries you look at, Notes husband, because actually there more to it. In Iran Rap is more than deep underground and is still truly in the child Sneakers – and is Women anyway still always completely banned. „sounded“ not heed not care about this prohibition and rapping against the tide, Tradition and self-determination. She raises her voice in the fight against oppression, which is an extremely hard task as a woman in Afghanistan. The documentation „sounded“ is on 26. May come to the cinema and will tell the exciting story of the first Afghan female rapper.

„Several times tried Sonitas family, the girl to sell a bride, the first time she's ten years old. Sonita is Afghani and lives with her family in Iran – without money, unschooled, undocumented. But she balks at the plans of the family, raps against forced marriage and takes a protest video about selling brides. […] The touching and award-winning documentary „sounded“ the Iranian director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghamidie is a very intense portrait of the now nearly 20-year-old rapper and suffragette.“ (NDR)

(via TV set)

Rap about board games with a zombie

In this music video, it is not necessarily the Flow, the Music or the Video per se, which has led me to, to write about. No, it is simply the absurd idea. A Zombie who lives in the basement and threatened to come up - unless you beat him regularly in board games. Somehow it goes here but also more about the board games, the Froggy Fresh plays with the zombie in his basement. Because Zombies in something but are known to be not very good, Froggy has pretty good chances. Bizarre Rap Froggy Fresh to track Zombie In My Basement ...

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Froggy Fresh - Zombie In My Basement

DBD: Verbal Combat – Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo have a Lyric-Video the song „Verbal Combat“ published. The accompanying album „Here Come The Infidels“ is on 24. June in the trade. Guitarist Rich Ward to:

Pledge Music suits us perfectly. This time we bring out not only a new album, as bands have done since the early days of the music industry. We offer you directly. Pledge Music has become our virtual Merch Stand, where her CD, the limited LP in red vinyl and a T-Shirt can directly get from us, just like on one of our shows. And unlike traditional distributors in retail, allows us Pledge Music also signed CDs, Records and Poster offer, in addition to other unique goodies, directly from our Pledge shop.

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Stuck Mojo - Verbal Combat

DBD: bombed heart – Swiss & The others

In the following Video to „bombed heart“ are Ella Hull and Swiss in the lead roles, that current album „unsuccessful world“ stands since 1. April everywhere in stores…

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Sesamstrasse covert Warren G ft. Nate Doggs: Regulate

Brilliant geschnitten von Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn und sind wir ehrlich, Rap und Sesamstrasse passt fast always… – wenn man schon sieht, wie geschmeidig sich die Puppen bewegen, erinnert dies doch an viele Cap-Träger

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Warren G ft. Nate Dogg | Regulate | Sesame Street Version

DBD: Night / Pogo – Swiss & the others

The punk rapper from Hamburg seems to make at the moment just all right, if then the videos of Swiss look. He raps to the frustrations of the soul, has a band in the background, the all fits accompanied with dirty grooves and plenty of people around him, also want to be part of his unsuccessful world. Latest-proof is to be split single-Video to „Night / Pogo“, where he together with his dance-loving punks entert a ship in a prime Captain Phillips Mad Max style, to this world to pogo to a better place…

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SWISS + DIE ANDERN - DIE NACHT / POGO (Official video)

Foreign in your own country

Foreign in your own country

Before 24 rapped years Advanced Chemistry on the political situation and the problems in their own country. The same they could do even today. With the same text. Because has changed much about all the time… unfortunately…

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ADVANCED CHEMISTRY - Foreign in your own country 1992 of VINYL / YOUTUBEKACKE

(via Falk Bay)

DBD: Einz, Einz, Two – Swiss + The others

The concept of „failed world“ serves for Swiss have long not only as a fixed Tattoo-Idea, but as a firm fixation of his texts. Who can blame him? Because if you look yourself times on the screen, lets your gaze and the world with all its military conflicts, social injustice and with all the environmental destruction look, then you will not shake the feeling, that the last decades have run for our planet really be anything but happy. According bleak is also Swiss‘ Video to „Einz, Einz, Two“, the new single from the most 1. April released album „unsuccessful world“…

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SWISS + DIE ANDERN - EINZ, EINZ, ZWEI (Official video)
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