Rambo V: Sylvester Stallone does not want!

Friends, belongs to her because, who like another Rambo-would like to see part? Or it belongs rather to the camp of those at, which have a belly full of endless sequels, followers and Remakes? And Sylvester Stallone is already too old for this? In latest interview Sly takes a position on and will not mince words about the project, adopted by the date, he would work with zeal it. He does not do it. In other words,: There is no Rambo 5 enter with Sylvester Stallone in the title role.

„It is all told. When they asked me, another ‚Rambo‘ to turn, was my reply: If I can get my power in the predecessor not exceed - and I can not - then where is the sense?“ The 69-year-old will therefore, that is told with John Rambo's last use in Burma everything, what the figure hergab. Sly like but, that she could prove one last time in an explosive political environment,:

you just know, when there is nothing more, what could still tell. I was very happy with it, being able to show the situation in Burma in this way with my action movie. With one leg of the film was always arrested in this event, the longest civil war in history. 65 Years War. The film was brutally follows, because civil war is so brutal out - I was shocked, that he has ever received a release and was shown. Since I wanted to make any compromises. After the movie was filmed, probably my last big, supporting role, I felt no desire, something to do it again.

Also on the proposed series, allegedly Rambo's son, J. R., should be in focus, finds Stallone mince words, to her he is not involved: „I want to be a doomsayers, but it's a tricky thing, wanting to replace a character by his son.“ With 69 seems Stallone to have arrived at an age, in which he looks ahead to the ravages of time and its demands on the body with a realistic perspective: „The spirit is willing, but the body says: stay at home!“, so Sly.

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Rambo: New Blood – Movie classic returns as series

before 33 he fought years to the native soil in the US&A, then in the jungles of Vietnam, in Afghanistan and Burma. The fight was always central element in the four films about the soldiers and mercenaries John Rambo. Now to proceed the battle. The figure, Next „Rocky“ Sylvester Stallone's character in the central filmography, will return as a TV series.

Rambo: New Blood - Movie classic returns as series

like „Hollywood Reporter“ reports, plans of the TV channel Fox a series, which will revolve around John Rambo and his son. It is still unclear, whether Stallone will play itself. As executive producer, he is definitely on board. Ddoch this is not the only project of Stallone ultraconservative transmitter: Also, a series, on his „Expendables“-Franchise based, is there in work. In general, the major networks have discovered successful Hollywood goods as a quarry for new series.

Which is based on the eponymous Coen Brothers Film Series „Fargo“ already showed 2014 the potential of this strategy. Now waiting for the Liam Neeson thriller- „96 hours“ (NBC) on its revision, Also „Lethal Weapon“ (Fox), „Behind Enemy Lines – Alone against all“ (Fox), „Training Day“ (CBS) and „My Best Friend's Wedding“ (ABC) be told serially new. Sylvester Stallone is with this news in the US&A back lot of discussion. Next „Rambo“ is also his boxers „Rocky“ just do not go on forever. With „Creed“ running there since 25. November, a „Rocky“-Spin-off, in which, although the 69-year-old plays only a minor role, for he is but highly praised by critics and even acted as Oscar nominee. Incidentally, holds the fourth Rambo film of the year 2008, because Stallone was 62, Loud „Los Angeles Times“ a record: With 2,6 Toten pro Movie Minute, 236 Total People, he is the bloodiest of the four „Rambo“-Movie.

Ruckus – Full Movie

A traumatized Vietnam veteran, just wants to be left alone, is patronized by urban dwellers. He was just the city Leave will, comes down to a bridge to the first confrontation. no, we are not talking of „Rambo“, but Ruckus. However, the similarities between the two stories are striking. Surprising, that Ruckus is the original and the copy of Rambo. And Ruckus does have its qualities, because it is one of the best trashy B-Movies, I know. The stunts are solid, the effects cheap (but nice) and also the humor, although mostly involuntary, not too short. The cast list is quite impressive. Linda Blair (the Exorcist), Richard Farnsworth (The Straight-Story), Hollywood veteran Ben Johnson and Dirk course „Faceman“ Benedict (das A-Team, Kampfstern Galactica), However, the sold here far below value, since it is the role of silent lone fighter just not predestined.

than „Hippie“ Kyle Hanson comes in a small town, attempts by the middle class residents, again to chase him out of town and miss him a lesson. But she did not expect, that it is an old Vietnam veteran in Hanson, of enough combat experience brings, to turn the tables and make the stupid game of the residents bloody Ernst.

Ruckus (1980)

Rambo Day

Shortly before the wedding of Dana Saint organized his friends a „Rambo Day“ and made him an action hero. With great effort they made the Rambo adventure in true after – and filmed the whole. How Sylvester Stallone in the movie series had before the Saint „Police“ flee, fight in the forest against soldiers and rescue his friends from wooden cages. Here no expense was spared and not only the first part of the Rambo series from the '80s was possible detail precisely adjusted with cars and police uniforms. The previously proposed action scenes through the water and in the woods, inspired by the later films, were stuffed with fireworks and surprises.

With the „Rambo Day“ are the friends of Dana wanted to thank him. You grant in Video even a, that probably many of the huge effort for a bachelor party seems much too exaggerated. However, it should show, means how much Saint everyone involved – for they have spared no expense or effort and it was an unforgettable experience for all.

Rambo Day.

Hommage an John Rambo

Youtube user austinmillbarge22 has a great tribute to John Rambo created. The following SuperCut-Video shows scenes from all four films: „First Blood“ hope Ted Kotcheff, „Rambo: First Blood Part II“ hope George P. Cosmatos, „Rambo III“ von und Peter MacDonald „John Rambo“ von Sylvester Stallone. Sehenswerter Zusammen Schnitt… :missed:

Rambo Tribute

Rambo: The Video Game – TRAILER

John Rambo returns and this as a video game! The following TRAILER we get moving scenes from the promising action title to see. Reef Entertainment presents „Rambo: The Video Game“ the protagonist John Rambo in his usual biting humor. The veteran admits his enemies equal on three different continents out of the way. The locations are known Rambo fans mostly, Finally, the video game based on the first three movies, with which Sylvester Stallone represents a major breakthrough in Hollywood. Obviously, it is in „Rambo: The Video Game“ not just give layers Plink, even fist fights and Stealth passages are on the agenda. In terms of graphics though, we see room for improvement. So the character models could use a few more polygons. The publication of „Rambo: The Video Game“ is planned for this year…

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME - Reveal Trailer

John Rambo – Deleted Scenes

Here the deleted scenes from Rambo IV. Actually, I guess additional information about the background to Rambo, But with these scenes the film would be much too long and would become the movie taken driving. So who Dr Film in the Kinos gekommen ist, is all fine and shut up Sarah…

Rambo - Deleted Scenes

Rambo: We just wanted a new movie – and now they do something

After his last movie appearance was at a bit quiet Rambo, Now the iconic character for a TV series to be revived. According to Deadline Hollywood the production company Entertainment One and Nu have teamed Image, to bring Rambo from the cinema to the home screens. How exactly will make the cooperation with Rambo Starring Sylvester Stallone, is it open. Currently he was in negotiations to, either „only“ contribute creatively to the series or even to act as Rambo himself makes an appearance.

Nu Image has worked with Sylvester Stallone already in „The Expendables“ and „The Expendables 2“ together, CEO Avi Lerner was also at our „John Rambo“ involved, so far the last screen adventure of the Vietnam Veterans. In February of this year were Nu Image at the European Film Market in Berlin as a guest, where they for upcoming Rambo 5 promoted. This is now apparently not first turned. If the new series to Rambo actually come about, it would not be Rambo's first appearance on TV. Already 1986 he experienced in „Rambo: The Force of Freedom“ 65 Follow long educational adventure, However, in an animated series for the whole family. Whether the proposed new series will come along similar family, is currently still in the stars. However, it is unlikely, that they will come close to the level of violence last film of former Green Berets. So as the MacGyver is only slightly brutal… :)

Rambo Series

TV-Tipp des Tages: Son of Rambow

Today even more than what Zombies and horror in the vault. The eleven-year old Will, Son of a strict religious family, sees as his first film calculated „Rambo“. Together with his buddy Lee, the rebels at his school, he turns the action movie during the summer holidays by – always careful, that his family does not notice them. The Swiss television shows today at SF1 00:15 Watch the heartwarming comedy „Son of Rambow“ Bilingual in English / German.

Will Proudfoot is a brave Boy with fertile imagination. But because his mother is a devout member of the strict Plymouth Brethren, He may even watch no television at school. If the teacher shows a documentary, he must wait at each transition. There often ends up also Lee Carter, the terror of the teacher. If it is brought to the door, cheers of the rest of the class.

Lee Carter stressed Will a for a specific project. He has „First Blood“ seen and now wants to re-enact the story for a competition for young filmmakers. Will is excited about the idea, although his mother may never know about it. With untamed ingenuity to make the two boys to the implementation, to an extravagant exchange student from France upsets the balance.

Creative is not only the main character in the movie, but also the implementation by the filmmakers. Sometimes quite ruthlessly Garth Jennings considered in „Son of Rambow“ the peculiarities of the early 80s. As is smoked in theaters yet, Mobile phones are big as bricks and the Music ist noch poppig bunt.

In the center but are the people, the need to find their way in a difficult environment. After the death of his father Will's imagination is through the rigid Rules the religious community restricted. Without parents grows Lee Carter and his brother on. Although he claims, that parents are unnecessary, missing him caregivers. Instead these problems work up moody, Jennings explores the irony behind the situation.

Great, as the boys build their wild fantasy realm together, live their dream, and as thick as thieves together against the rest of the world. Loving and wonderful obliquely tells Garth Jennings‘ Comedy of two dissimilar boys, which can be found and together realize an unusual project and thereby become thick friends.

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Rambo: Last Stand – Poster

Gerardo Moreno has this great fan Poster for coming, supposedly last Rambo created. Sylvester Stallone wants to make a movie Rambo V, der an Eastwoods „Unforgiven“ recalls, in its style and atmosphere. That does not sound bad, for I Love „Unforgiven“. Interesting is also the answer to the question of Sly, whether he possibly causing the death of Rambo into consideration. This, he answered with a simple „And“. Thus could effectively be the last Rambo movie, Stallone turns to…

Rambo I – II – Full Movies

Today you a little Rambo Special in the tomb and this with all four full-length movies! Rambo can be considered a classic and a pioneer of the action genre, the numerous imitations dragged to. By film character was the name Rambo synonymous with a brute, crude and insensitive personality test, which passes through its center by force. The word has even been added to the dictionary, consequently there is a colloquial „brutal[n] male[n] Type“ and „Powerhouse“ designated. So friends, a lot of fun with the cult of violence porn!

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