DBD: We compared the! – Swiss + feat The others. Digg (Slime)

I like it!

We do not follow a leader, salute any flag! Rampage for Love, not for the white race! They forbid us mouth! They twist the reason! They censor our art! They live by us! We compared the!

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Swiss + the others - We compared the! Feat. Digg (Slime) - Official Video

[Part 1: Swiss]

This is the comeback of the class struggle, Swiss.
I've shown you, that links can be and still be washed.
This Punk, spits on the ground.
Neither does an interview, except for the Protection of the Constitution.

I insulating my soul like a hermit.
Two middle fingers in the air for you Schweinepriester!
Write some shit, but unrelated.
But his we Ehrlich, who cares a crown in the Juice?

I do not care, where this plate chartet.
I Survivor apocalypse as' ne cockroach.
This world is not fair, but we Rules the problem.
Code 1323, the error in the system.


We compared the! 3x


That's Mucke against everything and not for the masses.
On the radio the whole day running shit, I Hate.
We do not follow a leader, salute any flag.
Rampage for love, not for the white race.

They forbid us mouth!
(We compared the!)
They twist the reason!
(We compared the!)
They censor our art!
(We compared the!)
They live by us!
(We compared the!)

[Part 2: Dirk]

We enter everything in the ass namely always Back.
Labern not just always stupid rum as left philistines.
The road calling my name, because it does not go without me.
Last flag, which does not burn, the solidarity.

The Brown are cowards and injure a child,
But the state is blind in the right eye.
I'm straight directly, no masquerade.
I make your block for one Night the second Hafenstraße.

During interrogation the cops I'm sitting at the table smoking.
There are thousands of prophets, but I only believe in me.
No interviews, I do not talk to each.
Until the day, I die of errors in the system!


All against all! 3x
or us against them
We compared the! 3x

She’s a Punk Rocker UK

I like it!

Friends, if you're into history and punk rock and want to learn about its affiliated women's movement in the UK, you are at „She’s a Punk Rocker UK“ probably right. Included are such ladies as Poly Styrene, Eve Libertine und Gee Vaucher of Crass, Gaye Advert von The Adverts, Michelle of brigandage and Olga orbit of Youth in Asia. Maybe you still know one or the other. the documentary was released in already 2010, However, it was made available until this day by the producers on Youtube. Is this still punk? No idea, what is nowadays still punk, but a bit punky it is probably already. Here Synopsis, as the Video is:

“Punk women changed the public face of female. It was very empowering for universal women. The story of punk could almost be a women’s liberation story”. Caroline Coon.
1976 -77 sees the Explosion of a new subculture: Punk. Punk women were clearly visible by their appearance, clothes, Makeup, hair, Piercing and tattoos. Punk was the first youth movement where women were equals. Prior to punk, women were seen as the girlfriends of skins, mods, hippies and teddy boys, but a female punk was a punk. Punks, both male and female, hit the media headlines from 1976 onwards. Moral outcry erupted as the media and officialdom proclaimed Punk Public Enemy Number One. Being a punk was dangerous, so why did so many women become punks? Was it just about dressing up outrageously? Were these punk women treated as equal members of the subculture and how were they treated by the rest of society? How did being a punk affect their lives? Did punk woman directly influence society’s attitudes to women today. The lives of these women will reveal an insight into female punks and a culture that has been greatly misunderstood and misrepresented in the media.
Their personal oral histories explore their experiences of being a punk. Life stories, gigs, Fashion, Music, politics, Friends, relations & events. The women to a varying extent agree that today they are still punks at heart, if not in appearance. Why did women want to be punks? How did they become punks? Socially what was happening in their lives? Was it a gradual move or a sudden overnight decision? Did being a punk Change their lives? The present media interest in punk is a male-dominated vision of the era. This programme reassesses – from the perspectives of punk women – women’s roles in a dynamic movement that irreversibly changed the face of society, politics, art and music.
Director: Zillah Minx — Lead singer with punk band rubella ballet since 1976.

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She's a Punk Rocker UK

Punk Against Trump

I like it!

Denizen Records have published that match the current situation this album, whose entire proceeds „Planned Parenthood“ donated. Acquire you can this at Smoothie

Greil Marcus, Punk Spirit

I like it!

Arte Tracks mit Greil Marcus (Punk connoisseur and the first review editor of Stone) about the history of punk:

Punk's not dead - and yet the movement is much older, than many want to admit. A short stroll through the punk history with Greil Marcus, a renowned expert for the Sex Pistols.

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as 230 Filme Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) sing

I like it!

„Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)“ I found already always too pop and really inappropriate, he is just a cult and somehow I was then but happy, to see this movie Quote Paring Remix. Once again skillful cutting of hard labor The Unusual Suspect. Give it to me baby! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

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The Offspring's 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)' Sung by 230 Movies | The Unusual Suspect

Album Review: Collapse at the end pigeons – Goofy was said to live longer

I like it!

Finally they fly again! at the 23. September with „Goofy was said to live longer“ the new album by Fun-punk band „Collapse at the end pigeons“ appeared. Fun-Punk? In the strict and orthodox punks the term was then more than frowned upon. Even Michael „Olga“ Algar, Singer of Toy Dolls, apply internationally as the inventor of the genre, rejects the concept until today. The crashes ends pigeons contrast, the Mirco „Micro“ Bogumil 1983 founded together with Konrad Kittner, wore the name with pride. A response received the pigeons at the very beginning of their careers to hear: „You guys are no punks!“ From the rigors and Orthodox. to whom, the understanding of real freedom little…

Collapse at the end pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

It was the „fun“ of crashes ends pigeons in my view, the real liberation, the air we breathe, the impish grin at clenched fist, the flower in the buttonhole to studded belt and red laced boots. They always played fast, grip and stage diving and fraternity on stage without grid and shut themselves in larger events they used earlier than most. The music industry opened and denied them simultaneously. As them in the nineties around albums like „Under the Sign of Blöden“ and „The last shuts the door“ obeyed even chart success and BRAVO stories, they wrote with „EMI“ a parody of their record company and made it almost, to smuggle the song unnoticed on the album. „The plate was practically in pressure“, says Micro, „only sometime someone has the tape actually belongs times until the end.“ The single of the album consists mostly of original Call on Conrad AB. In Hape Kerkeling's film „Kein Pardon“ they play Wiring Aids. The tours through the new federal states newly pushed-after reunification with the FRG were to „Self defense tours“ by occupied by aggressive fascists area. once Travel them 150 Neo-Nazi hooligans after even by train.

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Collapse at the end pigeons - Never again Pegida

About 25 Years later it looks in some parts of eastern Germany again as it did. Since it is only logical, that the pigeons as the first single of the new album a catchy tune called „Never again Pegida“ unpacking. 1997 was – except for two small Reunionkonzerte 2002 – dissolved the band. 2006 Micro had his best friend and fellow Konrad with only 44 bury years after cardiac arrest. stands on Conrad's grave stone „Peace and circuses“, an evocative blend of the Roman „Bread and Circuses“ and the 1993's album title of band, „War and Games“. An attitude, the Micros new and current colleagues Olli has absorbed his life as a fan of the band, until he 2013 finally himself was a member. „It has long used Calls, until we shared a Music could make, which really sounds again like doves“, says Micro, „But it worked.“ Now everything will be done so as before: recorded in their own studio, produces itself, toured the dangerous Eastern. „Most have advised us: Power merely no new album, playing the old stuff. That's enough.“ to heard „Goofy was said to live longer“ one can exclaim with a big grin on his face: Thank you, Micro and Olli! Thank you, that you did not hear it,! because the, Love critic, Operators and journalists, her this text here just read, THIS is the air we breathe, the punk needs and makes you feel, To be alive! Neither interminable manifestos nor profane Suffschlager, but the essence of a lot of enthusiasm and the few clear boundaries, the one shall work for a dignified life obstructive. against fascists. counter surveillance. against Frühvergreisung. For freedom, for pleasure, for life, in the time it simply shits! The Strict and Orthodox? Sitting today a home, in parties or built. Because they have never understood, that the best breaks his chains by simple measures.

Collapse at the end pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer

I liked the Punk Pathetique the two already always, because it was the Antipol to deadly serious riot Punk the Strict and Orthodox. The pigeons were simply refreshing and you could easily make only party. Now they're back – and the classic pigeon vibes are good to hear again. 16 Songs, slightly more than half an hour, perfect! More must also not be. Well produced and a cover in the style of old records. perfect! One can easily recognize, Who here is on works - just in opener „Horror Part 3“. Here one feels immediately in the 80s or early 90s set back. Sure are a few things rather flat-funny and silly - but they are just. And clearly there is still also serious issues. The pigeons have always clearly positioned against the right and they need due to the AFD and consorts now unfortunately again. And the rest of the songs is without of course have quite entertaining draft, but that was anyway always the core competence of the two. Funny to silly, but always emulate fast and fresh go without hurt. On the concerts, since the deaf 2013 play again, experienced Micro, how much has their kind of punk actually causes. „Because people come from the former East Zone, who say: You have saved our lives.“ Or cabinets, „three years jail under his belt, tattooed, Rings in face“, take Micro in the arm and say: „You were as Boy for me is the great.“ Great for all the young people of today, which can make this experience now again from scratch with the pigeons. Konrad would be proud of this, O kings of Punk Pathetique!


  • The horror part 3
  • lie in
  • peaks Punk
  • Lindener Girls
  • freedom dies
  • Never again Pegida
  • No Future was yesterday
  • No appointments
  • The roadie job is not as easy as one might think
  • Tim Buktu
  • Break
  • The flowers are for you Mr. Police Officer
  • You know what you want me times can
  • In the garden are murderers
  • The pigeons come
  • past
Album Review: Collapse at the end pigeons - Goofy was said to live longer
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„The doctors“-shocked fans: Ex-Bassist The Incredible Hagen ist tot

I like it!

Hagen Liebing, former bassist of the punk rock group „The doctors“ ist tot. He died suddenly today Sunday at the age of 55 Years after a short, but serious illness, like the Berlin city magazine tip on its facebook-announced Page: „The news came at the end For us not surprising and yet we are very sad“.

"Die Ärzte"-Fans schockiert: Ex-Bassist The Incredible Hagen ist tot

Hagen Liebing was 1961 born in Berlin and grew 1986 and remained until its interim resolution at the doctors 1988 in the band. When the doctors themselves 1993 reunited, The Incredible Hagen was no longer there. About his time with the doctors he published 2003 his book „The Incredible Hagen – My years with ‚The doctors'“. Early 90s worked first studied media studies as a music journalist for the „Tagesspiegel“, later he moved to „TIP“. In addition Liebing headed temporarily publicity of the sports club Tennis Borussia Berlin.

"Die Ärzte"-Fans schockiert: Ex-Bassist The Incredible Hagen ist tot

Hagen joined 1986 to the doctors, As Bela B. phoned him and asked, if he wanted to be a pop star. The first joint Concert was a benefit concert for „the true Heino“ Tempodrom in Berlin. It was the first big time of doctors, when the band was on the one hand on the way into the charts, On the other hand, with its deliberately provocative songs always again got into trouble with the authorities. An official scandal band. Unlike Rodrigo González and Hans „Sahni“ Runge he was employee bassist and not a member in the strict sense, therefore was at any doctors-CD, when he participated, the memo „featuring The incredible Hagen“ find. Farin and Bela had tried him in joining the choice, either to be hired, what a hard job meant or completely enter, what profit sharing, would have meant but also of the thoughtfulness of losses of the band. As Hagen at that time was still studying, he opted for the appointing. He was brought into the band, because Farin and Bela after Sahnie in Hagen a peaceful people found. Annual 1988 detached themselves doctors, and each went his own way. On spOnline he had written a few years ago about:

Eventually we decided, to play our very last concert in Westerland. In Kursaal. Because there is only about 1.500 purely fit people, we wanted to play two concerts, but that has not been approved. The city had administrative Fear, that there is a „Punkerinvasion“ would. This happened of course still. Because it was the last concert, came many friends and companions to the island. Rocko Schamoni and the Golden Lemons, Rod Gonzales, of now in the „doctors“ is my successor on bass, Lanrue of One Ton. Moreover Tour people came, Crew members, Roadies, old friends from the Berlin punk environment and a lot of fans, who are always behind us traveled. With which we then made the afternoon the beach chairs uncertain.

In the evening it was finally time. We sat backstage shortly before the performance. January has made singing exercises. I do not. For me it was fruitless, and Dirk also has not made. Then we went on stage like any other concert.

We went up, It was dark and had as all their instruments, it went off with a thump – light on, Music from! From there it was practically only a single roar of the fans. Below were the normal concertgoers, our friends were up on a gallery, once went around. It has been seen from the stage each. All people, I knew, I had constantly in view. And than all looked so agitated, there was an already clear, that this was just not a normal concert. Each of these unique situation was really aware: This is now really the last concert.

Funny it was of course still. a „doctors“-Concert is always funny. But that was as sweet and sour – had downed both. Eventually we were through with our standard set. It was only then we realized, that we no longer wanted to quit. We played the additions … and then even more additions. Eventually we realized: Mist, now should really be an end – and then we played more encores. It really went very, very long. At the end we bowed, said goodbye to the people. Then we went off the stage. From band ran music, the Jan had specially taken. I do not even know anymore, what it was the beginning of the concert. But was at the end „Not, I regret nothing“ by Edith Piaf.

Posted by tip Berlin onSunday, 25. September 2016

During his time as a bassist and as a background singer at the doctors he studied Media Studies. With the founding of the band 1993 he was no longer there, however,. But when even after its end „The doctors“ played music in the lives of bassists a major role. He worked as a journalist, first in the musical department of the Tagesspiegel and later for the Berlin magazine Tip. 2003 he published his book „The Incredible Hagen - My Years with ‚The doctors'“. Hagen lived with the music boss of Radio Eins, Anja Caspary and their two children together. For me the incredible Hagen lives on, Hagen himself of course has no clue about, he is dead. Hagen is simply no longer on demselbem timeline as we, as a photon, which can traverse the whole universe in proper time zero. Bon Voyage Hagen, Mach’s gut. rock on!

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DÄ Madonnas Dickdarm live Sylt 1988
Video Thumbnail
Hagen Liebing im Interview (The doctors)
Video Thumbnail
The doctors - I ess' Flowers (14.05.1988)
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The doctors - After The Deluge 1988 (Album)

The Original Misfits, Videos von Reunion-Show in Denver: the, Die My Darling

I like it!

The Original Misfits, Videos von Reunion-Show in Denver: the, Die My Darling

at the 4. September played Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frakenstein with live drummer Dave Lombardo as „The Original Misfits“ at Riot Fest their first joint show since 1983. Another show of Misfits Classic Line-ups will take place on 18. Of September at Riot Fest And Carnival in Chicago. Further concerts will not rule frontman Gdansk: „We will see, how is it going. It could lead to further work, but who knows, how the whole thing develops? I mean, I do not think, that there is a disaster shall. I think, It is incredible.“ If you look at the following clip of the show, Danzig can only bepflichten! Let's hope the gentlemen come on tour and also take on Europe targeted… – we become nwohl still allowed to dream…

Video Thumbnail
Die Die my Darling by the Misfits
Video Thumbnail
She by the Misfits
Video Thumbnail
Night of the living dead Misfits
Video Thumbnail
Misfits live riot fest Denver 2016 Danzig Only
Video Thumbnail
The Misfits (REUNION) - Bullet (Live at Riot Fest) - Denver, Co

(Image Rob DiLauro)

Sid & Nancy: 30th Anniversary Trailer

I like it!

Here the restoration-TRAILER the 30th anniversary of Sid & Nancy…

Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistols bassist who was arrested for the MURDER of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, but who died in 1979 from a heroin overdose before the case came to court. Gary Oldman stars in the lead role.

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Sid and Nancy- 30th Anniversary Trailer

DBD: Six Years On Dope – NOFX

I like it!

at the 7. October seems the new album „First Ditch Effort“ NOFX and as tasting there now the Lyric-Video zum Track „Six Years On Dope“. The album of the punk rockers should be rather dark and involved, among other things, with the issues of self-hatred and mortality…

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