Note for the so-called representatives of the people

In today's View am I found the following statement from Chief Editor Hannes Britschgi, which should really absolutely any so-called representatives of the people writing on the ear, sofern er wirklich fürs Volk politisieren will, denn eigentlich wäre dieser ja genau dafür im Bundeshaus in Bern. Accurate than Britschgi can it hardly get to the point:

  • When politicians excuse no longer the result of the vote on the last Sunday, verwedeln rightly interpret or, but accept good democratic,
  • Wenn die Verlierer aufhören, The winners of the minaret initiative as miserable racists, fremdenfeindliche Dummköpfe, abusing stubborn Stammtisch stool,
  • Wenn Intellektuelle sich schon vor der nächsten Abstimmung ins Zeug legen, sich zu Wort melden und ihre Standpunkte erläutern, instead of lamenting after batted battle,
  • If Muslims respect our legal system without any ifs and buts, at least in this country of forced marriage, Honor killings and genital circumcision dissociate,
  • Wenn Imame aufhören, to propagate the Shariah, to despise Western democracy and instead preach our values,
  • Wenn Muslimische manner their Women In the Switzerland nicht mehr Kopftücher, Veils or burqas force, but their own style and taste accept,
  • If Muslim parents allow their children, swimming lessons and camps to attend class, and respect so that the curriculum and the school day,
  • If you put Secondos machismo, be it in the Swiss school, on Swiss roads or in Swiss discos, und die mitteleuropäischen Standards von Anstand und gegenseitigem Respekt leben,
  • Wenn Regierung und Behörden die Sorgen und Ängste der Leute über die ver stärkte Zuwanderung ernst nehmen und alle ungelösten Probleme in Angriff nehmen,
  • So it takes no bans, no rejection, no hate. Dann brauchen wir uns nicht gegenseitig über unseren Glauben ab- or marginalization. Dann bekommt jede Religion den Respekt, recognition and respect, it deserves. Samt Minaretten. Also in Switzerland.

Actually questionable, that we have hundreds (!) called by politicians and „Intellectual“ have, but none of these self-proclaimed cleverness Meier is able to reflect the voting result of the last extremely Sunday so aptly, let alone implement the above points. Man apologizes dear, But rather than from its own people, sondern nach aussen für das Volk. Whats wrong? Ich persönlich bin auch nicht wirklich glücklich mit dem Resultat vom letzten Sonntag, but I can respect the decision. We have the important points in the only lobbyists, korruptes Gesinde und rückgratlose Arschkriecher? Ich sage es gerne always Back:

The time is over the juggler, but where the able remained?

Where is Finn back? The bear fled!

NZZ zu Finn

As you can read in the NZZ, is Finn over the mountain. According to the latest information available to us, Finn is on the way out of the woods the slope at the Bear Park, the Aargauerstalden, up and has, because this way just a little is already debilitating, be made a stopover at the old Bear Pit. There he is to be, who were, incorporated as a small intermediate strengthen a cyclist. Here the spectacular images, kick of visitors of the Bear Park:


But about which mountain he is now the, the good Finn? the NZZ information seem to be present, it has apparently not yet published at the present time. Thus, to us, the question, where he is to go for anything in the world, the good Finn, if he is over the hill? Over what Berg? The Gurten? The Jordan? According to latest reports has already been spotted Finn of tourists in the Bernese Oberland and not only the, no, you Can it also be the same photo shoot:


Hmmm, or else it's just all a uhuren Gschiss? Where is the current location of the bear, is unknown. Each police station or, better, the NZZ but gladly takes notes on sightings of the beast…

Dr. Conrad Murray Speaks

Now the good uncle doctor of Michael Jackson speaks the same selfmörderisch to the media and I'm just: „Ain’t No Business Like Show Business“…

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Dr. Conrad Murray Speaks Out TMZ

The Way It Was Meant To Be

Nachfolgend ein nur zu herrlicher Werbespot für die finnische Zeitung Ilta-Sanomat, where in a fictional past an old Internet of the reinvention „Print“ is threatened. Übrigens ist die Auflage der Ilta-Sanomat seit dem Jahr 2000 to round 25% burgled…

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Ilta-Sanomat: The Way It Was Meant To Be

Facebook and usernames

It's unbelievable, wie diese Nachricht durch RSS Reader schiesst und auf sämtlichen grösseren Nachrichten Portalen allgegenwärtig anzutreffen ist. Morgen darf man das dann auch noch per Print Medien über sich ergehen lassen.

but are we Ehrlich, the thing facebook the aufschaltet, nämlich das Nutzen von Benutzernamen, Nicknames or usernames called, is not really a Berreicherung still a quantum leap in technology. actually, actually it is the…..Chr…zzzzzzzzzzzz…ops *gähn*, ist ja auch schon spät oder sagt man um diese Zeit eher früh? as well as always, die Nachricht ist doch eher langweilig und doch überschlagen sich dazu die Nachrichten und am Samstag um 06:01 Uhr werden wie Facebooker in den Startlöchern hocken um sich „their“ Secure name…

Ist typisch für unsere Zeit, from every fart is a media headline hewn, dass es nur so kracht und ja keinen Werbepartner vergrault und Hauptsache das Volk ist beschäftigt. Bread and Circuses. Zum Glück kann man sich die Nachrichten im Internetz selbst aussuchen :)


Hot girls and cold corpses – Girls & Corpses

Uber Girls & Corpses I've already times reported in the crypt. Im Heft geht es – wie der Titel bereits sagt – um heisse Girls und deren aufregende Photo-Shoots mit… Leichen! Church representatives, Staatsanwälte und Menschenrechtler dürfen allerdings aufatmen, denn natürlich sind keine echten Leichen im Spiel, but only replicas one of Hollywood make-up artist.

Now I have just received a press release, that the issue now also in German-speaking is distributed. The makers of Germany's cult magazine VIRUS bring on 9. April eines der ungewöhnlichsten und aufsehenerregendsten amerikanischen Magazin-Konzepte nach Deutschland!

Girls & Corpses ist kein Magazin für den sonntäglichen Kirchengänger, sondern vielmehr eine Zeitschrift für die Freunde der Satire, of the macabre and the surreal. Neben den aufwändigen Photo-Shoots (ever seen a dead body and two bikini babes seen on a trampoline?) the magazine offers all kinds of reports, Interviews and satirical reports, who know no taboos.

raptor publishing veröffentlicht Girls & Corpses in a run of 40.000 Exemplaren zunächst als Sonderheft von VIRUS, but who knows?, vielleicht erwächst ja aus dem makabren Pflänzchen schon bald ein alles verschlingendes Monstergewächs, which is just as fast as once propagates the VIRUS?

Girls and Corpses

Beans of evil


has, now we have it! Not investment banker or credit-addicted Americans are to blame for the downfall of capitalism, no, It is the Coffee, because researchers have found that:

From the seventh cup, so researchers at the University of Durham, it can lead to hallucinations. Especially the financial- and the creative industries are affected by this issue

Seven cups? That sounds like an average consumption of a mine on a normal morning. But beware, The study comes indeed from the states and subjects Durhamer thin filter coffee was administered namely. Of course, a one here Kafi has considerably more oomph. Now everything is clear, Greed is not the blame for the plight, no, no, much Banal, the delicate investment bankers did not know, what they do (under the influence of this vicious brew)…

incidentally, a highly readable article in Spiegel Online ;)

Body fat than biodiesel


How in 20My can be read by, sollen bald goldene Zeiten der Selbstversorgung anbrechen und man soll mit eigenem Körperfett seine Mobilität gewährleisten können.

has, because fat people were stared at for years and marginalized and have now moved into this time of financial crisis and expensive fuels the golden Lot!

Quote of the Day

but unfortunately, these good old mainstream media currently sinking in the deepest degree of panic boulevard trash. they write high botellons, they write up financial crises, and for a change they write down blogs.

The Bugsierer on his Blog

Reich-Ranickis gerechter Zorn

Excitement at the German Television Award: Marcel Reich-Ranicki refused on stage, to accept his prize. The ZDF show he described as „nonsense“ and to appease the 88-year-old literary critic, Host Gottschalk had to offer him his own show.

How right he was! Nice to see how Marcel Reich-Ranicki all makes for screw. All they dahocken self-righteous. All of them responsible for a grotto bad TV, this is no longer practical watchable. The dregs of entertainment is assembled there, All together guarantee a particularly bad movie night. And it seems some of the men and women also to be well aware, what they do as, otherwise they were hardly so embarrassed by Reich-Ranicki's words broadcast from the laundry…

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thats all folks! - Video not available

Prometeus – The Media Revolution

Anyone with even Epic and the Video of „Museum of Media History“ ins grübeln kam, erhält mit „Prometeus – The Media Revolution“ einen kräftigen Nachschlag. No really new insights, the treatment is nice and stimulates.

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Prometeus - The Media Revolution

Zealous, but incompetent police

Absolutely gorgeous, what is called in again by our friends Welschen LeMatin must read:

Police in Le Locle has made the resident authorities sour, since they have eagerly plucked pink floret at Museum, which they thought, if it were this to cannabis. The following is a brief comparison of the two plant leaves. The herb thus already looks confusingly similar from ;)

Full Le Locle laughs and the police were from the Museum an invoice Fr. 400.- posed, To fix the damage. Apart from an action is, since the two Rambo police clearly exceeded its powers, as they have ravaged the garden of the museum.

But there are other strategists to the police, This time – for quota – even female: A dutiful police officer has in La Chaux-de-Fonds in a library two Books with pornographic content found. It agents were sent out and when they come back, and the books were photographed, Turns out, that it be at the Porn Books to literature on Modigliani and Picasso is. They tried the misfortune to explain to the police so, that the books may not be be found in areas because of the new law and the objectionable content, which for children accessible.

So I am already extremely reassured, safety Switzerland in such capable hands to Knowledge. Only I would be interested, whether the police „pink floret“ have smoked before or after they have the bad books found… :lol:

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